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Elvis T-Shirt Review — The $5 Closeouts

For the first time I’m aware of, ShopElvis.com has thrown in the towel and marked prices down to $5 on ten slow-moving T-shirts.  We can assume the plan is to get rid of remaining supplies of these shirts and drop them from the catalogue.

ElvisBlog has done yearly T-shirt reviews since 2008, so let’s take a look at these heavily discounted models and have some fun figuring out what was wrong with the designs.


Totally Stupid Idea:

This so-called Army Jacket Replica T-shirt didn’t sell well at $24, and I’m not so sure many folks will snap them up for $5.  We fans are proud of Elvis for serving his country in the Army, but this is just not the kind of shirt we want to wear around.


How Come This Great Design Didn’t Sell?:

Okay, this is a women’s tank top, not a T-shirt, but they are all lumped together on the ShopElvis website pages.  There are three women’s tank tops in the $5 group, so maybe the problem with them is the type of shirt, not the designs.  Frankly, I think this one called Blue Mic is pretty good.  No text except for Elvis, and cool image of young Elvis, and lots of color.  If it were a men’s Tee with this design for $5, count me in as a buyer.


Way Out of Date:


I’m sorry to see this shirt in the discount bin, because I’ve actually had the image taped on the wall behind the computer for the last four years.  Each time I look at it, I wish I could change the year from ’08 to ’12.  And that is of course why this shirt is not selling.

I hope they get rid of them all now, because the shirt won’t be getting any easier to sell down the road.   Someday they should reuse the title Elvis for King and come up with a good design.


Fire the Graphic Designer:


If the plan was to obscure half of Elvis’ face, this design accomplished it with that large prominent mic.  They even call this design Elvis Microphone.  What were they thinking?  Get rid of the mic and you’ve got a great design.  Just stupid.


The Result from a Lazy Designer:

This one looks pretty good at first glance, but read all the text.  The image is nothing more than the Jailhouse Rock album cover (Actually a five-song EP cover).  Still, for five bucks, it seems like this one would be worth snapping up.


Another Tank — Nearly Invisible Design:


Can you make out the design on this one?  Not too well?  Maybe that’s why it has been selling poorly.

Here it is blown-up and darkened.  Why not do ELVIS and the flourishes in a bright color?  And why is this called Guitar Scroll?  Where’s the guitar?


Why Hasn’t One Been Selling?:


As far as I’m concerned, this one called Black Signature is a pretty good shirt.  Simple, yet distinctive.  I prefer black shirts without a lot of text, so this fits the bill. The B&W profile silhouette is excellent.  This is one to snap up for just $5.


Bringing Back an Elvis Image Used 56 years ago:


A month ago, ElvisBlog covered a number of 1956 Elvis memorabilia items featuring this image.  One was a girl’s long-sleeve Tee that went for $625 at a recent auction.  Now, you can get this one called Spinnin’ Records for $5.  Maybe the design is too old-fashioned for today’s taste.  It might have sold better on a black T-shirt.


Get a Better Gold Lamé Picture:


This picture has been used to death.  Elvis thought the pants look baggy, and they do.  Plus, he’s just standing there.  Why doesn’t EPE use one of the better shots of Elvis in his gold lamé?  Like these:

Still Baggy, But at Least He’s Moving

Really Moving. Is the Guitar Strap in His Mouth?


Deal of the Day:


Uh, oh, it’s that fifties image again — in silhouette.  But this is a combination deal.  You get the black signature hat and the grey signature shirt for just five bucks.  Although it has a boring name, Signature Black Cap and Grey T-Shirt Combo, it could be the best deal you will ever see from ShopElvis.com.


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