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It’s been a while, so I thought I’d check out to see if anything going on would make a good ElvisBlog article.  Most of the ‘news’ stories were uninspiring, but one did catch my eye. news

So, now you can watch photos of Elvis playing various musical instruments on your smartphone using Elvis Mobile Apps.  Being an old dinosaur who somehow manages to get by without a smartphone, I could not check out what instruments EPE has selected for this feature.  I wonder if they include any of these.


 Bass Guitar

The picture on the webpage shows Elvis in Loving You costume playing a guitar.  It’s a fairly common photo.  But, have you ever see the one above of him playing an electric bass guitar.  This looks to be young Elvis, so the picture could be from the 1957 recording session for  “(You’re so Square) Baby, I Don’t Care.”  Remember how Bill Black was having trouble getting the bass intro straight, and Elvis had to step in and play the licks.


Twelve string guitar

I think this shot of Elvis with a double neck guitar came from the publicity photos for one of his movies, but I can’t remember which one.


   Love Me Tender recording session

Here is another instrument that Elvis could actually play – the piano.  This shot was snapped during the recording session for “Love Me Tender.”


Piano 4

Elvis played the piano before rehearsals for the Steve Allen Show.   (Thanks Al.


Piano on U.S.S. Randall

The website where I found this one said it was taken aboard the USS Randall, which was the troop ship that took Elvis to Germany.  That looks like his medals for sharp-shooting hanging from his chest.  I didn’t realize he got them during basic training, not active duty.  I also didn’t know that troop ships had pianos.  That white streak pointing to the guy’s chin is a drumstick.


Drums 4

Speaking of drumsticks, look what Elvis is doing here.  I’ve never read that he had any particular skill as a drummer, but he must have found it fun to play around with them.


Drums 3

It certainly looks like he was enjoying it here.


Drums with Boots

That’s Bill Ulyate in this shot with Elvis taken during the wrap party for a 20th Century Fox movie.


 1961 Uke

I guess if you can play guitar, then a ukulele would be no big challenge.  This photo was taken in 1961.


Elvis Playing Ukelele

The most famous examples of Elvis playing the ukulele are shots from Blue Hawaii.


The fact that there are at least two photos on the internet of Elvis playing the accordion indicates that maybe he actually knew how to.


Playing Accordian

Here’s another shot of him in his Army uniform playing an instrument.  Do you think he was actually playing the accordion or just goofing around?


Trumpet 2

We know Elvis was goofing around with this trumpet.


Trumpet Chet Baker

He may actually have been trying to play the trumpet here under the tutelage of professional trumpeter Raymond Brankey.


 Clarinet - Loving You

This shot on the set of Loving You shows Elvis playing(?) the clarinet.



I found this picture on the internet twice.  One site called it a clarinet, and the other called it a flute.  I think it’s a flute.


Pan Flute

And this is a pan-flute.  Well, if Cartman and the guys on South Park can play the pan-flute, why not Elvis.



And finally, we have Elvis playing the tambourine.  You probably recognize this shot from the ’68 Comeback Special.

If any readers have the Elvis Mobile Apps and access their photos of Elvis playing musical instruments, could you please advise on ‘Comments’ what they actually show.  I’d like to see how the it compares.


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16 responses to “Photos of Elvis Playing Musical Instruments — No Apps Required


  2. Lorraine Westervelt

    The pan-flute is actually a Hohner Melodica, made in Germany. I know this because I used to have one up until a few years ago.

  3. Paul Maringelli

    To Phillip Arnold – Love the photos of Elvis playing various musical instruments. However I have to correct one of your mistakes. Elvis is playing a “Melodica” not a pan-flute. It’s an wind instrument with a piano style keyboard. The sound was similar to a small organ. The Melodica was fairly popular in the 1960s, some rock bands even used them on recordings.
    Also, as for the photos of Elvis on drums… he was supposed to be a pretty good drummer. Maybe not as good as D.J. Fontana or Ronnie Tutt, but pretty good.

    • Hi Paul: I had no idea what a pan-flute was, or a Melodica for that matter. I just went with the description on the website where I got the picture. Thanks for the correction.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  4. Karen Ulyate Crabtree

    Hey guys, I just want you to know that there is a picture of Elvis playing drums on this page with my dad, Bill Ulyate, who you have incorrectly identified as Boots Randolf. My dad was a studio musician at 20th Century Fox and this was a wrap party for a movie Elvis was in. while under contract with 20th Century Fox. My dad, Bill Ulytate was hired to play this wrap party by the studio. Please correct this error on this page. Thank you. Karen Ulyate Crabtree

    • Hi Karen:

      Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I think I know what happened. I spent a good bit of time backstage with Boots Randolph at a 2007 Elvis Week concert. At his age then, he looked a lot like your dad did in the photograph. What I should have realized was that it couldn’t have been Boots bcause he would have looked 40 years younger. I’ll make the correction.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

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  7. On the page you have of Elvis with musical instruments there is a picture with Elvis and a ukulele. There is another man with his back to the camera. At first I thought maybe it was Jerry Lee Lewis, but another friend found a close picture with the mans head turned and he has a mustache. Do you know who that other man is or where you may have found that picture. Thanks for your time-
    Fun site you have here!

    • Hi David: Thanks for the nice words about ElvisBlog. Sorry, but I don’t have any idea who the other man is in that photo (or where i found it, either). Can any of you readers help?

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeiter

  8. I have heard that Elvis also fooled around with a Baritone guitar and I recall a photo of him playing one in the army around 1958 or so. I think it was a Danelectro Baritone guitar. I’d love to see that photo again or another one like it if you can find it. Thanks for the photos on this site-I visited the site to see what it had to say about Elvis’ skill with the ukulele and it seems reasonable that as a guitar player the ukulele would have been easy for him to pick up. I didn’t know he fooled around with the accordion.

  9. That is definitely a flute in the photo with Elvis, not a clarinet. And the other instrument he is playing is not a pan flute. It’s a melodica.

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  11. I think was a talented and gifted human being who gave us the joy of knowing him which is why he came into the world. God bless him forever!

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