ELVIS in Red Lights

ELVIS in Red Lights

4 responses to “ELVIS in Red Lights

  1. We’re do I buy this led light from

    • Sorry, John. I have no idea. You might try shopelvis.com or store.graceland.com

      Phil Arnold. Original ElvisBlogmeister

  2. Edward foster

    my name is Ed foster I need to buy the sign Elvis name in light for the backstage in my show I’m just wondering how much something like that will cost I need to know before August 13 I love to have his name in light why I’m saying my number is 571 5486 area code 315 I live 307 turin street Rome New York 13440 apartment – Thank You if I can get this name delivered to my home

    • Hi Ed: I don’t have any idea where to buy a copy of that Elvis sign. Maybe some of the other readers can help. However, not many will be going back that far in the archives and reading comments. You should post your message on a brand new ElvisBlog article. Explain what the sign you want looks like.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

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