Elvis, Captain Marvel Jr and the TCB Lightning Bolt

Just about every Elvis fan know the story behind the letters TCB on his jewelry.  Of course, it stands for Taking Care of Business, which was kind of a slogan for Elvis.

TCB Ring and Pendant


However, do you know the origin of the lightning bolt in Elvis’ TCB jewelry?

And on the wall decorations in the basement game room at Graceland.

Wall Decorations in Graceland TV Room

And on the tail of his Lisa Marie Airplane.

Lightning Bolt on Tail of Lisa Marie Airplane

I have numerous reference books that say it was inspired by the lightning bolt worn on the chest of Captain Marvel Jr., Elvis’ favorite comic book hero.

Young Captain Marvel Jr.

Even more significantly, these sources say that super-hero Captain Marvel Jr. influenced a great deal of Elvis’ life and appearance.

One web site asserts that Elvis read Captain Marvel Jr. Comics from September 1949 to January 1953 while living at the Lauderdale Court.  In fact, the Presley’s apartment has been preserved as a historic site, and a copy of Captain Marvel Jr. #51 sits on a desk in Elvis’ old room.

Captain Marvel Jr. Comic Book on Elvis’ Nightstand


In her book “Elvis Presley: The Man, The Life, The Legend,” author Pamela Clarke Keough states, “Elvis used comics as an escape… Around the age of 12, Elvis discovered Captain Marvel Jr. and quickly became almost obsessed with him.”

Patriotic Captain Marvel

Billy Smith, Elvis’ cousin and longtime friend, said that Elvis especially admired the dual image of Captain Marvel Jr. and his alter ego — an everyday guy, poor teenager Freddy Freeman.  But, when he said the magic words, Freddie Freeman turned into super crime-fighter Captain Marvel Jr.

The comic book website Dial B for Blog sums it up nicely:  “This is why Elvis idolized Cap Jr. – because the Freddy Freeman/Captain Marvel Jr. character was a perfect mirror image of the once and future Elvis.  Freddy represented Elvis as he was, and Captain Marvel Jr. represented Elvis as he wished to be.”

Captain Marvel Jr. and Freddie Freeman

Pictures of Captain Marvel Jr. in the early fifties do indeed show a hairstyle ultimately affected by Elvis — long, glistening, black, with unruly locks hanging down over his forehead.  Also, there is a distinct similarity between Captain Marvel Jr.’s outfit and the seventies Elvis.  The argument certainly can be made that Elvis copied his one-piece jumpsuit, wide belt, boots, and most of all, the cape from his boyhood hero.

Finally, young Freddy Freeman was often seen wearing white scarves, and we all know how Elvis would go through dozens of them at every concert.

There does not seem to be any connection between Captain Marvel Jr. and Elvis in the use of the Taking Care of Business motto or the letters TCB.  That appears to be a unique personal creation by Elvis.

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18 responses to “Elvis, Captain Marvel Jr and the TCB Lightning Bolt

  1. Janet,
    There is a lot of people claming that Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis..That man looks like Elvis and has a dead ringer voice for his singing.
    Its just so much stuff being said about Elvis
    i just dont know what to beleive anymore!

  2. carolyn Edwards

    Please any of you please write me carolynedwards320@yahoo.com on Elvis I am a distant cousin had have alot of question and The way I feel may help I have heard alot but not sure I am a 5th cousin to him on the Hood side Minnie Mae side of the family and I am on facebook also . Would love to here and talk to anyone ? also on facebook web page Elvis fun you can leave me a message

  3. I had it confirmed that Colonel Tom Parker use to live in Pendleton, SC, in Danny Ford’s farm house, by a man with the last name Riggin the farm house is gone and Danny Ford has built a new home, I use to think it was my ex in laws that had caused me so much harm, now I know Colonel Tom Parker had bought off the Sheriff’s dept. in Pendleton, SC a sled agent from the Federal Building at 101 N. Main St. in Greenville, SC help me with my case of pure hell I was going through that Sheriff’s dept. in Pendleton is no longer there. Why did the Colonel find me to be such a threat was it that my father’s real birth name is Robinson and the Robinson twins were Elvis and Jesse, now the Sosbee Funeral founder the grandfather told his grand daughters and with out the girls knowing who I was told me. I had two uncles with Duke Power so did Elvis help them get a job, was my own father from the electric company who stole my grandfathers paten on the hydraulic post hole digger ? Consolidated Coal and CSX my father went by the Richard Donovan name, and food for thought it was the Donovan’s who trained Lee Harvey Aswald in the Army.

