Elvis Wearing Army Jacket – 2


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  1. Oh my gosh hthat is my one and only favorite picture of his and I honestly don’t know but I’m just still totally crying over these pictures and if they are the originals then to me and my opinion by carefully looking at every picture and the tiniest detail to prove what I think had happened it’s so sad too BC he was so excited to go and fight for his country that he was messing with some kind of radiation or explosives that the army destroyed our rock and roll king and at one point and the I feel that his platoon or crew had actually gotten captured by the Germans and the Germans made him a deal and maybe even brainwashed him to that he was a German and that he had either severe frost bite or something BC i see it looks like he went going and ohis strumming hand looked to me like it was omg like I said I have so much to reply on these photos that something bad did happen to him but before I think he got captured and to me all the fake Elvis he could have paid those guys just so no one will. Know he was able to be that like before but I’m not scared or upset to but I would like some input to my thoughts and see if I am not the only one

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