Elvis Speaks to Me from Beyond the Grave

Look at this tattered May 16, 1978 National Enquirer cover.  Even though it’s a really sorry-looking thing, I still keep it in my collection of tabloids with Elvis on the cover.

May 16, 1978 National Enquirer

It’s in there because the story page is in great shape, and it tells such a wacky story.

 5-16-78 National Enquirer Story


Ginger Alden was Elvis’ girlfriend during the last two years of his life.  She was only twenty years-old when she found him dead in the bathroom.  Supposedly, Elvis proposed marriage to Ginger on January 26, 1977, and gave her an 11.5 carat diamond ring.

 Elvis - Ginger Engagement Ring

Ginger Wearing Engagement Ring


This strange National Enquirer story is loaded with interesting quotes from Ginger, her mother, and her sister.

Ginger:  “Elvis started speaking to me three days after he died.”

Elvis didn’t waste any time, did he?

 Ginger:  “Elvis was sitting on a chair beside my bed.”

So, she didn’t just hear him, she saw Elvis.

Ginger’s Mom:  “I saw him once in our living room.  His figure floated through the air…”

Mom had a really cool vision.  Who wouldn’t prefer to see Elvis floating through the air over Elvis sitting on a chair?  Fortunately, Ginger also saw Elvis float in other visions.

Ginger’s Sister:  According to Mom, sister Rosemary “has seen Elvis’ outline two times in the living room.  Each time he was wearing one of his jump suits.”

Wow, everybody gets visits from Elvis.  I wonder if he also said hi to Ginger’s dog while he was there.

Ginger and Odyssey, a gift from Elvis

Ginger and Odyssey, a gift from Elvis


Ginger:  “He comes to me in strange psychic dreams about every third night.”

Now this is getting weird.

As you might expect, these visits didn’t come off in an understated manor.  They had all of the proper fanfare.

Ginger:  “I remember vividly how it happened.  I was lying in bed, drifting off to sleep.  Suddenly, I felt his presence in the room. He was in his white jumpsuit and a flowing white cape.”

Wow, even a flowing cape, too.  Very impressive.

Ginger:  “He appeared above the bed and began singing our song, my all-time favorite, ‘Since I met you Baby.’”

How’s that for a pretty good dream, you female Elvis fans?  Ever dreamed about a floating, singing Elvis?

And what if Elvis touched you while he was there?

Ginger:  “When the song was over, he leaned forward and put his hand on my tear-stained cheek.”

Great image.  Well done, Ginger.

Ginger, Still Looking Good in 2010

Ginger, Still Looking Good in 2010


And, of course, Elvis talks in the dreams

Elvis:  “Don’t worry, Gingerbread.  Everything is going to be all right.  You can make it.  You’ve got what it takes.”

Good for Elvis.  We knew he’d be a nice guy and give assurance and encouragement to Ginger.

 Elvis and Ginger (1)


The article talks about a visit when Elvis gave career advice to Ginger.

Ginger:  “It was Elvis who told me to accept the role in “The Living Legend.” When I was first offered the part by a movie producer, I turned to Elvis for help.”

Let’s see, you’re a beautiful model and Elvis’ former girlfriend.  Is there any doubt you are going to take the part?  But, you got in a nice plug in for the movie, so that’s cool.

Ginger:  “I locked myself in my bedroom and said out loud, ‘Elvis, what should I do?’”

I love his answer to her.  She said his voice came through to her soft and tender… but firmly.

Elvis:  “Take it honey. “ You have the talent.  You have the looks.  This is your opportunity… Grab it.”

It seems highly probable that Ginger Alden ‘grabbed it’ when National Enquirer offered to do this article.  Pretty good free PR.  How do you like the photo of her that dominates the story page?  As Elvis said, she’s got the looks.

 Elvis and Ginger (2)

If you notice a resemblance between Ginger and Priscilla, just listen to what George Klein (who introduced Ginger to Elvis) had to say in his book, Elvis: My Best Friend.

“[Ginger was] one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life… and to my eyes, she looked like a taller version of Priscilla.  I knew Elvis would just melt when he saw her.”

I don’t know for sure how many times Ginger Alden appeared on tabloid covers, but I own two others.  You will note that Elvis does not appear with her on either cover.  Maybe someday I’ll do a blog article about them.  But it won’t be as much fun as hearing about how Elvis talked to Ginger from beyond the grave.

November 15 Midnight Globe

11-15-77 Midnight Globe Story.

.June 27, 1978 Midnight Globe

6-27-78 Midnight Globe Story

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11 responses to “Elvis Speaks to Me from Beyond the Grave

  1. Pamela Thompson

    Elvis loved Ginger so I have no doubt that she say his spirit. He was a very Spiritual man full of life and love and a giving man.

  2. Pamela Thompson

    I believe what Ginger said when she saw Elvis and Heard him. I have had a similar experiences. He loved her so ge was watching over her. Why wouldn’t he try to comfort her. He has a very Beautiful spirit.

  3. Hi I tried to contact Elvis spirit last night no luck but a voice said see you later I can only say Elvis must be busy there…

  4. One can’t believe the amount of energy that comes though when Elvis in spirit comes though Elvis passes though so quick Elvis must be very busy on the other side the contact was made at 03h00 on Monday the 25 …..

  5. I believe Elvis is slowly using me by esp contact to let his fans know he is still around he is OK and he sees what is going on at Graceland his OK with is ……

  6. I also believe Elvis ghost moving around Graceland I see him know standing by the stairs neat his private bedroom time 15h00

  7. I believe Elvis can speak to us behind the grave he is the king and would like to let his fans know he is well ….

  8. hi am I love elvis voice is amazing to am Adrian from I sing elvis ive been doing karaoke I first discovered I had elvis voice I look a bit like him when I was ten yers old one day when I was at foser parents , fixing my bike, one of elvis,s songs came on the radio, and I run upstairs and looked in the mirror and started singing along to it when I was I a litte bit older ,I told my brother I could sing like elvis and he bet me ten that I couldedt sound like and he couldedt believe I sound like elvis Presley am 37 now ,I sent a cd off my recording to t/a/r/ in London and they told me I had a unique voice and that I sounded like elvis Presley ,in 2005. I enterd an elvis competition in blackpool as an amateur and I beat ten professions -it was the time id been to an elvis convetion, so I was surprised and delighted that I won of elvis voice I have I would love to be discovered with my voice id love for you to hear my special gift- the amazing voice of elvis I was bon in 1976 to have elvis voice I can send you a cd off my elvis voice and I can sound like him in 1973 and 1977 to am looing to do recording for my voice in birhingham soon I sent my utube to Britain,s got talent to iv hear in feb time and iv love to go on tv one to to show my elvis voice to its not the best quality but it gives you an idea of my voive really hope to hear from you soon/adrianbaxendale/

  9. Elvis was probably really sitting in the chair since he was still alive. lol


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