  4. Howard,
    I found out that address next to Denver Downs that Iboss a soccer coach at Clemson and his wife bought that house. I have never seen it, I went there and left a note for the workers to give the tenants of the home, I never got a response. John Buck Fulp had his business down at the end of that same road Denver Rd., Anderson, SC. I don’t know correct zip for that area. John has meet me I wrote two letters begging him to please tell me about my father, he did meet me when I worked at Sams Club, he had a nervous shake not an old man shake but a shake that he knew his hand was going to be caught in the cookie jar. He is a good looking man, is married and lives at Saddlers creek, Anderson, SC, I could tell he told me the truth he couldn’t tell me anything, it wasn’t he didn’t want to but he knew he could possibly get killed or a family member would, he has lost to children, that could have been calling cards. I hurt so bad for the truth, I feel like Jesus Christ, he use to say he was the son of God, and allot of people did not believe in Christ, I am done the same way. Ending on this note I love Jesus and God and it’s been my faith that has gotten me through, I’ve led a horror life because someone wants to stop my search or their trying to stop me from my DNA that may prove that the child they say is Elvis’s only child is not the first born, knowing my heart and what I love in life Lisa may be my sister but she could never be a knight as I feel truly in my heart, for some reason I feel that I am royal blood but hidden from the world probably to be protected of the DNA I carry. Whether Elvis is a Robinson or a Presley is to be proven so much is surrounding the Robinson’s and the Jackson sisters that Ira Fleming Robinson married from W. Virginia, that’s where he got his inheritance the the land for Consolidated Coal now called Minerals and Mines, I called about the profits I should have been receiving they said it was put in escrow, I let them run off at the mouth not telling them that Elvis used the name Richard (Dick) Donovan as an executive in Con-Sol Inc. and CSX railroad that carried of the coal on the train, IF IF you begain to believe in me me a no-body but yet a poor woman that has a tremendous inheritance out there I am just me I try to be to all. Fight for me. Fight for a modern day Cinderella. 138 Wellington St., Anderson, SC, 29624. John Fulp probably got your letter. E bra ham is deceased that lived at that address, and it was said Elvis was going to buy it, I was told instead he bought Sally Abney Rose’s home, John Buck Fulp’s grandmothers home on Clemson Blvd. in Anderson, SC. Mr Petigrew come up dead after I told him he could not sell the house for it belonged to ME and Lisa Marie, so the house did not sell to a MALL.

  5. I speak from experience when I tell you I know this John Smith “Presley” guy. He also claimed he was with a country band called Restless Heart..I’m sure y’all have heard of them…”Big Iron Horses”,”Bluest Eyes In Texas”,”She Cries at Night”,etc,etc,etc. If,and I say IF emphatically,he truly is the son of Elvis,Elvis would be turning over in his grave at the way this man comtinues to steal from every person he meets. The man known as John Smith “Presley” is a con artist,a liar and a crook. This man will also tell you he has his own plane,tour bus and all the luxuries of a “star”. Notsomuch my friends….he does play a little music and he can sing,I will give him that,BUT he is NOT hardly believable when it comes to the Elvis story…it’s hard to say with a man like him…the lies are so frequent out of him that the truths may be drowned out by them…personally,I think he just has issues…not a famous father


