Elvis’ PIG Pin

This is the website picture of an item that just sold at the new Rockhurst Auction.  I want to write more on this new source for serious Elvis collectors later, and also about a few auction items that caught my fancy. But, right now I want to take a look at Elvis’ PIG Pin.  It is just ¾ inches in diameter, so the detail looks suprisingly good on the big blown-up below.

Jimmy Velvet, President of the Elvis Presley Museum, has certified, “This Elvis personal Lapel Pin (was) worn by him on many photos.



You might wonder why Elvis would wear a pin showing a pink pig in a policeman’s uniform.  In today’s screwed up world, someone who hates the cops might draw that image as a derogatory slam at the police.

The key to Elvis’ appreciation of this pin is the three words that make the acronym PIG — Pride, Integrity, and Guts.  He loved the police and surely saw those qualities in them.


According to the Rockhurst auction website, “As the term “PIG” became more frequently used to describe police in the 20th century, law enforcement decided to embrace the moniker.”   They were the ones who came up with the three words that make the PIG acronym.

For them, “Pride, Integrity, and Guts” were the attributes associated with the tough and honest men in the police force. You can believe Elvis wore this PIG pin with pride.


I wish more people today thought of the police the same way.


One last note.  You saw in the first image that no one hit the minimum bid of $750, so the pin did not sell. If its owner could find one of those many photos of Elvis wearing the pin mentioned by Jimmy Velvet, they’d be able to ask even more — and probably get it.


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The Worst Movie about Elvis – Ever


The early promotional material for this movie said it will be released tomorrow, July 7, on Apple TV and Prime Video.  I made a follow-up check today and was advised, “It will be available everywhere on Digital/VOD.”  I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t matter. This thing is awful.

Here’s a “secret CIA file” that gives the back-story prior to the action on screen.  I enlarged the critical stuff below.


I can’t believe they actually thought Elvis fans would enjoy this.  It gets worse.  Next, Elvis is transferred to a planet in outer space.

Here are a few clips from the movie:

Elvis got some special powers while he was in outer space.



This is Elvis beaming back to earth.  Look how skinny he is.  That’s because when he went into space, the transporter put him back together a little different from the original. But, it didn’t reverse the process coming back.  Did they really think Elvis fans would willingly watch him in a skinny altered form?


The early press release included a link for advance viewing of the movie.  I lasted about ¾ of the way through before saying, “This sucks.  I’m not wasting any more time on it.”

Somebody else watched it and posted a review on Rotten Tomatoes:

It’s too bad Mystery Science Theater 3000 isn’t on the air any more.  The host and his two robot buddies had fun berating crappy sci-fi movies.  Elvis from Outer Space would have been perfect for it.




Colonel Parker’s Secret Rules for Elvis Scriptwriters

Last year I posted a big Elvis salute to the 4th of July — and used up all my good pictures.  So, this year we will take a look at an ElvisBlog article from 2009.


Everybody knows that Colonel Parker killed Elvis’ chances of becoming a serious actor.  All Parker wanted was simple, light-weight plots with lots of songs.  To him, the movies were simply a means to sell soundtrack albums.  Of course, the films made a nice profit, too, for a long time, as the fans kept coming no matter what was served up to them.

What is not so well known is that Colonel Parker had a secret list of seven rules which all potential screenwriters had to comply with if they wanted their scripts to become Elvis movies.  Recently, Parker’s secret rules list was uncovered in a 2004 post in a blog (Ed. Note – now-defunct). Let’s take a look at Colonel Parker’s seven rules for Elvis movies and note a few of the rare exceptions.


Rule #1:

Elvis plays the main character in the movie.  His occupation is one that allows him regular access to one of the following: race car, motorcycle, airplane, or speedboat.  A racing contest in one of these vehicles will occur near the end of the film, with Elvis winning the contest.



