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Random Thoughts on the Remastered Elvis On Tour

Like many other Elvis fans, I headed to my local multiplex theater Thursday night to take in the “One Night Event” showing of the new and improved Elvis On Tour.   My ticket cost $13.50, but I got my money’s worth.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Other websites have done a fine job giving deep incisive reviews of the movie, so I would just like to relate some random thoughts that popped into my mind while watching Elvis on Tour.


The Theater was Filled:  I didn’t know if our little city of 55,000 people contained enough Elvis fans to fill the theater.  I was even fearful that I would be watching the movie with just a handful of other people.  Wrong.  The place was packed.  It will be interesting to learn if that was the case at all 460 theaters across the country.

Priscilla Looked Better:  Priscilla had a part in the preliminary part of the movie, and she looked pretty good. Way better than that plastic-looking face she had on Dancing With The Stars three years ago.  I guess the bad Botox, or whatever was the problem, has now dissipated.

Elvis Wore Some of His Best Jumpsuits:  The film covered 15 concerts in April 1972, and we must have seen six or seven jumpsuits.  They were all great and several of them had capes.  I’m going to do a little research and someday do an ElvisBlog pictorial essay of the Elvis on Tour jumpsuits


Burning Love Jumpsuit (AKA Red Matador) from Elvis On Tour


The Sound Was Awesome:  I don’t know what kind of sound systems they have in modern movie theaters, but they certainly do a great job on a concert documentary like this.  Watching the new Elvis on Tour DVD on my TV will be good, but I’m spoiled after hearing it in the theater.

Lawdy Miss Clawdy:  The best audience reactions occurred during the rousing finishes of powerful ballads like “American Trilogy.”  However, it was the beginning of one rocking song that got a lot of stirring in the audience:  “Lawdy Miss Clawdy.”  The infectious piano pounding by Glen D. Hardin had everybody tapping their toes. I hummed that song in the car as I drove home from the movie, and it was still in my head the next day.  I just had to listen to it again, and the first version I came to was from the pit session of the ’68 Comeback Special.   No piano on this one, but it was still great.

Charlie Hodge Finishing Songs:  When Elvis reaches the end of certain songs while wearing a cape, he grabs the corners in each hand and spreads the cape out behind him.  So, the mic is some distance from his mouth, but the singing continues loud and clear.  How could this be?  It is Charlie Hodge, off to Elvis left, belting out the last notes.  In addition to giving Elvis his scarves and water, Charlie sang harmony on many songs.  When necessary, he could fill in very nicely for Elvis.



Trumpets Were Good on American Trilogy:  I generally prefer my Elvis music without full orchestration, especially blaring trumpets.  However, I really loved the trumpets in “American Trilogy.”  They contributed to the most powerful and moving part of the show.  I suspect it must have made the hair stand up on the back of your neck to actually hear Elvis sing “American Trilogy” in concert.

Really Liked the Extra Introductory Material:  The original movie was 93 minutes, but now it is a full two hours.  The extra “making of” feature to start the show was outstanding.  Not only did you learn a lot, it enabled you to appreciate many things you would see later in the original footage.

John Wilkinson on Rhythm Guitar:  Because he is in such a serious medical condition right now, it was nice to see a big strong John Wilkinson in this film.  He is also in  Aloha from Hawaii and That’s The Way It Is, which reminds us that he was an important part of the TCB band.  It makes me wonder how the band compensates for having no rhythm guitar player in modern day appearances.  Seems like part of the music would be missing.



Wish Somebody had Thought to do Something Like This in 1957:  In the middle of the movie, there was a flashback feature about Elvis in the 50s, edited by a young Martin Scorsese.  This included one full song from the Ed Sullivan Show – “Ready Teddy.”  (Note: It showed Elvis doing the great early gyrations.  Not all of Elvis’ appearances on Sullivan were filmed from the waist up, a fact many lazy writers get wrong.)   The clip showed just Elvis and the band — Scotty, Bill, and DJ.  It’s a shame no enterprising film crew followed them around in those days to put together a similar documentary.

