Postscripts To Earlier ElvisBlogs — 5

LEGO Elvis:  Last August we looked at Mixed-Media Elvis Art, featuring Elvis images made from an incredible variety of materials.  Since then, the photo of an interesting Elvis bust showed up.  It is made entirely of LEGOs:

Old Elvis:  To commemorate Elvis’ birthday in January, we looked at what some artistic people thought Elvis would look like at 75.  It has continued to one of the most popular Google search topics bringing people to ElvisBlog.  Here’s a new image I found, but it’s not very flattering:

Wrong Elvis:  Another Google search that brings lots of folks to this blog is Elvis Meets Nixon from October 2008.  In that article we looked at Photoshopped versions of the classic photo taken in the Oval Office.  I guess it was just a matter of time until someone stuck Elvis Costello into the frame.  Yuck!

Bobble-Head Elvis:  The December 2008 post called The Tiny Elvis-Head Challenge included six Elvis bobble-heads, but none of them had the Gold Lamé theme.  This void has now been corrected.

Impossible Elvis:  Back in April 2009, we looked at Strange Elvis Searches on Google.  Since then, Bing has joined the search engine market, and they have had some strange Elvis topics, too.  This one obviously came from somebody who doesn’t know their Elvis timeline very well.  He died 35 years ago, and his grandson is now 18.

Embarrassed Elvis:  In that article about strange Google searches, one of the topics was Elvis Splits His Pants.  It turns out there is a short fan-filmed video about the event.  Although this is pretty fuzzy, it does show how Elvis covered the split with a towel and finished the song.


Pistol-Packing Elvis:  In November 2007 ElvisBlog covered the Strange Odyssey of Elvis’ Shot-Up TV.  It seems Elvis fans are intrigued with Elvis getting upset with Robert Goulet and shooting his TV.  The blog article was before I included photos, so this recent altered picture has been added to it as an illustration.

Nipper Elvis:  In November 2008 we looked at a Los Angeles columnist’s assertion that 6000 Fans Cheered Elvis’ Frantic Sex Show.  He made the ridiculous claim that Elvis mimicked the sex act on stage with the RCA iconic dog Nipper.  I have presented what I thought were all the available photos showing what a huge exaggeration that was, but here is one more.

Staff Sergeant Elvis:  Last February, the post titled Sergeant Elvis A. Presley covered the ranks he achieved in the Army.  We also showed the dress blue uniform Col. Parker had specially tailored for Elvis to wear on the train trip home to Memphis after his discharge.  It had the stripes of a Staff Sergeant on the sleeve, a rank he did not achieve.  Well, this little white lie was stretched a bit more in the 2005 two-night mini-series Elvis.  The photo below shows Elvis (Jonathon Rhys Meyers) as he departed from Germany.  On that day, Elvis had not yet been discharged, and he wore the official Army issue uniform. Of course he wore his actual rank of Sergeant on his sleeve, as seen in this discharge press conference photo. 



Blog Elvis:   On four different occasions, my friend Tygrrius provided guest columns for ElvisBlog.  Ty is the chief blogger honcho of TheFilmFrontier, and he has often written about Elvis there.  Now he has started another blog, The Mystery Train, and somehow he finds a way to write about new Elvis stuff two or three times a week.  Ty is particularly good at reviewing Elvis videos and CDs.  Do yourself a favor and check out


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