How many Elvis movies can you think of that fit this rule perfectly?  The Colonel really had those screenwriters trained, didn’t he?  I can think of only one race Elvis didn’t win.  Brutus, the 200 pound Great Dane, beat him in a race on the beach in Live A Little, Love A Little.


Rule #2:

Elvis must have a strong, All-American, regular guy kind of name… like Lucky Jackson, Rusty Wells, Mike McCoy or Tulsa McLean.

Obviously, four smart screenwriters figured out the best way to have the Colonel pick their screenplay was to use those exact names for Elvis’ characters in Viva Las Vegas, Girl Happy, Spinout, and G.I. Blues.  My pick for the two worst names for Elvis characters are Toby Kwimper from Follow That Dream and Walter Gulick from Kid Gallahad.  I wonder how those two slipped through.


Rule #3:

Elvis’ character must be given ample instances to sing songs.  There will always be one or more of the following:  a party, carnival, soda shop, or public bazaar, thus giving Elvis an opportunity to perform in front of a crowd.

Well, as it turned out, there were other acceptable locations for Elvis to sing.  Bars and clubs showed up in a lot of Elvis movies, and he sang in all of them.  There were a few swimming pool scenes, too, and Elvis never missed a chance to sing there, either.

 I can’t believe Col. Parker left out singing on the beach.  Elvis did a lot of that.  Sometimes it was at big parties, sometimes it was the more intimate two-people variety.  Either way, the music of a full band, nowhere in sight, backed him up.


Rule #4:

If the leading female character is not in love with Elvis at the beginning of the picture, she will be by the end of the film.

Although this rule was almost always followed, there was a strange variation of it that managed to get Colonel Parker’s approval.  In Spinout, three women in love with Elvis early in the story all end up marrying other men at the end of the picture.  It must have been one heck of a pitch that convinced Parker to go along with that odd development.


Rule #5:

The movie may have one male supporting role whose function is to be either Elvis’ friend or rival, occasionally providing comic relief.

I believe Elvis had a buddy or two in just about every movie in the 60s. Spinout managed to overload that rule with two buddies and a rival. 


Rule #6:

Every business venture, contest, race, lottery, scientific inquiry, game of chance, or bar-room wager that Elvis enters must be won by Elvis.

Believe it or not, there actually was a scientific inquiry in one of Elvis’ movies.  In Clambake,   Elvis tried to find a special hard coating to help his speedboat win a race.  He gave his invention a highly technical name: Goop. 

There was also one business venture that bombed for an Elvis character.  In Stay Away Joe, Elvis played a Native-American living on a reservation.  His people received a herd of cattle from the government under a program to prove that Indians on reservations were not lazy, heavy-drinking, girl-chasing screw-ups and could care for and grow the herd.  Unfortunately, Elvis and his Indian buddies had a big drunken party and barbequed their only bull.  So much for growing the herd.


Rule #7:

Elvis must engage in at least one fistfight per movie.

Usually, it was more than one fight in most of the Elvis movies.  Can you name one film that did not have a fight?  My favorite fight is in the soda shop scene in Loving You.  Elvis knocks the local smart-ass around pretty good while Elvis’ hit “Got a Lot of Living to Do” blasts from the jukebox the whole time.

Who knows where Elvis’ acting career would have gone if it wasn’t for Colonel Parker.  He even turned down a role for Elvis co-starring with Barbra Streisand in a major movie, A Star Is Born.  I think Parker also had an unwritten rule:  If anyone comes to Elvis with an idea for a serious acting role, kill it.

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If you enjoyed this article, hopefully you won’t be too upset to learn that it is a work of fiction.  Colonel Parker did not have a list of rules for Elvis movies.  There was one Comment to the original post that is kind of interesting:

“Colonel Parker’s Secret Rules for Elvis Scriptwriters” certainly got me personally hooked on ur web-site! I reallywill certainly wind up being returning a whole lot more frequently. Thanks a lot -Penny


Strange Elvis Searches on the Internet

There has been so much bad news and depressing stuff going on this week, I thought you might enjoy something funny.  Here is another look at a post from 2010.