Audience Clapped at End:  When the movie ended, our audience started clapping.  It was a great feeling to be part of that spontaneous response.  The multiplex had nothing else playing in that theater after Elvis on Tour.  They should have just shown it again, and I’ll bet most of us would have stayed for a second look.  I would have.


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The Graceland Stained Glass that Really Isn't… and the Elvis Stained Glass that Really is

Earlier this week there was a story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal about the discovery of four stained glass panels that were once part of a set with those in the Meditation Garden at Graceland.  Below, you can see the other four square panels in the curved brick wall overlooking the graves.


Stained Glass Panels in Curved Brick Wall at the Meditation Garden

The Meditation Garden was built by Memphis artisan Bernard Grenadier.  He bought a set of eight nineteenth-century glass panels in Spain in the early 1960s.  As you can see below, they are Moorish in design with somewhat religious depictions.  Mr. Grenadier selected the four best to use at Graceland, and later he used the other four in another Memphis house.

Mike Witt, the home restorer who bought this house back in 2001, did not find out until recently the history behind the four stained glass windows it contained.  He has been offered $1,000 for them and has turned it down.  He has been told they are worth a fortune, so he has created website to offer them for sale and see what kind of offers come in.



I hope Mr. Witt gets lots of money for them, but I just don’t get why they are such a big deal.  Sure, they are very old, dating from the 1800s, and they are beautiful.  However, it is the Graceland connection that seems to give them special value.  But, why?  The four panels were never part of Graceland.  They were the ones not selected for the Meditation Garden.  For Elvis fans with big bucks to spend on Elvis collectibles, there sure are lots of better options.

Now you see why I selected the first part of this article’s title.  The second part of the title was inspired by a visit I made years ago to the Hard Rock Café in Salt Lake City.  It had a huge stained glass window depicting Elvis.  Since then, I have looked for photos of other Elvis stained glass windows in Hard Rocks around the world.  Because stained-glass is in the news, this is a good time to blog about them.



Salt Lake City                                                    Beirut, Lebanon

Ottawa, Canada


Fukuoka, Japan                                                             Glorietta, Philippines


Rome, Italy                                                                       Paris, France         

You may have noticed some similarities between the windows at Salt Lake City, Paris and Fukuota, Japan.  Well, here are five others that are all variations of the same design, Elvis in his Gold Lamé Suit seated on a throne, obviously done by different artisans.  In Dallas, this has been referred to as St. Elvis, but elsewhere, it is King Elvis, no doubt in reference to the gold crown and the words “The King.”  Very subtle.


Beijing, China                     Boston                                Dallas      


 Orlando                                           Washington, DC

I have one last stained-glass picture that has nothing to do with Elvis or Graceland, but it’s been saved in my files for some time, and this will probably be the only chance to use it.  How do you like the Salvador Dali inspired snake guitar at the Hard Rock Café in Baltimore?

Snake-like Guitar in Baltimore


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Critiquing the 12 Days of Christmas in July


If you have ever bought anything from, you probably get their frequent e-mail announcements of items they are promoting.  If you are like me, you have received lots of these.

However, I’ve never seen anything like the sales blitz they put on the past two weeks.  It was called 12 Days of Christmas in July.  Basically, it was a new e-mail promo each day featuring a group of items from their catalog at reduced prices.  It all started on June 30, and my first thought was that they were just trying to blow out some slow-selling merchandise.  I figured I would look them over and get a few laughs at some of the ill-conceived items.

Boy, was I wrong.  Almost immediately, I found something I really liked and would love to own.  Of course, there were losers too, so I decided to critique the best and the worst of each day’s offerings, and report them here on ElvisBlog.

