Fun With Elvis on Photoshop — 2

Last week, we got serious and did a historical piece on Elvis’ most significant ancestor.  According to my wife, it was too serious — and boring.  She likes all the fun stuff I put in ElvisBlog.  So, this week, we are going back to fun – fun with Elvis on Photoshop..  It’s too late to give proper credit to all the clever people who created these things and put them on the web for me to borrow.  When I added them to My Pictures, I failed to note where they came from —  but thank you all, anyway.


Let’s start with a nifty image of what Elvis would look like if he had lived to be an old man.  He still looks very handsome, doesn’t he?  Vernon kept his full head of hair into old age, so Elvis may well have turned out like this.  Looks like he could still beat the crap out of the bad guys in a movie, doesn't he?


Here’s a type of composite picture that wasn’t featured the first time we looked at Elvis treatments in Photoshop.  There is a large photo of young Elvis, plus a smaller shot of older Elvis in his jumpsuit standing on top of the marquee of the International Hotel in Las Vegas.
One of the most common themes last time was Elvis' head on other peoples' bodies.  Here's one I like:  Indiana Presley.
Well, if we can have Elvis as a movie character, why not Elvis as a TV character?
He's got the pointy ears, so this must be Elvis as Mr. Spock.  I would rather see him as Captain Kirk.  Then DJ Fontana could be Spock, Scotty Moore could be Dr. McCoy, and Col. Parker could be some mutant space alien.
The reverse treatment is fun, too.  Last time, we saw a number of politicians' heads replacing Elvis in jumpsuit shots.  Here's what Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger looks like.  “Thank you.  Thank you, very much.  I'll be back.”
Who do you think looks better in a jumpsuit — Arnold or Vladimir Putin?
A theme we looked at last time was Elvis' image altered in some manner.  We had a melting Elvis picture then, and here is another one now.  I think this is so clever.
Here's another Elvis image with a different twist.  I call it Swirling Elvis.
And finally, here is my favorite altered Elvis.  Just immagine if Elvis was a 20-year-old today and performed the popular music of the times.  We might have Rapper Elvis.
Elvis In the hood!  How do they think up this stuff?
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14 responses to “Fun With Elvis on Photoshop — 2

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  2. Sandra Harvey

    I saw a documentary of Charley Hodge. he said Elvis was dealing with bone cancer. Dr.Nick told him after Elvis Presley passed away. is this true.

    Sandra Harvey

  3. Its not crude. When I find it I’m stumped of the and where I pit it. Its not racy.

  4. Can I post just a little short video that I have. You might find it interesting.

    • Sandra: I replied by private email to you and am waiting for your response.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  5. Sandra Harvey

    Thank you for getting back with me. I watched a video the other day of a girl that was saying that yes Elvis Presley is dead that yes it was something with his heart and that he has colon was 2 times bigger than the normal size.. she said that there was backup in his colon clear back to 3 months. she said that he was found face down in his own vomit. Have you heard anything like this and if not I can see if I can find the video again it was a recent videos updated. thank you again for getting back with me. thank you though for getting back with me if you know of any news about this story please let me know. I would really like to know along with that I don’t know how many other people but as long as I have been trying to put pieces together of his life and of his death and of whether he really did die I am still interested I don’t care if he died laying in his own vomit in the bathroom that is you know just something that happens to people I’ve seen worse but anyway like I said thank you for getting back with me. Signed……. Sandra Harvey

  6. I have spent the last 2 year’s researching him. I lost my husband in 2013. I was lost my mind was no longer mine. Well shrink after shrink different meds I still couldn’t get my mind back. Well June of 2017 I had a very bad nightmare. That I was going to die in a semi wreck. Heading off the bridge in st. Louis about half way down I heard a voice say Sandi it’s not your time. I looked to my right and there was my husband telling it wasn’t my time. I could see through him. At that time I was standing in my living room with ANXCIATY so high I could have broke a person in half that day. I cried hisarkilly all day long. I had fallen asleep on my sofa before the night mare. I cried and cried till I was able to take my meds to calm myself down. I fell back to sleep and slept till the next day. I had an alert from u tube something about Elvis. I checked it out and I have been hooked ever since I have listened to his songs I have them apart I can tell what kind of mood he was in when he was singing me songs I have seen all of the videos of the interviews and all of that yes he’s dead. No he’s alive yes he’s dead it just kept going on and going on. I started studying him so much that a couple days after my nightmare I was sitting there and I was listening to one of those interviews on YouTube about Elvis and I felt I felt weird I don’t know how to describe it but when I actually stopped looking at the monitor and set there and thought for a minute it had felt like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders and I think that doing all this research on Elvis Presley helped me to be able to get my mind back to where it should be. I still to this day listen to his songs I get the updates and all of this. I kind of hope that he is alive I would like to meet him someday I never got to go to any of his concerts in fact the day that he died me and my boyfriend in Florida were hitchhiking across country was in a semi truck that we had gotten a ride from and then we heard come over the CB radio that Elvis Presley had died we were on our way to Memphis Tennessee. I just in a long time ago the guy The Gardener or whatever I always thought that that was Elvis don’t know if it was or not. I had no idea whether it was him or not but I had a strong feeling that it was him there are no dates on any of these interviews songs everything so I have no idea when all of this is taking place and I don’t know if it is up to date I would like to find out. I would like to have a list of all his books that are for sale wouldn’t mind having a picture of him autograph whether he’s young or whether he’s the the guy there the groundskeeper at Graceland I have seen the signs that he makes up by his ear. the very first time I saw that I said to myself that is Elvis right there and he is giving a sign but I was just a person in Arkansas trying to figure it out and I had forgot my own problems I myself I know Elvis Presley was very depressed I can tell a lot of things I went through through my life you can usually tell when another person is experiencing the same thing depression it’s a shame that the depression couldn’t have been taken care of back when he was young and his manager I can’t remember his name but that big bat mother Humper he should have had somebody just slept the damn shit out of him he had him a money pit and he knew it he wasn’t going to stop. well I’m going to get off of here now I know this is long I have no idea yet how long your stories can go but would like to hear back from you that would be nice to find out what’s going on or at least hints of what’s going on. If I was to run into him on the street I would tell him he could come to my house and State just stay no pressure no nothing have your own room and do whatever you want to do.

    • Hi Sandra: I normally wouldn’t post anything this long, but you put so much effort and time into it. Good luck.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

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