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This is the cover off the March 2009 issue of the political magazine American Spectator.  The drawing of Osama bin Laden is pretty close to the real thing, but the depiction of Elvis is just terrible. The theme of the cover story was summed up in the first two paragraphs below:  Seven years after Osama bin Laden’s last verifiable appearance among the living, there is more evidence for Elvis’s presence among us than for his.

Looks like American Spectator got that one wrong.



You are probably aware of some of the jokes about bin Laden on the late-night TV shows and in cartoons.  But, you may not be aware of all the strange stuff the Photoshop jockeys have come up with to mock him.  Naturally, some of the bin Laden pictures incorporate Elvis images, and ElvisBlog has searched them out to present here.


Osama in an Elvis jumpsuit was an oft repeated theme.  It’s not a very original idea, because dozens of famous people’s heads have been morphed onto Elvis jumpsuit pictures.

There aren’t too many jumpsuit photos of Elvis that show him kneeling, so the image selection was good.  But, look at the size of that head.  How much more effort would it have taken to get it into proportion to Elvis’ body?


This is different.  How do you think bin Laden looks with big Elvis hair from the 50s?


Staying with the 50s theme, here’s bin Laden doing the Jailhouse Rock.  You wouldn’t believe how many different people have been Photoshopped onto various Elvis photos from the movie.



This isn’t Photoshop, but pure artwork.  The connection the Osama toe tag picture has to Elvis might not be apparent unless you were aware of the altered Elvis stamp somebody dreamed up years ago.  I always wondered how I would work that into an ElvisBlog article, but I never figured it would be because we nailed Osama bin Laden.


More artwork.  Bin Laden and his little girlfriend Madonna.  Shouldn’t she be wearing a burka?


One last jumpsuit.  Looks like the American Eagle jumpsuit with the long cape.  They found a pretty rare picture to make this one.


I like this because it has both Elvis and Osama in it.  I hope I can find out which movie the original bar fight came from.  Maybe King Creole?  Anyway, kick his butt, Elvis.



The Obama cover may have been an actual Weekly World News issue.  But, I put it here because it is so reminiscent of the Elvis titles they have run over the years.  Just for kicks, here is a bonus cover that sort of fits the theme.

Hey, if our military can catch Osama in Pakistan, we certainly can catch Satan in Iraq.


I have no idea why the Photoshop jockey put a fat Elvis tribute artist in this picture.  Wouldn’t it have been more effective with a real Elvis image?


Three years ago, I did an article showing some of the many altered versions of the famous Nixon/Elvis picture.  This is new.  Replacing Nixon with Darth Vader is inspired; replacing Elvis with bin Laden, not so much.


Recent events have shown that American Spectator certainly had the Osama part of their article's premise wrong.  But, they also made the statement, “There is more evidence for Elvis's presence among us.”  Perhaps they could save face by publishing this picture of a secret CIA operative in Abbottabad, Pakistan, who spied on the bin Laden compound for them.


(Editor’s note:  Several of these pictures came from the website Osama Bin Laden Is…dead.   If you’d like some laughs at bin Laden’s expense, check it out.)


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