Good                          June 30                         Bad

image                              image

 White Light Ladies T-shirt                                        Jailhouse Rock Replica T-shirt

T-shirts were the theme for the first day.  The “Jailhouse Rock Replica” was an easy call for the worst item in this lot.  It just looks silly – like a retarded necktie or something.  They will have to cut the price below $20 to get rid of this one.  My pick for best goes to a T-shirt with a colorized Al Wertheimer photograph of Elvis in concert at the Mosque Theater in Richmond, VA, June 30, 1956.  The key to this one is evident in its title: “White Light.”  Al Wertheimer took several other photos that looked much like the one above, except they did not have the explosion of light in the background.  That was caused when a fan snapped a flash bulb at the exact same time that Wertheimer took the shot.  The result is an image with a celestial feel.  This is an excellent T-shirt.

Good                            July 1                              Bad

image                             image

Sunglasses Ornament                                                    Picture Frame Light Set

Day 2 was a group of Christmas ornaments, and the string of little Elvis photos doesn’t do much for me.  Maybe it would, if it had ten different pictures and went for a lot less than the $20 sale price.  However, the gold colored sunglasses caught my eye.  I must admit, I have always been fascinated with Elvis’ sunglasses.  I have fifty-one different digital photos of him wearing his signature design.  I once bought a box of a dozen knock-off Elvis sunglasses, and I’m wearing one of them in my blog bio photo.  The quality of the ornament appears good, and the $6 sale price is reasonable, so this looks like a worthwhile purchase.   Unfortunately, this ornament will never grace my Christmas tree.  If my wife caught me hanging one, she’d kill me.

Good                                  July 2                           Bad

image                   image

Official Graceland Guide                                                Graceland Full Wall Sticker        

Graceland was the theme for the third day of Christmas in July.  The official Graceland Guidebook sounds like it is packed with excellent pictures and info, so it gets a thumbs-up.  The ad says it is the latest updated edition, so they aren’t just dumping some left-over old version.  This seems to be a good bargain at the sale price of $15.

The Graceland wall sticker may appeal to somebody with lots of bare space on their walls, because this thing is huge.  It measures six feet wide by nearly four feet high.  I might pay $77 for a poster that size of Elvis… but not Graceland.


Good                             July 3                            Bad

image                         image

Sun Records Black Cap                                               Fantasy Race Car Cap

The deal on Day 4 was “Buy One Hat and Get One Free.”  I like the black cap with the Sun records logo and young Elvis embroidered on it.  It is simple but distinctive.   However, the “Elvis and Dale Earnhardt Fantasy Race Car Cap” is an overdone mess (as is the name).  Count up the images:  Elvis, the Las Vegas sign, Dale Earnhardt, Elvis’ autograph, Earnhardt’s number 3, and Earnhardt’s autograph.  Too much, man, way too much.


Good                        July 4                          Bad

image                        image

 Army Poster                                              Elvis in the Army Panel Shirt

The theme on the 4th of July was “GI Blues.”   The “Elvis in the Army Panel Shirt” must be one of those slow-movers they were trying to blow out, because it was originally priced at $55, and then was reduced to $39, and finally $31 for this promotion.  Good luck moving the last supplies of this one.  The Army poster was a great buy at just $8 on sale, and it is big, measuring 24” by 36”.

Good                        July 5                         Bad

image                               image

                           Birthday Dog Tag Watch                                 75 Years Black Matte Zippo 

I was never big on all the merchandise that came out celebrating Elvis’ 75th birthday, but some of them showed up on Day 6.  The “Birthday Dog Tag Watch” is a pretty clever idea.  The ad says 75 rhinestones spell out Elvis’ signature, so they sure must be tiny.  If this concept were used with different designs, and they all sold for $26, this could be a popular item.  I wish EPE had never licensed any cigarette lighters, but there are several in the catalog.  However, I do like this image and the tag line “75 Years In The Making.”  If they had used it on a 24″ by 36″ poster for $8, that would be pretty cool.


