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ElvisBlog News — 4/28/11


No Post Last Weekend:

Since I started ElvisBlog back in 2005, I have tried to consistently post a new article each weekend.  Blog tutorials all declared that a regular schedule was necessary to keep readers happy and coming back.  During the first six years, the only time I missed a post was when my wife had open-heart surgery in 2009.  Well, now it has happened twice.  A rogue virus got into my laptop and screwed up everything.  It took two trips to the Geek Squad at Best Buys and $280 to get it fixed, and I was without my laptop for ten days.  So, I’m real sorry if you checked into ElvisBlog recently and found nothing new, but now you know the reason.


Two Million Hits:

Last April I was happy to announce that ElvisBlog had reached one million hits (total page views).  It took five years and two months to reach that level.  Now, twelve months later, ElvisBlog has passed two million hits.  Thanks to all you readers for making this happen.  I appreciate your support.


New Logo, Tag Line and Banner:

Over the years, there have been numerous references in ElvisBlog to the famous Elvis lip curl.  One article last February showed several artists’ interpretations of the Elvis snarl, and that got me fascinated with the image.  So, I utilized the considerable talents of graphic designer Carol Stephens to come up a really distinctive Elvis lip curl.  She did such a terrific job I decided to use it as a logo for Elvisblog.

At the same time, I have been considering changing the tag-line for the blog.  The original “A Weekly Column of News, History and Commentary about Elvis Presley” seemed too stuffy.  The subjects of my posts have trended more to the fun side, celebrating Elvis as a pop culture icon.  So, I decided a better tag-line would be:  “All the Cool Stuff Out There in Elvis World.”

With both a new logo and a new tag-line, it was time to change the banner at the top of the ElvisBlog home page.  This is the first time it has appeared, and I hope you like it.


Phil Arnold, Original Elvis Blogmeister


Moving Elvis Mr. Potato Head Parts Around

I’ve done two previous articles on the Elvis Mr. Potato Head figures.  The first was favorable, and that resulted in me getting an e-mail thank you message from from Dean Gorby of PPW Toys, the company that makes the Elvis Mr. Potato Heads for Hasbro.  I wrote back and asked if I could get some in-house photos of the Elvis Live, as the first model was called.

Dean sent me unpublished pictures of Elvis Live with the white jumpsuit, and I used that for a second ElvisBlog article.   More recently he sent me photos of the ’68 Special black leather model, including a little note filling me in on the results when ’68 Special debuted at the New York Toy Fair in February.

Elvis Mr. Potato Head is front and center at the Toy Fair

Dean expressed his happiness at getting so many favorable comments from the folks coming by their booth at the Toy Fair.  “Many people said they liked it better than the first.  The overall response was that people thought it was cuter because you can see his eyes, where as the first version had sunglasses.”

Elvis Live Potato Head


  ’68 Special Elvis Potato Head


Sorry, but I am going to disagree with those folks.  I like the sunglasses way better than the eyes.  However, there is some good news.  You can remove the eyes from black leather and replace them with the sunglasses.  Like this.

’68 Comeback Elvis Wearing Sunglasses

The next two outfits in the series will probably be Jailhouse Rock and Gold Lamé, but both are unlikely to include the sunglasses because they are 50s themes.  Of course, if you have your sunglasses from Elvis Live, you could move them around to all the models.  I liked this idea so much, I asked Dean if he would send me some extra glasses, so every Elvis Mr. Potato Head I buy can wear them.  They just came in, and they are very cool.  Thank you, Dean.

While we are talking about moving Mr. Potato Head parts around, here’s another idea to think about.  It sure looks like the mask and helmet of Darth Tater would fit nicely over that black leather suit.  And, you know you can replace that mic stand with the light sabre.  Remember how Elvis always imagined Captain Marvel Jr. as his alter ego.  I wonder what he would think about being Darth BlackLeather.




Speaking of mics, Dean recently told me about the bonus goodies they inserted into 500 packages of each model.  Their experiences with Elvis Live and ’68 Special were quite different.  They produced 500 gold mic stands, and randomly mixed them in boxes of the black leather Elvis above.  It didn’t get noticed.  However, the 500 gold guitars they placed with the white jumpsuit Elvis had quite an effect.  Dean said he has seen many for sale on line, and they have consistently sold for about $100 each.

Elvis Live with standard black guitar 

Special Gold Guitar

Now, I’ve got to ask Dean for one of those gold guitars.


