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  1. I am looking for a tiny address book with Elvis’s picture on the front. I bought two years and years ago at one of the shops across from Graceland, and both are not barely intact! It fits perfectly in a purse. It is very small. Please help!! Thanks.

    • Hi Pam: It is probably no longer available in stores. Maybe you can find it as a collectible. I suggest you contact Jerry Osborne, famous Elvis collector, author and historian. His website is, his phone number is 360-385-1200, and his e-mail address is

      Thanks for reading ElvisBlog. Hope you enjoy it.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  2. Jennifer Smith

    I am looking for some Smiley Elvis Antenna toppers. Had some several years ago, but woud like some new ones. any idea where I could get a few for my collection?

  3. I was just in one of your gift shops across the stree from the Elvis Home. I purchased a pink t shirt with the beautiful blue eyes on the front for my granddaughter in a large. I need a medium for her and an extra large for myself. How can I order 2 more shirts?

    Thank you
    Sharon Grissom
    508 N 2nd St
    Noble, Okla 73068

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