Good                          July 6                           Bad

image                            image

     Sweater Wind Spinner                                       Blue Suede Shoes Lamp

I really didn’t find anything I liked a lot in the assortment of “Home Accessories” on Day 7.  So, I reluctantly picked the Elvis wind spinner as the daily winner.  It is eight inches across and has the Jailhouse Rock photo of Elvis in the turtleneck sweater when he sang “(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don't Care.”  It is a little pricey, even at the sale price of $21.  I had absolutely no trouble picking the big loser.  Look at this horrid lamp – it’s like some sort of bad April Fool’s joke.  And they want $45 for it on sale.  I don’t think there is a price low enough to move out the supplies of this one. When people come to our house, I like to show them my Elvis stuff, but I would be embarrassed by this.

Good                             July 7                    Bad

image                          image

                      ’68 Comeback Special Poster                                       Love Me Tender Poster    

I like Elvis posters, and they were the next theme.  There are hundreds of photos in existence showing Elvis in the ’68 Black Leather suit and they all would make excellent posters, including the one above.  Again, it is 24″ by 36″, and it is an excellent value at just $9.  The pink poster is a Joe Petruccio design, but it is smaller – only 20 inches by 16 inches.  Petruccio has done some wonderful paintings of Elvis, but this one looks washed out.  And what’s with the pink background?  At $11, it will probably appeal to some people.


Good                        July 8                        Bad

image                      image
70’s Gold Sunglasses                                            Sunglasses with Sideburns

Ahh.  Sunglasses.  I love this category and most of the selections in it.  The “70’s Gold Sunglasses” are a winner at just $10 on sale. However, the “Sunglasses with Sideburns” is an insult to Elvis.  It’s ironic that Graceland sued several manufacturers years ago for making unlicensed products that besmirched Elvis’ image.  What would you call this?   I call it a disgrace and think it should be pulled from the catalog.


Good                   July 9                  Bad

image                                              image

      All Shook Up Energy Drink                    Shake Rattle N Roll BBQ Sauce

An Elvis energy drink is a great idea.  As a regular drinker of Diet Mountain Dew, I would love to upgrade to Elvis’ All Shook Up.  This is definitely an item my relatives will hear about as a Christmas suggestion for me.   The item I didn’t like in the Kitchen and Barware category is actually a three-way tie.  In addition to the BBQ Sauce, there is also Steak Sauce and Picante Salsa.   What’s next, Elvis ketchup?  Elvis mayonnaise?   Elvis pancake syrup?  I know.  How about Elvis pink-colored whipped cream – for the kinky Elvis fans.


Good                        July 10                   Bad

image                                  image

     Vegas ’69 Book                                                  Vegas Gold Stocking

You know there had to be a Viva Las Vegas category.  The “Vegas Gold Stocking” is embellished with lots of faux gems and rhinestones.  It is 17 inches high, and it costs $23.  But, what is it really?  Are you supposed to hang it on your mantle at Christmas?   It’s pretty and all, but there are zillions of things that symbolize Elvis better.  The “Vegas ‘’69 Book” is another item I will be telling relatives about.  At $40 it’s more than I would like to pay myself, but my brother-in-law won’t care what it costs.  “Elvis: Vegas '69” is a new 200-page hardback book by Ken Sharp that commemorates the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ historic return to live performances.  It sounds like that book would be a lot of fun to go through.


Good                        July 11                        Bad

image                              image

1,000 Piece Puzzle                                                       Elvis Switch Plate

They saved the ’68 Comeback Special for the theme of the 12th Day of Christmas.  Does an Elvis switch plate sound like a stupid idea to anyone else?  Maybe it would work for those folks who have their own Elvis Room.  $9 on sale.  I think the Elvis puzzle is a good item.  The $17 sale price seems a fair price for a 1,000 piece puzzle.  Immagine a group of Elvis fans getting together, playing a bunch of Elvis CDs, and sitting at a coffee table to put this together.  Once it gets completed, they can fight over who gets to take it home and put it on their wall.


