Dream Car

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  1. I’m 67 years old I grew up partially in Las Vegas in the sixties I can remember hanging out at the Sahara Hotel where my aunt was a dancer she taught girls how to be show girls the start of the Sahara the Riviera and I was able to go backstage at many shows I was there for Johnny Carson met him several times went to his home live close by off Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway in about 1963 I believe I was the thing and say herro hotel when a white Cadillac 75 limo pulled up what I noticed first of all is it had port holes in the back it was pearl white just as this story on Pinterest explains I got to go up to that car and look at it ensure no Elvis Presley gets out Elvis was a friendly man I made him to two times I believe once getting out of the car and once inside the Sahara anyway just a story that I can remember of one of the very interesting people I met in the sixties I also remember the Mafia it was there I am now writing a book about my life is the butler. my book will have a few stories about meeting the DeCastro sisters Johnny Carson LBJ Dinah Shore Liberace I was able to meet all of these people just by hanging outyou’re welcome to contact me John the butler at jauley@hotmail.com

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