Google and the other search engines have been very instrumental in helping people discover ElvisBlog.  With over 380 articles covering every Elvis subject imaginable, ElvisBlog comes up high on just about any search topic fans type in – even the stupid ones.  So let’s take a look at some of them.


The answer to this question is easy. If you were Elvis, you would look like a skeleton. He’s been dead for 33 years, you know.  Too bad Google didn’t show this image as the answer.


This is just further proof that Elvis fans want to know everything about the King.   I guess this person equated Elvis jumpsuits with the astronauts’ space suits, which do have built in underwear of sorts for those six-to-eight hour space walks.  In fact, there was a time or two when Elvis left the stage for a quick visit to the facilities backstage, so built in underwear in his jumpsuits is a pretty strange concept.


What prompts people to want to know things like this?   I guess there has never been a Frito shaped like Elvis’ head, because Yahoo came up with nothing.


My wife actually uses this phrase.  If I’m not paying enough attention to her, she will say something like, “I wish you would spend as much time with me as you do with your stupid blog about Elvis.”  As you can see, ElvisBlog came up Number 1 on the Google list.  I’ve reminded my wife that Google does not make value judgments.  It’s just that the title of an old ElvisBlog article contained all three keywords in the search phrase.  She doesn’t buy it.


I hesitate to put this one up, because it may make Elvis fans seem dumb.  I’ve been to the Elvis Festival in Collingwood, Ontario twice, and it’s a great event.  But, you might want to skip the Elvis feastable.


The search subject here is so long that it wouldn’t fit in the box.  Fortunately, the fan misspelled a word, so Google made their best guess and asked, Did you mean: …., and repeated the question out of the box where we could read it.  Google did not have the answer, but I do.  The teenage rock n roller in Hound Dog Man was Fabian.  He wore Elvis’ pants and boots from Love Me Tender for his screen test with Twentieth Century Fox.  This led to Fabian getting the role in Hound Dog Man, and his character had the same name (Clint) as Elvis’ character in Love Me Tender.


OK, if we’re doing searches by stupid fans, this should get a prize.  There are no pictures of Elvis holding his grandson for a very good reason.  Benjamin Keough is 18 (just turned on October 21) and Elvis died 33 years ago.


Something is wrong here.  If Elvis was still alive, how could he be living as Jesse, his twin brother?  Jesse was still-born, and if he wasn’t, he still would be Elvis’ twin; so how does that give any cover?  I like Google’s Did you mean: if elvis is living as jesus, would he secretly come to visit graceland?   Don’t you wish somebody at Google had a warped sense of humor and answered the question like this:  “Elvis is living as Jesus, and he visits Graceland all the time.”


There have been Elvis and Michael Jackson searches covering a lot of different topics, but this one takes the award for the weirdest.


Look at the first answer Google found on this search.  Although it doesn’t state whether it happened on the moon or not, Google informed us that the ghost of Marilyn married a two-headed Elvis clone.  Inquiring minds want to know.


Here’s a nice variation.  Now we have three heads, but they are on an alien, not an Elvis clone.  Do you think Marilyn would be upset about the Elvis clone dumping her for the three-headed alien?


Don’t you single guys wish Google could tell you how to pick up chicks like Elvis?  Dream on.

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Here are a few more I found in my files.

This poor guy couldn’t spell Elvis or blog.


There are hundreds of Elvis tribute artists, but none like this that I know of.


I hope nobody was looking for a picture of Elvis sitting on the toilet.  Hopefully, they meant this.


Which girlfriend?  Maybe they are all covered in the 1,460,000 results Google found.


P.S.  When this was originally posted, ElvisBlog had 380 posts. That number is now up to 943 posts.



Could It Happen?

Could mobs of radical crazies decide Elvis appropriated the music of black people — and tear down his statues?

