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Happy Thanksgiving, Elvis — 2012

Somehow, I missed doing the annual Elvisblog tribute to Elvis and Thanksgiving last year, but that means there is more stuff to use this year.  Since 2009, I have searched the internet to find suitable images for a short post.  You’d be surprised what you can find when you Google Elvis Thanksgiving and Elvis Turkey.

Like this:

Our thanks to Wendee for her clever Photoshop work on this excellent image.


Sorry this turkey Elvis is a little fuzzy.  I had to blow it up from a thumbnail.


Same apology on this shot from Wild in the Country.  I know there is a bigger, clearer version somewhere on the internet, but it eludes me.


This is kind of stupid, but I’ve got files of worse looking creatures dressed as Elvis.


And drawings of various animals and birds with Elvis features or outfits.


I guess the little bird Pilgrim in this picture is supposed to be a turkey, and I like the message.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody.


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