Surprise — Graceland Ticket Prices Are a Pretty Good Deal

Recently, I found the ticket stubs and brochure from the time my wife and I toured Graceland in 1993.

1993 Graceland Ticket

1993 Graceland Brochure

1993 Graceland Brochure


My first thought was to check out how much EPE had jacked up ticket prices in the past twenty years.  To my surprise, the Graceland experience is an equal value today, when the 1993 prices are adjusted for inflation.  But, there are so many more exhibits to see in 2013, that you do shell out some real money to see everything.  Here’s what was available to see twenty years ago.

1993 Tours Choices

Graceland Mansion Tour:  $8.00

This included the grounds and Trophy Building.  And everybody on the shuttle bus went as a group and had a guided tour.

Automobile Museum Tour:  $4.50

Elvis Airplanes Tour:  $4.25

Sincerely Elvis Museum:  $2.75

Walk a Mile in My Shoes (Movie):  Free

This totals $19.50, but you could buy a Platinum Tour ticket for $16, which equals roughly $26 adjusted to today’s money.


Graceland Auto Museum

LIsa Marie Plane


There is still a Graceland Platinum Tour in 2013, although it has changed a good bit.  The cost is $37, an adjusted-for-inflation increase of $11.  You still get to see the Graceland mansion and grounds, the Automobile Museum, and the two planes, and the Sincerely Elvis exhibit.  The movie has been dropped.  There are no longer cute young tour guides taking you through everything.  Now, it is all audio self-guided.


2013 Graceland Brochure

2013 Brochure

However, now the Platinum Tour includes a lot more – four new exhibits.

Elvis: Live from Vegas  

Elvis Live from Las Vegas Exhibit Sign

Elvis Las Vegas Exhibit


Elvis’ Tupelo:

Entrance to Tupelo Exhibit

 Elvis' Tupleo Exhibit


Elvis’ Hawaii: Concerts, Movies, and More!

Elvis’ Hawaii Concerts, Movies, and More!Elvis' Hawaii Exhibit


’68 Comeback Special Exhibit

'68 Comeback Special Exhibit 1

'68 Special Exhibit

Personally, I’d like to see all four of these exhibits, and I think they are worth the increase in ticket price.


Graceland Ticket Office in the Visitors’ Center

Graceland Ticket Office in the Visitors’ Center


Graceland also offers a top-end option, the Elvis Entourage VIP Tour at $70.  You get everything in the Platinum Tour plus four extras.

Elvis…Through His Daughter’s Eyes

Lisa Exhibit -  Elvis' Upstairs Office

This is Elvis’ upstairs office with a couple of Lisa’s toys in it.  Other photos show articles of her clothing.  I’m not so sure this exhibit would do that much for me.

Special All Day Ticket  I suppose this might be good if you wanted to take a break for lunch across the street at the Visitor’s Center, or go back to the motel for a nap, and then return to finish seeing everything.

Keepsake Backstage Pass:  I can’t find a picture of this, but it probably wouldn’t of much value to me.

Front of the Line Mansion Access:  This must be the big incentive for some folks to shell out the extra $33 to upgrade to the VIP Tour at $70.  Not me, though.  There’s enough stuff to do at the Visitors’ Center that the waiting time is not a total boring waste.


So, the unofficial ElvisBlog recommendation is to take the Platinum Tour at $37.  Seniors and youth ages 12 through 18, and students with college ID are $33.50.  Children 7 through 12 are $18.  Little kids are free, but anyone who takes them on a walking tour lasting three hours or more is asking for trouble.


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5 responses to “Surprise — Graceland Ticket Prices Are a Pretty Good Deal

  1. Very interesting. I first visited Graceland more than 20 years ago. I do not recall what I paid. Last week my brother and I were driving through Memphis and stopped by. I must confess I was shocked by the ticket price. Just for a tour, i.e. no special packages, is now around $60. Though you can get a deal through groupon if you buy in advance (1 day I think). You can also get a discount with your AAA card. What started my search was curiosity at how much I paid the first time, and you page has answered that question. Thank you

    • Hi Eric: I share your concern about the high Graceland ticket prices. And I’m glad my post answered your question.

      Phil Arnold

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  3. I was just about to say that it’s still to expensive for me (let’s say I never check Graceland prizes for a reason), but surprising that’s not the case. The platinum I’m on the fence about. The exhibits all look very interesting but it is quite a bit extra, though it would likely be worth it if I actually came all the way to see Graceland.

    Now the VIP tour though is outrageously prized for what it is. I’d eat a big breakfast just before and tough it out until I saw everything instead of spending the extra money on a daypass and a few of Lisa’s toys and clothes. I might as well go over to my grandma’s and look at my mothers old clothes and toys, chances are they are pretty much the same thing only cheaper lol. The keepsake? Eh. Now the front of the line access actually has appeal to me, though having never been I don’t know squat about the vistors center. I just picture myself standing in line for like two hours or so. If it were a not so big increase for just the front of the line, minus the other stuff, I’d probably consider it.

    Oh and the “E” on the 1990’s Graceland brochure finally tells me why some fans call him “E”. It always puzzled me to see them writing everything including other peoples names out but calling him “E”.

  4. Check out this print of “The two Kings” for sale on Craigslist:
    I’m the seller thought you might like to know I’m looking to sell…

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