The trend with these anarchists is scary.

Elvis’ Stage Contortions and Moves

Here’s a post from 2013.  I think you’ll find it fun to see again.


Elvis Squatting on Stage


In the 70s, Elvis was no longer shaking his hips and legs the way he did in the 50s.  But the man once known as Elvis the Pelvis still had an active stage presence and a variety of moves to keep his jumpsuited performances interesting. Many of these on-stage contortions were captured on camera, so let’s take a look at some.


Elvis - Right Knee Down, Elbow on Other

Right Knee Down


Elvis liked to use the down-on-one-knee move throughout his entire career. Remember how he had to stop wearing the pants from the Gold Lamé Suit because he wore the gold off the knees? Above is an example of Elvis with his right knee down and his elbow resting on the other. Below is just the reverse.

Elvis - Left Knee Down Elbow on Other

Left Knee Down, Elbow resting on Right Knee


Next we have two variations of the one-knee-down, other leg extended.

Elvis - One Knee Down, Other Leg Outsretched

Right Knee Down, Left Leg Extended


The next pose probably put less stress on the knee because some of Elvis’ weight was transferred to his heal which he was resting on.

Elvis Sitting on Foot, other Leg Outstretched

Knee Down, Sitting on Right Foot


This shot cuts off most of the extended leg, but you lady readers might appreciate it anyway.

Elvis fron the Backside


This is a strange knee-down shot. It almost looks like Elvis is doing his version of Chuck Berry’s famous duck walk. Do you remember that?

Elvis Doing the Duck Walk ?


Here are a couple of photos probably showing Elvis going down into the knee-on-the-stage position. He had to be in motion, because nobody could hold still in those positions for long.

Elvis Going Down to Knees

Elvis Doing The Squat


Let’s look at some obvious in-motion photos. How about jumping Elvis?

Elvis Jumping On Stage

What’s that yellow thing on his shoulder?


lvis Jumping - White Fringe Flying

 Don’t you like the white fringe on this one?


Elvis would often break into Karate moves on stage.

Elvis Doing Karate Kick


It is well known that Elvis split his pants a time or two, so it’s good the same thing didn’t happen with these Karate kicks.

Elvis - Karate Kick 2


Let’s finish with my favorite Elvis performance pictures – flat on his back on the stage.

Elvis on Back Pittsburgh 12-31-76

 Elvis - More on Back

Elvis on Back - Aug 12, 1972 Vegas Hilton


Here is a unique view of Elvis singing while on his back. You can tell from position of the two female backup singers that the shot was taken from a stage location behind him.

Elvis - Flat on Back 2


For a little variety, here is Elvis performing (?) while lying on his belly.

Elvis Flat on Belly - Getting Kissed


It’s hard to tell if this was a planned move or an accident, but, either way, it looks like Elvis was having fun.

Elvis on his Butt


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Scenes from the Elvis Presley Autonomous Zone










If you would prefer a peaceful autonomous zone with real love and goodwill, you know where to find it.


Elvis’ Top 10 Songs — A Contrarian View

This is a repeat of a post from 2012. It prompted a very positive comment from a fellow named Rod.

I have visited more Elvis sites on this WWW than I can remember, and your effort was very refreshing. Well written, and very informative.

So, with those kudos, I’m pretty sure you will like my very different Top 10 Elvis Song list.



A few years ago, my friend Alan Hanson listed Elvis Presley’s 20 Greatest Recordings on his  Elvis-History-Blog   (Editor’s note.  This blog is now inactive.)  This past August, another Elvis-blogger-buddy Troy Yeary presented his picks for the top 100 Elvis songs on his MysteryTrainElvisBlog (also now inactive).   I noticed only two songs were on both of their top 10s – “Jailhouse Rock” and “Reconsider Baby.”  These two guys are genuine Elvis fans and they really know their stuff, but their opinions differed greatly.

