A Salute to Mr. Spock, Elvis Style

Mr. Spock

By now, you have probably heard that Leonard Nimoy died today at age 83, after battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was best known for playing the role of Spock in the Star Trek television series and movies. Believe it or not, a number of artists and Photoshoppers have connected Elvis with Spock.


Spock Elvis - 24 Karat Hits

Somebody did a great job on this fake album cover. The song titles are a Star Trek spin on some of Elvis’ hit songs. Most are pretty lame, but I kind of like “Big Hunk O Dilethium Crystal,” and “Wear My Tricorder Around Your Neck.”


Spock and Yvonne Craig

This is Leonard Nimoy and Yvonne Craig in a Star Trek episode.

Yvonne and Elvis in It Happened at the Worlds Fair

And here is Elvis and Yvonne Craig in It Happened at the World’s Fair. I’ve used this picture three times now in ElvisBlog articles. Guess I really like it.


Spock Elvis At the Mic

Mr. Spock belting out a song.


Spock Elvis

They got the ears right on this one, but what about the eyebrows?


Spock in Blue and White Jumpsuit

This looks like a combination Elvis and Spock action figure. How about them bellbottoms?


Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock

This is one of the most iconic photos of Elvis. It has inspired dozens of creative variations. We will end our tribute to Leonard Nimoy with this.

Spock Doing Jailhouse Rock Move


Rock on, Spock. Say hello to Elvis for us.



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3 responses to “A Salute to Mr. Spock, Elvis Style

  1. I would like to know where I can get a CD of this LP, with
    Spock performing these songs. Please get in touch with me
    at this E-Mail I have left below. Thank you very much, Mr.
    Keith Hugh Henry.


    • Hi Keith: I Googled “Elvis Presley Spock” to get this pictures, but I paid no attention to the site. Maybe you could try that. If it doesn’t work, you might contact Jerry Osborne, famous Elvis collector, author and historian. His website is jerryosborne.com, his phone number is 360-385-1200, and his e-mail address is JPO@olympus.net.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

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