Bare-Chested Elvis


As promised, this week's column will be a photo essay on the subject you chose from the four topics offered.  I guess it's not a surprise that “Elvis Impersonator Losers” got no votes, and “Elvis Images Made forem Weird Stuff” did little better.  However, they will be posted sometime in the future when I'm real busy or can't think up a good blog idea to write about.  The Linda Thompson photos will certainly be used sometime to illustrate an acticle about her.

So, that leaves the winner — BARE-CHESTED ELVIS.  You lady Elvis fans have spoken.  Lets start with some shots from the movies.



Photos from Blue Hawaii



Photos from Fun In Acapulco



Photo from Burning Star                                       Photo from Paradise Hawaiin Style


Here are some photos of young Elvis.  They look like they might be Al Wertheimer shots from 1956, but the websites where I found them did not give any crediting.





Here's two more from about the same time period, and I'm pretty sure they are not Wertheimer pictures.  If the left one was, Alfred would probably label it “Pumped Up Elvis.”



Here's two other photos shot during the filming of Elvis movies.



And finally, my favorite bare-chested Elvis photo.  He sure did grow a lot of chest hair between the earlier shots and this one.


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