Christopher Riordan 1977 Publicity Photo

Christopher Riordan in 1977 Publicity Photo.

Christopher Riordan in 1977 Publicity Photo.

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  1. Sir, Believe me, I’m not the one to tag myself a ‘co-star’ with Elvis. During the five and a half year period that I worked with him, I was simply a dancer that he wanted included. The reason for that is in my upcoming book. I also tell this story, and many others, when I appear at various Elvis events, all over the World. If I may say; I DO think the organizers of these events DO find me very interesting. After all, I have nearly a dozen projects to discuss; whereas, most people can tell of working with Elvis on only one production.
    You should also know that ‘uncredited’ roles are usually that of someone who simply did not get screen credit. (Dancers almost never did.) However, it does not mean that you were not in the project.
    Shortly after my last production with Elvis, I received Single Card Billing in a Motion Picture. That’s just MY name on the screen; no one else’s. Not everyone can claim that kind of credit. I also worked, and still work, in various forms of the Industry. And not many can say they have worked consistently for 61 years in film and television. If you include my stage work, prior to working in film, I have 75 years in the business. I’m proud of that; and don’t sell it short.
    I might also add that I was asked personally by Elvis to work in the projects we did together. Many times, I felt that ‘dancing’ was a step back; but Elvis was good to me when I needed a boost. Therefore………

    • Hi Christopher: I’m glad you learned of the ElvisBlog post about you. I was impressed enough to add this note tp the beginning of the article: (Editor’s note: Seven months after this post apeared, Christopher Riodan, the title subject, posted a long comment detailing his connections wih Elvis. It is worth your time to click on Comments and read it.) Thanks for comments.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

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