  7. I have been reading Elvis had a nose job, this is what I believe, Priscilla’s step father was a General he made a comment that Elvis had better marry Priscilla or he would send him to prison, well everyone knows Elvis met cilla at age 14, I do not like ultimatums so being the King that probably did not set well with Elvis, with my research I have done on him since 2011 finding the photo of Nixon and him in the White house the paragraph use to say he was on the witness protection plan, now that has been taken off, my son has that same pug nose, I believe Jesse never died at birth and Elvis went on with his life, but to save Priscilla’s honor and for the sake of a General I believe Jesse Garon Presley married Priscilla and I believe Jesse is Lisa Marie’s father why since I was 17 working at Winn-Dixie in Greenville, S.C. famous people has come to me not me to them for I never knew of these people till later in life and why attack my life if they had left me alone I’d maybe never researched anything. It says Jesse Garon Presley lived in New York and died in 2007 he had a family, and what was so bad about Priscilla that neither men stayed with her, I would have loved all of them no matter who is married to who if they had went about things different, but when you play the Rumpelstiltskin life to come in fame and money and sacrifice a child with the Skull and Bones and the Illuminati you hurt your ownself when you let the mafia or mobsters rule your life, you see I was his sacrifice, read about Elvis having a common law marriage in Louisville, Kentucky and how Colonel Tom Parker said Elvis was not to marry till the time was right, read how sorry Elvis talks of him messing with one of his cousins, and that he was wrong for that well he had to produce that Rumpelstiltskin child to protect the family he was arranged to marry or was it Jesse? Read Black Mass by Dick Lehr, then read americanmafia.com/FBI Dark secrets you will read of Lt. Col. John R. O’Donovan and Bob Long two names different in the book that coincides with americanmafia.com/ FBI Dark Secrets, I never could not understand why the Newton’s family members were always causing me problems, had to hire a lawyer against 3 of them, well O’Donovan was trying to take down Connolly and Newton on CORRUPTION is the attack on my life an eye for an eye i mean what the Blank attack an innocent child for trying to find her father unless Lt. Col. John R. O’Donovan is really Elvis and Jesse did marry Cilla, read and look close how much Lt. Col. John R. O’Donovan looks like Gladys in his old age now to find J. R. O’Donovan older look up John O’Donovan State Trooper dies at 81, no you say the age does not fit it does if even that was changed in all documents about all the lies I have read about Elvis, John O’Donovan’s nose has a dent right in the center well we know he love to box and we all have Gladys’s temper so I say Lt. Col. John O’Donovan is Elvis look at his stomach and the wound that Lt. Col. took a wound that in a crazy tabloid said Elvis had been stabbed no its a gun shot wound if he was dug up it would probably be in that same area. I truely believe the Lt. wanted to fight real crime and he wanted his life private (Elvis) to the point a twin took his place and how is it on stage a man who had sung his songs many times would forget his words. From a child who wanted her father not his money. I could have played with Lisa for I always wanted a sister or brother.

    • Wow. I don’t know what to say

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

    • Hi Janet!
      I viewed the video of you on YouTube talking about being Elvis’ daughter.
      I wrote Elvis a letter based on the info you gave on YouTube. You said it was
      “Down the road, on the left side from Denver Downs Dairy.

      Is 1563 Denver Road the exact address?
      If you send me your email, I can show you the letter I wrote your father.
      Maybe you could do a good deed and go over to his house and try to help.
      Any help would be much appreciated.
      I have a really cool idea.
      Once you read it, you’ll understand and agree.
      By the way, I live in Danbury, Connecticut. Not to far from New York City.
      Got tired of the city life, so I out out here.