So, I thought about what songs would be on my Elvis Top 10 list.  Rather than trying to make a subjective analysis, my list would just be my favorites.  My personal prejudices would certainly show up.  I grew up in the late fifties and strongly believe Elvis made his best music in the years before going in the Army.  I really don’t care for much of Elvis’ music from the seventies – not really rock and roll, too many horns and fancy arrangements.  And, I have become a great blues fan for the past twenty years, so I have sought out Elvis’ blues offerings over his career and made a playlist out of them.  And finally, I have listened to some Elvis hits so many times that I’ve grown tired of them.

With all that explained, here are the selections for my personal Top 10 Elvis Songs

#10:    I Was The One

This song has been a favorite since I was a teenager in the late 50s.  We had lots of parties, and we played records and danced to them for hours.  We’d stack up seven or eight 45s on those little record players.  When the last 45 dropped down and finished playing, we would pick up the whole stack and flip them over.  So, in addition to listening “Heartbreak Hotel,” we would also slow dance to the flip side, “I Was The One.”  I remember getting close and lovey with girls while dancing to this song, an important prequel to the make-out sessions that followed later.  To this day, whenever I hear ‘I Was The One,” I get all warm and fuzzy.

#9:    Santa Claus Is Back In Town

Like most fans, I pull out the CDs of Elvis Christmas songs every December.  There is one song that always stands out for me, “Santa Claus is Back in Town.”  I’m so glad the Christmas season gives me a chance each year to reconnect with this song.  I just love it.


#8:    Reconsider Baby

Elvis and Boots Randolph performing “Reconsider Baby” at Pearle Harbor, Hawaii, March 25, 1961

I have always liked this song no matter which artist was singing it.  But my special affection for it began in 2004 during the “Good Rockin’ Tonight” concert at Elvis Week.  I was a gofer for all the singers and players that night, and I got to sit off to stage right with Boots Randolph before he went on for his segment of the show.  He was so nice and friendly, and I couldn’t believe he talked so much to a nobody like me.  Then he went on stage to perform three songs, including “Reconsider Baby.”  Although he was 77 years old, Boots absolutely knocked out the audience with his soulful sax wailing, and he was rewarded with a huge standing ovation.  It was electrifying.  Boots died three years later, but Elvis’ version of the song carries on.  Now, whenever I hear “Reconsider Baby” by Elvis, I flash back to that wonderful evening.


#7:    I Want To Be Free

I have admitted that I’ve loved blues music over the last twenty years, so my Elvis top ten list is slanted toward his blues offerings.  The next time you watch Jailhouse Rock , really listen to “I Want To Be Free.”  Maybe it will grow on you like it has on me. Normally, I would never think of the Jordanaires as a group that would fit in a blues song, but they did a great job here.  Of course, Elvis did too, showing off that wonderful vocal range he had.


#6:    Steamroller Blues:

Like I said, I don’t care for much of the Elvis’ music from the 70s, but this song from 1972 is an exception.  Elvis never recorded “Steamroller Blues” in the studio, but who can forget him singing it in Aloha From Hawaii?   You’ve got to love a song with lyrics like, “Well, I’m a cement mixer, a churning urn of burning funk,” and “I’m gonna’ inject your soul with some sweet rock ‘n roll and shoot you full of rhythm and blues.”  Elvis at his baaadest.


#5:    I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water

This is the other exception to my indifference for Elvis’s 70s music.  Elvis recorded “I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water” in 1970, and a short version of it was included on the album Elvis Country.  But, the version I like is on the 1996 CD A Hundred Years From Now.  It goes on for five minutes and sounds just like what it is – a free-wheeling jam session.  You can’t possibly listen to this song without getting revved up.


