Elvis Multnomah Concert Poster

Elvis Multnomah Concert Poster

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  1. Hey Phil
    I have recently purchased Elvis Original Pedi Cab that he used in the 1962 It Happened at the Worlds Fair, I have traced all the way back to being purchased In Seattle from the fair, as the the screen used original pedi cab that Elvis used in the movie all the way to 2002 when Howard Blank (Vancouver big Collector) owned it from 2002 until now. I have the original pamphlets from the worlds fair found underneath the seat, also many pictures of Elvis riding in it, also a news reel of Howard stating it was the Pedi Cab Elvis used in the film.
    I would like find information about Sotheby’s Auction, and how I could put it in for July 16th
    Bill Kahut

    • Hi Bill: I think all you need to do is Google Sotheby’s Auctions and go to their website. There should be plenty of information on how to offer items for bid. Good luck with your sale of the Pedi Cab.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

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