Musings on Elvis–Happy New Years Images

Elvis Characacture Happy New year

When New Year’s Eve gets close, I search for Elvis Happy New Years in Google to see if any new images have been posted since I checked the previous year. This weird one is new and I kind of like it.


Elvis - Happy New Year

This is one I posted years ago without accreditation. Today, I thought I’d search for it on Google Images to see where I had found it. The picture came up right away. When I clicked on “Visit Page,” guess what came up? ElvisBlog. So, sorry, but I can’t praise its creator.


Elvis and Exploding Champagne Cork

Did you notice the champagne glasses in the previous picture? Champagne is synonymous with New Years, so it shows up in a lot of the Elvis-New Years images. I especially like this one with the cork exploding out of the bottle.


Elvis saying Cheers

Although this image contains no text about New Years, it is still found in the Google Images category with the ones shown above. Elvis looks especially cool holding up that glass. Probably making a toast to the folks in the audience at a Vegas concert. Everybody said, “I’ll drink to that,” and created a great memory.


Elvis and Bill Black - Happy New Year

How’s this for maximum simplicity? I’m glad Bill Black is in it. He was a party guy, for sure.


Elvis - Happy New Year in Blue

This one goes in the other extreme. I like Elvis in the early fringed jumpsuit. The cityscape with fireworks exploding above it is very nice. But, I think the clock is overkill. The picture would look better without it.


Elvis - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is an image you could post earlier than the others because it includes an ornament-loaded Christmas tree. It would work for over a week.


Elvis and crowd - Happy new Year

Staying with young Elvis, this uses a shot of Elvis from behind entertaining a bunch of teens. A bolder font would show the text better.


Elvis - Happy Near Year and Welcome 2014

I normally don’t post a greeting from a previous year, and it bugs me you almost can’t read the text at the top of this one. – Happy New Year and Welcome 2014. But it is good for pointing out the Blingee name at the bottom. I’ve seen the name on dozens of Elvis composite pictures, and you probably have, too. This is a still snap of the original which blinks repeatedly. Next week, we’ll look at what I learned about Elvis and Blingee while working on this post.


Elvis Arms raised - Happy New Year



I second the motion. Have a great 2017, everyone.




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10 responses to “Musings on Elvis–Happy New Years Images

  1. Angela C. Chapman

    Happy New Year !

  2. Angela C. Chapman

    Hi, I love these photos !!

    • Hi Angela: I like it when people go back in the archives and read the old posts. Glad you loved the photos.

      Phil Arnold

  3. Hi Phil! Happy New Year! Yeah, that first one is mine from the “Pompadour: A Tribute to Tribute Artists” page on Facebook. That was the first logo we used before we had one especially designed for us. I added the new year’s stuff for the occasion. It’s so funny when I open up your blog and find stuff I’ve done on it. You’ve also posted some of my Snoopy/Elvis pics.

    Anyway … always LOVE your blog (we share it on our Facebook page: … keep up the great work.

  4. Clementine Moriarty

    Love the Pics! Shared some on FB! Happy New Year Phil! TCB! Clementine

  5. Margaretha Rydberg

    Happy New Year to you Phil and thanks for all your lovely posts!

  6. Thanks alot Phil for all the wonderful work you have done to give people a place to say what they are feeling and to put information that will educate people on the life and times of Elvis. Hope everyone has a wonderful new year and that next year brings nothing but love and joy. Have a great one Love to one and all

    • Hi Maureen: I appreciate your nice sentiments. Thank you and Happy New Year.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister.

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