#4:    Lawdy Miss Clawdy

I have been a fan of this song ever since Lloyd Price released it in the mid-fifties.  I liked Elvis’ version on his first album, Elvis Presley, and I liked his unplugged version during the ’68 Comeback Special even more.  But what really turned me on was watching Elvis nail “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” on the theatrical showing of the restored Elvis On Tour.  In fact, when the song began, there was a noticeable stirring among the theater audience, so I wasn’t the only one it got to.  Kudos to Glen D. Hardin for an outstanding piano part on the song.

#3:    Tryin’ To Get To You

Elvis recorded this song at Sun Records in 1955, but it was first released on the RCA album Elvis Presley in 1956.  Later that year, it was released as a single, but it did not chart.  However, it must have been a favorite of Elvis’ because he sang it during the filming of the ’68 Comeback Special.  Unfortunately, it was left on the cutting-room floor.  Only a few lucky folks like me who own the bootleg album The Burbank Sessions have heard this terrific raw version of “Tryin’ To Get To You.”  I can’t believe they edited it out of the special.


#2:    (You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care

I have mentioned this song numerous times on ElvisBlog as a big favorite.  Why it was never released as a single is a mystery to me.  You will remember “Baby, I Don’t Care” as the song Elvis sang during the swimming pool scene in Jailhouse Rock.  Some people consider the dance sequence with the movie’s title song as the forerunner to the modern music video, but I think it’s a tie.  Same thing goes for “Baby, I Don’t Care.”

#1: Like A Baby


If you thought my other selections were a little strange, this one should blow your mind.    Do you even know this song?  You should if you listen to the 1960 album Elvis Is Back.  This album is on just about everybody’s top 5 Elvis album list.  It is rated his best album by many, including me.  The reason it’s so good is because it contains a number of blues songs (including “Reconsider Baby” mentioned above).  For many years “Like A Baby” was my favorite Elvis blues song, but after thinking about it for this article, I’ve decided it really is my favorite Elvis song, period.

Like they say, opinions are like a** holes; everybody’s got one.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my choices.  If you strongly disagree, please comment below.


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Two Stories about Elvis & Money — on the Way to See President Nixon

While searching for a good old article to post again, I found one  from 2011 titled: Elvis & Money — Two Stories from Elvis & Nixon 
I have re-titled it for this retro-look, and made one small change.  Hopefully you will enjoy it because it has glimpses of Elvis that show two different aspects of his character… and they both involve money.


Elvis fans know he always traveled with an entourage.   Four, five or six members of his Memphis Mafia accompanied Elvis everywhere, and they took care of all arrangements and logistics of the trips.  This included any expenses incurred, so Elvis never had the need to carry much money.  Somebody else always handled it.

So, when Elvis stormed out of Graceland on Saturday, December 19, 1970, all he had in his wallet was a little cash and a credit card he had never personally used.  This was the start of the strange saga that ended with Elvis meeting President Richard Nixon in the White House two days later.  His experiences with the money needs he encountered along the way are fascinating.



When Elvis arrived at the Memphis Airport, he went to the Pan Am ticket counter to get a flight to Washington DC.  According to the 1999 movie Elvis Meets Nixon, the girl behind the counter asked him how he wanted to pay for his ticket.

Elvis reached for his wallet and realized he had forgotten to load up with cash before leaving home.  So, he tried a couple of ploys.  First, Elvis asked if they could just send the bill to the Colonel.  Of course, that didn’t work, so the counter girl brought her supervisor over to speak with Elvis.

Elvis made one more futile attempt to have the man send the bill to the Colonel.  When he got the same negative answer, Elvis pulled out the keys to his car.  He offered the supervisor a chance to drive Elvis’ brand new Cadillac while he was out of town, if they could work out a way to cover the ticket.



The man was tempted, but ultimately he backed away and asked if Elvis had a credit card.  Elvis finally remembered he carried a credit card in his wallet for emergencies, and this was one.  Problem solved.

Movies sometimes embellish the truth, and that may be the case here.  However, it is a documented fact the Elvis started his trip with almost no cash.  This was verified by Elvis’ long time friend Jerry Schilling at a January 2010 lecture program presented by The National Archives Administration.