Well, that’s our look at ShopElvis’ 12 Days of Christmas in July.  I can’t wait until I get the e-mails about their 12 Days of ElvisWeek in August.

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ElvisBlog News — 7/14/10


One Million Hits:

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I haven’t done any ElvisBlog News articles since April last year.  It seemed like it was just a vehicle for bragging, so I backed off until there was something really big to report. 


Well, now there is.


ElvisBlog recently passed 1,000,000 total hits since its start back in February 2005.  Readership growth each year has been excellent and shows no signs of leveling off.  New Elvis fans continue to discover ElvisBlog and must like it, because they are coming back as regular readers.


As I explained in the last News, the hits count is based on what my blogware shows as Total Page Views.  I believe this is how other sites measure hits, as well.  Elvisblog has passed the 45,000 page views per month level, so the 2 million mark should be reached before the end of next year.


I recently discovered two websites that can tell you how your site ranks compared to all of them out there on the internet.  I typed in the ElvisBlog URL, and the results were very gratifying.  says ElvisBlog ranks #568,016in the world.  tallies it at #589,678.  That may not sound so good until you consider how many websites there are worldwide. displays a list of recent searches, and one website was #24,000,000 + on the list.  So, ElvisBlog must be in the top 2 or 3 % in the world.  I’ll take that.


Thanks to all you readers for your continued support.



Phil Arnold

Original Elvis Blogmeister:  ElvisBlog

Postscripts To Earlier ElvisBlogs — 6


It’s interesting how I regularly uncover pictures on the internet that would have made great illustrations for stories posted just weeks or months earlier.  I guess that is the inevitable result of spending too much time cruising around looking for Elvis content.


Too Busy in the Army to Take in the Opera:

In the June 20 ElvisBlog column, we quoted Elvis’ response in the New York Times when a reporter questioned if he had been to any opera while a soldier stationed in Germany.  He replied, “I was just too tired at night to go anywhere.”  Well, he did have time for a different kind of musical theater.

image            image 

Elvis and Friends at Lido club in Paris, 1959


They had some pretty good seats, didn’t they?


If You Don’t Like Mr. Potato Head Elvis, How About This?

I noticed that some of the other blogs about Elvis thought the Elvis Mr. Potato Head was a terrible idea.  If so, then what is this?

image               image 

This is LEGO’s Custom Minifigure, Las Vegas Edition, and it can be yours for just $13.  It will not be joining Pez Elvis, M&M Elvis, and Mr. Potato Head Elvis in the display above my writing desk.

Somebody Already Thought of a Silly Bandz Elvis:

In that ElvisBlog story about Mr. Potato Head Elvis, I made a suggestion for an Elvis silhouette that would make a good Silly Bandz.  It turns out that a competitor already had an Elvis shape as part of their “Guess Who” set.



Dead Elvis for Bassoon:

Back in April, we looked at a symphony orchestra performance of “Dead Elvis.”  In many cities where this composition is performed, it features the bassoon player wearing an Elvis jumpsuit.   I showed two examples, one had a minus zero on the Elvis scale and the other was a bit better.  Here is a much better looking bassoon-playing Elvis.



What Elvis Would Look Like at 75:

A lot of time has passed since January 8, but the post with the above title consistently shows up in the daily list of most popular ElvisBlog articles.  Fans really seem to be interested in what Elvis would look like at 75 years old.  Here are two more images I have found.

image             image


The Champagne Flowed at Elvis’ Wedding Reception Redo:

On May 30, I posted a story on the second wedding reception Priscilla and Elvis had at Graceland to make up for not inviting many of their friends to the original event in Las Vegas.  We noted that the Memphis party had lots of champagne.  Some smart guest had the sense to get Elvis to autograph one of the empty champagne bottles.



