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The first half of the CBS special Sunday night was pretty good.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers did a creditable job as Elvis, and Randy Quaid was an inspired choice to be Col Parker, except he could have played him even darker.  I also liked the performances by the actors playing Vernon and Gladys.


Did you notice the short scene in the backyard of the Audubon Dr. house where we could clearly see clothes hanging on a line?  A few minutes later, Elvis said something like this to Gladys, “Those neighbors nearly drove us out because of the clothes you hung in the yard.”  Here’s a good story about the hostile attitude of these neighbors toward Elvis and family.


There were several reasons why Elvis lived at the Audubon Dr. house for only eleven months before moving to Graceland.  For one thing, the house was too small, with one bedroom completely full of stuffed animals from the fans.  But the big reason was the snooty treatment the neighbors gave Elvis and his family. 


After the move to Graceland, a Memphis candy and gum manufacturer offered a premium price for the Audubon Dr. house, but his plan was to chop it into little pieces and give them to anyone who mailed in five wrappers for his gum.  According to author, Karal Ann Marling, Vernon was in favor of this because it would serve the hostile neighbors right.  But, here's the kicker.  They couldn't do the deal because Colonel Parker had already sold the candy rights for Elvis products to another manufacturer.  You've got to love these old Elvis stories.


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