This program, titled “We Were There When Nixon Met Elvis,” had two men share their experiences of the famous meeting.  In addition to Schilling, there was Egil (Bud) Krogh, Deputy Counsel to the President and the man who oversaw Nixon’s War on Drugs.  He was instrumental in setting up the meeting, and is included in some of the official photographs taken at the historic event.

Jerry Schilling was with Elvis for a day and a half before that meeting, and he was invited in to meet the President and was included in one of the last photos snapped to commemorate the event.  As Schilling explained at the National Archives panel discussion, after Elvis checked into the Hotel Washington, he returned to the airport and booked a flight to Los Angeles.  He called Schilling who had been living there for the previous year, working as an apprentice film editor.  Elvis asked him to pick him up at LAX.  Schilling complied, and the two spent the night at Elvis’ house on Hillcrest Drive in Beverly Hills.

Elvis wanted Schilling to accompany him back to Washington.  Schilling agreed and got back into his old routine of making arrangement for Elvis.  This included booking the flight and getting some money.  Elvis had a check book at his Beverly Hills home, but it was Sunday night and the banks were closed.  Money machines had not yet been invented in 1970.  Schilling had very little cash.  So what could they do?

Believe it or not, they contacted Gerald Peters, the limo driver Elvis always used while filming in Los Angeles.  Elvis called him Sir Gerald because he had once been a driver for Winston Churchill.  Sir Gerald provided limo service for the rich and famous, so he was well known to the management of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  On the drive to the airport, they stopped at the hotel, and Sir Gerald, Elvis and Jerry Schilling went inside.  Together they got a check for $500 cashed.  Schilling put the envelope containing the bills in his inside coat pocket, and they headed to the airport with their money problem solved.




On the flight, Elvis moved around and socialized with many of the passengers.  The war in Viet Nam was going on in 1970, and Elvis spent ten minutes speaking with one of the G.I.s returning home for the holidays.  Here’s the rest of the story in Jerry Schilling’s words:

He (Elvis) comes back to me and he goes, “Where’s that money?”

I know what’s going to happen, so I said, “What money?”

And he goes, “The 500 dollars.”

I said, “Elvis, we’re going to Washington.  That’s all we’ve got.”

He said, “You don’t understand.  This man’s been in Viet Nam.  He’s going back home for Christmas.”

Any true fan of Elvis instinctively knows how this story ends.  Elvis gave the soldier the entire $500.


Elvis moving around and talking to folks on the flight


These two little stories about Elvis illustrate some truths that make up the Elvis legend.  The first is a little sad because it shows what a sheltered existence his fame forced him into.  Without his buddies around him, Elvis could struggle with some things normal people take for granted.

The second story is so wonderful it can bring tears to your eyes.  Elvis is famous for giving away cars, rings, and so forth, but I think his actions with the soldier are the best example of his generosity I have ever heard.


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A Strange Find On Streaming TV While Stuck At Home

If you are like me, you’ve been checking out some of the free streaming channels the past two months.  One I found is TUBI, and there were a couple of offerings on it that were interesting.  My favorite was an animated sci-fi series named REBOOT that takes place inside a giant computer mainframe. In one episode, I found this:

One-Eyed Elvis Robot

They called it a Binome on the show, but to me it’s a one-eyed Elvis robot.  As bad as that is, the show also had a one-eyed female Elvis robot.

One-Eyed Female Elvis Robot


Yes, this is not very respectful to Elvis, but it reminds me of something I’ve been saying on ElvisBlog for years — Elvis is everywhere.  These screen grabs from a Saturday morning animated sci-fi TV show are another confirmation of it.

For years, ElvisBlog was the top Google search response for Crummy Elvis Shit.  I guess this post will confirm  that ranking, too.

If you’d like to read the whole story about Crummy Elvis Shit, please click here.

Stay healthy,       Phil