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Caption Contest # 26 — Winner


Congratulations to Gerard Montz for sending in the winning caption with his first-time submission.


“I could have had a V-8”

Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis — NOT!

When Elizabeth Taylor died at age 79, I knew there wasn’t much history between her and Elvis, but I recalled there was one picture of the two stars in my files.  It came off the internet somewhere.

Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis

I thought the picture was real, so I tried to figure out when it could have been taken.  Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor were in the movie Giant together.  It was released in 1956, the same as Elvis’ film Love Me Tender, so I figured they met in Hollywood while both movies were being filmed.  Boy, I wish I hadn’t written that in the original version of this article.

I was guilty of incomplete research — the filming for Giant was done in 1955.  The picture must be a Photoshop creation.  Here’s the real one.


And here is the photo of Elvis with country Singer Merle Kilgore that was used to make the bogus composite photo.

Elvis and Merle Kilgore


I got my first clue that something was wrong when this rather strangely composed comment came in:

Hi  Gigant film in 1955 and This picture is a fake??

From the beginning, the original Elizabeth Taylor/Elvis post received lots of hits.  But, three weeks later, I couldn’t figure out why the pace never slowed up.  There had to be something going on..

The mystery was solved when a link came in from, and I followed it back.  There were 57 comments in the thread, and they made it perfectly clear that the photo was a fake.  Here are some of the more interesting ones, complete with the authors’ unusual log-in names:


 So is this a fake too?


Phonier than a 3 dollar bill.


While there is no photographic evidence publicly available, it makes sense that Elvis and Liz would have crossed paths at least once over the years.


James G

I scanned the Tayor biographies on Amazon just now and there is no mention of her meeting Elvis.

Blue Gypsy

Funny you should say that because after seeing this topic I went to Books a and read every single one of Elvis’ biographies and I also did not see a single mention of Liz Taylor!


Unless Elvis hopped into a time machine while in Shreveport, LA in December 1956 for the Hayride Benefit Show, and transported himself onto Stage 1 in Burbank, CA during the making of Warner Brothers’ “Giant” in September 1955, yes it is most definitely a fake.


Oh, you’re right, I found the original pic:

Some of these folks really got into this.  How about Blue Gypsy reading every single Elvis biography in a mission to find (or not find?) mention of Elizabeth Taylor. 

I thank JimmyCool for posting the original picture without Elvis in it.  He didn’t identify the other guy, but I think its Rocky Marciano.   I’m not sure and won’t tag it, because I don’t want to get anything else wrong.

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Elvis Archaeological Finds Revealed

In 2008, famous antiquities collector Graham Geddes of Melbourne, Australia, revealed his discovery of a 1,800-year-old marble bust that looked like Elvis Presley.


The 'Elvis’ sculpture is 2nd Century AD Roman acroterion – a kind of architectural ornament often found on the corners of a sarcophagus, a stone tomb or burial chamber.  According to antiquities specialist Georgiana Aitken: 'It bears an uncanny likeness to Elvis Presley. It's the quiff that does it.”

Ms. Aitken made other statements that caused quite a commotion within the archaeological community:

“Looking at this face with its Elvis-like quiff, strong jaw and nose, one is inevitably led to the thought that the human face, for all its diversity and subtlety, has after all an ability to repeat itself.”

“Fans of the King of Rock 'n Roll, seeing this face from the distant past will be forgiven for thinking that their idol may well have lived a previous life.”

This notion caused many collectors, archaeologists, and museum curators to take a second look at their collections and to do extensive searches in their photographic reference books to see if Elvis images may have been found in other ancient cultures.  

Here’s what they found:

Adalaid, Australia – Cave Drawing – 300,000 BC


Luxor, Egypt — Giant Bust Sculpture — 2,000 BC



Kyota Japan – Drawing on Rice Paper – 500 AD



Belize River Valley, Belize – Cave drawing – 60,000 BC


Sultan Kala, Turkmenistan – Stone Carving – 1,400 AD



Florence, Italy – Bronze Bust – 900 AD



Pylos, Greece – Marble Bust – 600 BC



St. Lucia, West Indies – Wall Art – 1,200 AD



Sagalassos, Turkey – Stone Tablet – 400 AD



Burial and Ritual Sites, Central Mongolia – Cave Drawing — 150,000 BC



Tiwanaku, Bolivia – Painted Stone Tablet – 1600 AD



Moon Landing – Rock Clue to Earlier Visitors — 1976


If you are starting to wonder if this story is on the level, take a look at the calendar.

April Fools !!!


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