      Thank you for your time.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


      Howard Bannister

      copy and paste my email: drhoward_bannister@yahoo.com

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  9. My mother is in the 2010 Life Mag. grabbing onto Elvis Presley’s pants leg, on the internet as hysterical fan grabbing fan grabbing Elvis Presley’s pants leg/ Click onto Miami Connection, scroll she is the only one hands directly on him. Ular Agnes Robinson of West Virginia(deceaced as of 2005). She said my father’s name was Richard (Dick) Donovan who served with Colonel Keesler. He sang at the Military International Keesler Airforce base, she also gave me another name Freddy which is on the only baby picture I have. Many years went by I thought why two different names, well he did Lucy de Barbin the same way she also had Desiree Romain Presley in the book called “Are You Lonesome Tonight” he used E.L.Lancelot and Jon Jones, it took me many years to find that my father was Elvis. I am Janette Robinson Brown at 138 Wellington St., Anderson,S.C. 29624. Lisa came third and my half brother John Smith Presley. Now keep in mind that someone has tried to stop me from finding out the truth about my father, it got to be so bad I had to go to the federal building in Greenville,S.C. there I met Tony Deautre over all of sled in S.C. they quickly saw the hell I’d suffered from 1980 to 2006. Mr.Deautre stoped it. Why should a child who does not frequent bars, does not prostitute, I don’t do drugs, I do nothing but go to work and take care of my child and pay my bills, because of my habbits they knew I told the truth, I got the help. Desiree has suffered an attack on her life same as me (rape) just because we are bastard children we have had to suffer by thoses who wish for us to keep quite or else. I just wonder who thinks we as he children doesn’t have this right. People I use to clean for son lives in Califirnia said ex-husband was with her this family lives in Anderson S.C., the son tells his family what ever and they decide to accuse me of an affair,I was bound to prove I had not done this they led me to think that detectives had followed up on me, so I was innocent so I kept working for both the mother and daughter that accused me of being with her husband, they made out like they got a divorce 5 years latter I found out thru public court records they never divorced. 5 years I went thru hell with this one family because someone danced with a particular person in Califirnia. Later the father of this daughter I also worked for seperate from her mothers home mom paying me vacation pay of 180.00 a year weekly 80 on thursdays and Robin 65 bi-weekly. I said Robin why me being a single mother would you think that of me, she said Rob messed with a woman older than I. Crap how about all her goodlooking girlfriends why couldn’t she have accused one of them,so he father rams my truck giving me only 50 dollars the tolal cost was 500 dollars he busted my raditor labor added in that, this is how people get when money means more than being a christain, all I ever wanted was to meet my father. People now are beginning to respect my wishes about my father, now that they see her in this magazine, plus Elvis at 25 and my son at 25 are identical different hair styles though same features. I told Tony why must this happen to me I am a nobody why a famous father? All he could reply back about is sometimes people have shadows that follow them thru life, what he meant was my father made a contract to be a federal agent and that he is on the witness protection. Look up Richard M. Nixon and Elvis Presley in the White House. I was relieved that he could be alive for I have felt in me he was alive as if I could see and feel his feelings. Dreams of things I later found out he was involved with and people in my past being able to say yes this is the dream she dreamed. One I sat up in bed as a child of about 6 or 7 I saw logs rolling down a hill falling in the water as I felt someone was traped and killed. Logging Co. I later in life learned he knows of. Elvis always felt he was this way another I saw myself flying over tree tops later to learn that he went in the airforce. Maybe one day someone will say just because someone is rich they should not hurt those who are innicent who doesn’t even understand why it all had to happen. Tony said they were trying to drive me insane, but what they didn’t count on I was raised by a mean foster mother and raised poor and raised to slop hogs I don’t mind the good life. I could care less of putting myself out there like a circus act. Can I sing never praticed, but yes,my daughter sings very good and looks like Anna Nichol Smith prettier though she doesn’t show all them gums, she is a BLONDE bommshell, built Identical to Desiree when she was sixteen.

    • Janet:

      You certainly set the record for the longest comment on ElvisBlog. To be honest, I found it rather confusing, but it is certainly heartfelt, so it is approved and posted.

      Phil Arnold
      Original Elvis Blogmeister:

  10. If you read george kleins new book “elvis my best man”you will find that elvis got the thunderbolt idea from the then west coast mafias insigna then he had his jeweler add the tcb logo on top of the lightning bolt.
    Thank you Mr. klein for finally writing such a wonderful memoir of your best man who just happend to be the king of rock & roll
    R.I.P Elvis ill alwayd remember your kind spirit.

    • I guess I need to read George Klein’s book. There’s probably lots of good stuff in there that would inspire an ElvisBlog article.

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