Variation on the Elvis Wedding Cake:

In the wedding reception redo article, we compared the cakes at each one.  However, I guess you could also call this another Elvis wedding cake variation.  One of the newlyweds is obviously a huge Elvis fan.  How would your spouse have liked it if you had asked to have an Elvis figurine on your wedding cake?  Mine would have killed me.




In Search of Historic Elvis:

The first picture is from a December, 2009, ElvisBlog story.  It appeared in Rolling Stone magazine and was obviously a joke.  The second picture didn’t have any descriptive text with it on the web page where I found it, but this has to be a joke too, right?

image                         image


In the movie Loving You, which we covered here in a June 6 blog column, there is a major character portrayed by actor Wendell Corey.  As I viewed the movie to capture certain shots, I was struck with how much this country singer reminded me of another movie character in the theaters now.  See if you see the resemblance.

image                         image  

Wendell Corey in Loving You                          Woody in Toy Story 3          


While we are doing look-a-likes, do you remember Martin Short’s classic character on Saturday Night Live?  This is kind of freaky.

image                           image

    Ed Grimley                                         Elvis Grimley?


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Caption Contest # 22 — Winner


Thie winner this time submitted three different entries, but he wished to remain anonymous.


FTD's cover art team picks another winner.
One of his other submissions was, “Are these yours, honey?”  Mr. Anonymous, you have a nasty mind.


Julien's — More Elvis Memorabilia Auction Results

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Last week we looked at the flashier Elvis items that sold at Julien’s Music Icons auction.  His clothing, jewelry, and guitars always draw the most attention.  But, there were many other interesting items that also deserve a review. 





image                         image

                         Eight Elvis Concert Tickets                                                      Thirty Color Photos of Elvis


It’s interesting to note what people will pay for things that Elvis has never autographed, or worn, or held, or even seen.  The eight tickets covering six Elvis shows brought in $1,400, but the seller may have missed the boat as far as making big bucks.  What other sellers have done is take tickets for one show, add some color photos of Elvis performing at it, and put it all in a nice matted frame with a brass plaque telling the story.  It might prove difficult to find photos of the two 1956 concerts in the set:  August 3 at the Olympia Theater in Miami (large stub center right) and November 25 at Jefferson County Armory in Louisville (bottom right).  It would be impossible to find photos of the concert for the two upper left tickets.  They are for August 20, 1977, in Syracuse, four days after Elvis died.


The thirty color photos represent ten concert performances from June 1972 to June 1977.  The winning bid was $1,900, well below the expected range of $3,000 to 5,000.  This is probably because of the proliferation of Elvis photographs all over the internet.  Elvis must have been the most photographed person in the history of the world, and most of the pictures of him have shown up on the web.  There is nothing in the group above that is rare or unique.  Again, their value could have been enhanced by separating them into groups for each concert and presenting them in framed displays.



Autographed Items:


image                image


 Elvis Autographed Softball                            Elvis Autographed Coke Cup


The signed softball brought in $2,750, and part of that certainly had to do with the black display case and brass plaque.  Apparently the red ink writing has faded over the years, but the auction website tells us it says, “Have a great time.  Yours, Elvis Presley.”


It looks like someone named Anna got backstage after a 1977 concert and talked Elvis into giving her an autograph.  It also looks like she was unprepared for the opportunity and had nothing appropriate for him to write on, so this paper cup had to do.  It says, “To Anna.  Thank you, Elvis Presley.”  Accompanied by a photo of Elvis at that concert, it had a top bid of $1,000.  It looks like Anna didn’t think to get out her camera when she was backstage, or she could have taken a photo of Elvis actually signing the cup.  Well, going brain dead while in the presence of Elvis backstage is certainly understandable.



Yucky Items:






Tongue Depressor and Medical Swab Used on Elvis 12/20/67


On December 20, 1967, Elvis made a brief visit to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis.  I know he did not stay overnight, so it must have just been for a regular examination.  Maxine O’Hara, the medical technician on duty, saw a good opportunity and saved the tongue depressor, medical swab, and disposable gown used during Elvis’ exam.   What I can’t figure out is why the tongue depressor went for $1,150 and the swab brought only $375.



