Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorials — Kid Galahad, 1962

This article is a little late.  Kid Galahad, Elvis’ tenth film, was released on August 29, 1962.  It was significant because it represented the final real attempt to provide him with a substantial story line and a challenging character to play.  The success of his next three films (Girls, Girls, Girls, It Happened at the World’s Fair, and Fun in Acapulco) firmly established the formula for Elvis movies — unpretentious light comedy with plenty of musical numbers.

The other thing interesting about Kid Galahad to me is his co-star, Joan Blackman.  She also played his love interest, Maile Duval, in Blue Hawaii, just two movies earlier.  This was the second repeat of an Elvis leading lady, following Delores Hart in Loving You and King Creole.  There would be other actresses who appeared with multiple movies with Elvis — Shelly Fabares, Mary Ann Mobley, Yvonne Craig, Sue Ann Langdon, and probably others I can’t think of.


Movie Posters:



Shots from the Movie:

Although Joan Blackman had a substantial acting roll in Blue Hawaii, her roll in Kid Galahad consisted of little more than gazing dreamingly into Elvis’ eyes.

More Looking in his Eyes

Costar Lola Albright and Elvis

Elvis’ character had recently completed his Army service as the movie began.  This marked the third Elvis movie in a row where Elvis played a former soldier.  (He flies home to Hawaii in his Army uniform in Blue Hawaii, and he has an Army disability pension in Follow That Dream.)


This is a shot of Joan Blackman and Elvis early in Blue Hawaii.  Check out his Sergeant stripes and unit insignia.


Here’s a second shot of Elvis in uniform in Kid Galahad.  Looks like he didn’t accomplish anything in the Army this time – no rank, no insignia, no medals.


In addition to the two lovely actresses, Elvis was supported in this movie by Gig Young and Charles Bronson.


Elvis and Joan Blackman danced at an Independence Day picnic.  She looked quite alluring in her low-cut sun dress, and Elvis seems to checking her out pretty intently.


This is an old car Elvis rescued from a barn and fixed up.  In addition to learning to box in the Army, he also picked up good skills as a mechanic.


Lobby Cards:


Serious Make-Up:


Publicity Shots:


Foreign Movie Posters:

Italian Poster

French Poster

No Idea What Country This is From


Kissing the Costar:

As has become the standard for this movie pictorial series, we will end with a shot of Elvis kissing his costar Joan Blackman.


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