Fun With Elvis Pictures

Ever since I started ElvisBlog in 2005, I have collected thousands of Elvis pictures off the internet. Most of them are movie shots, candid photos, concert pictures, etc. But some are just strange Elvis stuff that caught my fancy. Like this:

Elvis/ Mickey Mouse Stamp

This is somebody’s concept for a postage stamp combining Elvis and Walt Disney Characters.


So, I have selected a couple dozen like this and grouped pairs of similar themed pictures.

Bad Elvis Hats:

Bad Elvis Hat 2

Elvis Ballcap on Backwards

This shot of Elvis with a baseball cap on backwards and inside-out is a rare one you may not have seen before.


Elvis in Other Rock Bands:

Elvis and KISS

Elvis and Metallica

You probably had no trouble recognizing KISS in the first picture. This one is Metallica.


Mixing Elvis and Candy:

PEZ Elvis

Elvis / M&M Christmas Ornaments

I must admit I have bought both the Elvis PEZ and the Elvis/M&M Christmas ornaments.


Elvis at the Beach:

Elvis on the Beach

Elvis on the Beach with Priscilla

Gee, Elvis, what are you doing to Priscilla here?


Animals as Elvis:

Wolf Elvis

Octopus Elvis

I have drawings of 17 different kinds of animals, birds, and fish as Elvis, including this octopus.


Best Elvis Movie Kisses:

Elvis Kissing Michele Carey in Live a Little

Elvis Kissing Marilyn Mason in The Trouble with Girls

Did you figure out that the women are Michele Carey in Live A Little, Love A Little, and Marilyn Mason in The Trouble With Girls.


Bad Hair Day:

Elvis Wild Hair

Elvis After Karate Workout

In Elvis’ defense, this shot was snapped after a Karate workout.


Bad Clothing Day:

Elvis Bad Clothing 1

Elvis Bad Outfit

What was Elvis thinking when he put this on?


Graphic Presentation Using Elvis Silhouettes:

Elvis in the 50s

World's Greatest Elvis

I just love this last one.


Elvis Impersonator Losers:

Jumping Elvis Impersonator

Unfortunately, I have photos of way too many of these guys.

Fat Elvis Impersonator

How does that big belt stay up?


Elvis and Jesus:

Elvis Jesus 1

Elvis Jesus 2

I have a surprisingly large file of these images, too.


Elvis Caricatures:

Elvis Big Chin

Elvis Sick in Bed

These are two good ones. I won’t post any of the fat, bloated Elvis ones, but dozens of artists had to be cruel and draw them. Not funny.


 Shower Shot:

Elvis in the Shower

Elvis in Shower Scene with Michele Carey

Michele Carey again. I must like her.


 Rare Elvis Photos You Might Not Have Ever Seen Before:

Elvis in Store

Elvis and Tall Mic

Do you think they got that mic up high enough?


Funny Photoshop Picture:

Elvis Watching Two Girls Kiss

I’ve had this one for years but could never figure out a way to use it. Do you recognize Brittany Spears and Madonna?


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8 responses to “Fun With Elvis Pictures

  1. More! More! Very funny post Phil, and interesting as always. Best regards from France! Bonne journée!

    • Hi Emmanuel: Thanks for the nice words. It’s always nice to hear from Elvis fans in Europe. By the way, the first sale in this year’s campaign for BIG E and the SANTA MAN went to a woman from France. Sorry about taking so lond to reply to you.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  2. Clementine Moriarty

    Great pics! Love the ‘icky look on Elvis’s face on the famous Brittany/ Madonna pic! Never saw the famous pic, but it was worth it to see Elvis’s look! TCB! Clementine

  3. What an unique collection Phil, bit of this and a bit of that. Agree with kissing scenes, shower scenes but have you noticed even on his bad hair days, bad clothes days whatever bad day he is having he is still as gorgeous as ever. I always thought Michele Carey and Elvis had a very sexy and naughty rapport that really showed on screen. Love your blog just mentioned it on a Elvis site in a discussion we were having regarding the auctions at Graceland telling people to come and have a look at your review, hope you don’t mind!! Keep up the good work

    • Hi Maureen. Thank you for the nice words about ElvisBlog. I certainly don’t mind you telling other people to check it out. I also agree with you about Elvis and Michele carey. Sorry for taking so lond to reply.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  4. Margaretha RydbergM

    Hi Phil,
    It’s with great interest I take oart of your blog if all caregories. Thanks for your good job.
    Maggie from Sweden

    • Hi Maggie: Thanks for the compliment. It’s nice to hear from Elvis fans in Europe. Sorry for the delay in responding

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  5. Margaretha RydbergM

    Hi Phil,
    It’s with great interest I read and take part of your great Elvis blog

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