Big Ticket Items:


image               image


      Contract with Col. Parker                                  Lock of Hair from Elvis’ Army Haircut



This contract, dated March 26, 1956, between Elvis and Col. Parker brought in $20,000, clobbering the pre-auction estimate of $4,000-6,000.   I wonder if the top bidder took time to read through the legalese to determine that this is not the original contract Elvis signed with Parker.  That one was dated November 21, 1955, when Elvis was not yet twenty-one.  Col. Parker must have felt the need to get Elvis to sign an amended contract once he had reached the legal age for such binding agreements.


Do you think some mad scientist out there bought Elvis’ hair with cloning in mind?  That’s a scary thought.  The top bidder paid $16,000 for this hair from the Fort Chaffee, Arkansas barber shop, well above the estimate of $4,000-6,000.  There is no way I would have paid $4,000 more for the contract than for Elvis’ hair.


There is an interesting story about this lock of hair.  Col. Parker ordered that all of Elvis’ hair clippings from his Army induction haircut be gathered up and sent to his fan clubs.  This lock ended up at the Tulsa World newspaper, and they used it in a contest.  Winner Sybil Coughman completed the sentence “I think the US Army can make the best use of Elvis by… “ with this, “… letting him give hip exercises to the soldiers to keep them trim and in good shape like he is.”



Good Bargain:




Autographs of Elvis, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black


On Friday, June 10, 1955, Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys played at the American Legion Hall in Breckenridge, Texas.  Someone got all three to autograph this cut sheet (DJ Fontana did not join Elvis’ band until August 8 that year).  It sold for $2,750, and was accompanied by three photos from 1954, only one of which showed all three men.  What do you think it would have brought if presented in a proper display?



The Absolute Steal of the Auction:


When I first accessed the Music Icons auction on the Julien’s Auction website back in May, I typed Elvis into the search box.  That brought up 118 items or sets of goodies.  Serious Elvis bidders probably did the same thing and assumed that was all there was.  Wrong.  Although I didn’t really care about all the Michael Jackson and other stuff, I killed some time scrolling through every item being offered.  That’s how I found Lot #297, which was a huge selection of theater promotional material from the movie Loving You.


image                             image



There were two 27” by 46” posters, one from the original 1957 release and one from the 1959 re-release.



image                   image


There were two full sets of lobby cards and three large photographs.  The two stills in color were actual shots from the movie, and the black and white shot of Elvis kissing Delores Hart was a publicity still.  The last picture shown here of Elvis and the gang was the catalyst for the ElvisBlog article on June 6.



image      image      image



This wonderful set of posters, lobby cards and photo stills from Elvis’ second movie (and first in color) went for the ridiculously low price of $350.  In the past, I have seen the original poster on eBay for $1,500.  You can get one on right now for $1,595.  There were other groups of movie posters and lobby cards in the Julien’s auction from lesser Elvis movies like Speedway and Roustabout, and they brought up to $1,600.


I thought the Loving You package would be a sleeper because many potential bidders would have no idea it existed.  That seems to be the case, and this was one time I wish I had never made my firm resolution years ago to not buy any more Elvis stuff.



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Happy Independence Day, Elvis

For the past week, the list of top ten articles on ElvisBlog each day has included a post from last year.  It is titled “Happy 4th of July, Elvis,” and people have been linking to it from a number of different search topics on Google, etc.  Fans obviously connect Elvis with patriotism, love of country, and the American flag.

So, at the start of this long holiday weekend, here are a few images that combine Elvis and the symbols of American freedom.





Of course, the 4th of July weekend is also a time of summer fun, so some images salute that aspect of it.



Here is one last image that does not have Elvis in it, but it is so outstanding I wanted to include it here.


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