Elvis Missed Out on National High Five Day

National High Five day - 3rd Thurday in April

Did you observe National High Five Day last Thursday? This strange celebration started in 2002 at the University of Virginia and has spread to a national event every third Thursday in April. We can imagine if Elvis was still around, he would happily join this celebration and give high fives to everyone he encountered on the special day.

Apparently there are no photos in the Graceland archives of Elvis actually giving a high five, but they still saluted the day with this post on Graceland.com.

Graceland.com Salute o National High-Five Day

That sure looks more like a wave. Well, I’ve got zillions of Elvis pictures, so I went through them to see if there was an Elvis high five. There wasn’t, but there were some photos of Elvis’ hands doin things at least as interesting as the one above. Here they are, with comments.

Elvis Spanking Troublemaker

You probably recognize this one from Blue Hawaii. I didn’t come up with the cloud comment, but it works pretty well.


Elvis incorporates levitating air piano to his act

I love this one. It looks like Elvis incorporates levitating air piano to his act.


Elvis' Army Physical

How about this shot of Elvis during his Army physical. Eyes up, ladies. Look at his hands.


Elvis' Face Covered by Hands

This doesn’t inspire any sage comment, so use your imagination to figure what Elvis was doing.


Elvis Writing Graffiti on Bathroom Wall

Oh, oh. Elvis writing graffiti on a bathroom wall.


Yarn Around Elvis; Hands

It’s hard to figure out why Elvis would let this woman wrap her yarn around his hands.


Elvis Helping a Woman Get in Jeep

Elvis is putting his hands to good use in this one, but the expression on his face is priceless.


Elvis -- Oh My

Here’s a caption: “Oh. Man. What made me do that last night?”


Elvis Putting A Spell On Guy

It looks like Elvis and this guy are trying to put spells on each other.


Elvis Shielding Eyes

Whatcha looking at, Elvis?


Elvis Getting A Shot

It looks like Elvis is about to get a second shot, and he didn’t have a good reaction to the first one.


Elvis -- Watch That Hand, Mister

And my favorite: “Watch that hand, mister.”



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5 responses to “Elvis Missed Out on National High Five Day

  1. According to Jesse and Jimmy Denson who
    lived at the Lauderdale courts, they claim:

    That Vernon Presley was a alcoholic that would
    start fights and argue with gladys Presley. Also
    he had a alcoholic records paying fines.

    When the presley came to Memphis Tennessee.
    they were penniless. Probably went on welfare.
    Since Minnie Presley was on Welfare as well.
    Minnie grandmother lived with Vernon / Gladys
    at Lauderdale courts,but moved ou for some
    reason (probably she was not allowed to live there)

    Minnie went on welfare got own room on poplar.
    Then Minnie got her own place on Lauderdale courts.
    The reason that Vernon / Gladys lost their apt at
    Lauderdale courts was because Veron didnt pay rent
    but official record Elvis went to work at Crown Co and
    so they made too much money and they had to move?

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  3. Do you know what Elvis’s graffiti on a bathroom wall was? It was from his 1965 Harum Scarum soundtrack — “Shake, shake the little tambourine”.

    • Hi Jean: I’m sorry for the delayed reply to your message. It’s been crazy. I’d didn’t know that interesting piece of trivia. Thanks

      Phil Arnold, ElvisBlogmeister

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