Elvis – iconic power, or instant visual recognition

Elvis - iconic power, or instant visual recognition

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  1. a different layout of the photos would have made your site so much easier & more enjoyable than the way it was created; i.e., you could have put numerous photos on a page as opposed to just one photo to a page – how about 4 photos or 6 photos to a page; also, how many pages are there!; there is no clue — are there 10 pgs., 80 pgs., 250? as an example, why not do ” page 1 of 50″ ; there is no clue as to how long you have to keep going on until you get to the end; wonderful as the pictures are, it is quite annoying to keep going & going & going, never knowing when the end is coming; thank you

    • Hi Carol. Thank you for going back five years in the ElvisBlog archives and commenting. Technically, I would be able to put 4 pages on the email blogs I will send out next year. It will be cut and paste from a Word document, rather than uploaded to the blog platform, then placed and formatted. My question is how that would work on smart phones with the smaller screen. 63% percent of ElvisBlog readers get it on their phones. Sure they could stretch each picture individually, but wouldn’t that be more annoying than simply strolling down the page. The average person reads ElvisBlog posts in 1 min and 19 sec. I’m guessing most people wouldn’t be annoyed going and going to the end of something that brief.

      If you’ve got a good idea how the four-picture format could work on smart phones, please let me know.

      Thanks, Phil Arnold

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