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“Elvis and Us” — The King is now in a Beatles Museum

This past Wednesday, October 5, a new Elvis exhibit opened in England.  It is titled “Elvis and Us,” and is stocked with a wonderful selection of items loaned by EPE.  Some of the rare artifacts have never even been displayed at Graceland.


The venue housing “Elvis and Us” is “The Beatles Story” in the Fab Four’s hometown of Liverpool.


The news report and links on Elvis.com/news do not mention what was moved out to make room for the Elvis exhibit, but it certainly covers a lot of space.


Of course, fans will do self guided audio tours with head phones.


And a short film featuring an interview with Priscilla seems inevitable.


What would an Elvis exhibit be without a jumpsuit or two?


Other items from Elvis’ wardrobe and jewelry are a must, too.


You didn’t think Graceland would miss a good opportunity to sell Elvis merchandise, did you?


So far, all the pictures here have been about Elvis exclusively, but the exhibit does connect him and the Beatles wherever possible.  This wall shows the effect Elvis had on the young lads in Liverpool in the late 50s.  The striped shirt on the left was worn by Elvis in Jailhouse Rock.


The big Elvis/Beatles connection was the one time they met at his home in Bel Air, California on August 27, 1965.


This wall echoes the words Elvis spoke when the meeting got off to a stilted start.  The white bass guitar is the one Elvis strummed during the visit from the Beatles.


One of special items in the exhibit is the pool table from the home in Bel Air, which was used by Elvis’ buddies and one or two of the Beatles that night.  It has never previously been offered for public display.  The Beatles’ mop-top hairdos adapted better to a Q-ball design than Elvis’ pompadour did.

So, if you are planning a trip to England any time in the next two years, be sure to include a day trip to Liverpool and take in “Elvis and Us” at “The Beatles Story” museum.

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