Say Goodbye to Graceland Plaza

Drawing of Graceland Plaza

If you’ve made the pilgrimage to Graceland you have certainly sent time in Graceland Plaza across the street. You probably have memories of eating at the Chrome Grill, shopping in the Elvis After Dark shop, or enjoying At the Movies with Elvis. Well, that’s all gone now.

Elvis Presley's Memphis Under Construction with Graceland Plaza in Front

In the bottom left of this aerial photo you can see Graceland Plaza. But look at the much larger complex of buildings under construction behind it. This is Elvis Presley’s Memphis, and all the good stuff has been moved here. It opened in March, and since then, the empty Graceland Plaza has been surrounded by a chain link fence.

More Buildings to the Left

Now demolition has begun and will be completed soon, if it hasn’t already. Graceland Plaza will be replaced by a park setting with lawn, bushes, and trees. It will provide a nice buffer between Elvis Presley’s Memphis and the busy street.

Current Graceland Plaza in Memphis

This is the ‘before’ shot showing what the above section used to look like.


Elvis Car Museum at Graceland

This is the car museum at the far left end of the plaza.

Old Car Museum with No car out Front

And this is it prior to demolition. Note that the shrubbery is gone and the Caddy has been moved from the stage.


Still More to the Left

This photo is taken from farther down to the right.

Graceland Plaza 3

The hedge and trees are gone.


Farther to the left

The demolition equipment is in place.


Graceland Plaza 2

The following are several shots of this section under demolition.

Graceland Plaza Demolition 5

Graceland Plaza Demolition 3

Graceland Plaza Demolition 2

Demolition of Graceland Plaza to the Left Of Airplanes

All gone.


Graceland Plaza Demolition 1

This picture is of the area just to the left of the airplanes.

Graceland Plaza 4

We’ll finish with a last look at what Graceland Plaza used to be. From the car museum in the upper left to the airplanes at the bottom right, Graceland Plaza had much to offer. It is part of our memories made during visits to pay tribute to Elvis. Now we have to go to Memphis again and see all the new stuff they’ve built. (Bring lots of money. It isn’t cheap.)


Many thanks to Scooby on Phoenix – The Elvis Forum for discovering a few of these photos on Facebook. His forum post on May 9 alerted me to the current demolition. I also checked on YouTube and found a walking tour filmed on May 9. Click here to view the footage.

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8 responses to “Say Goodbye to Graceland Plaza

  1. i cant understand these comments from billySmith/Jo Smith.1st you tube video 1977 :Billy claimed he went to his motorcyle. but got david Stanley car ,didnt care how he got to the hospital.2nd You tube video 2011 : Billy claims he rode his motorcyleto the hospital.1st you tube video 1977:Jo Said she was front of gate,she saw ambulance,come down driveway, she thought it was elvis grandmother ,Minnie dodger. Then Jo Smithwent up to the house ,phone rang, I think it was patsy,told me Elvis taken to the hospital .Jo Smith said” that Elvis was their way of life.”

    • Hi Eli: Thanks for your comments. Did you perhaps intend to make them to a different ElvisBlog post. There is no connection to Graceland Plaza.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  2. MelissaPriceFeti

    Cant believe that they would tear this place down . I visited GracelandPlaza & Graceland twice and thought that the plaza had great good at the cafe .Will never forget my time walking in the footsteps of the King. May Priscilla AND Lisa Marie live blessed lives . I dont think that they should Auction of these Amazing pieces of history .I believe that the Kings things should always and forever be apart of Graceland. So i bid farewell to the Plaza but never to the King for he will forever live in the hearts of his fans.

    • Hi Melissa:

      Your message reflects the sentiments of many Elvis fans. Thanks for sharing.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  3. Wow,I had many years of fun there. It will be missed.

  4. eileen blackie

    |Been there 3 times, Won’t visit again.

  5. Carey Rayburn

    This is horrible. I love both the Plaza and the Crossing. They’re the best places to hang out during Elvis Week. I visited the new complex opening weekend and it was a big let down. In the past fans had the option of sitting out at the tent at Graceland Crossing to listen to ETAs for free. Now everything is not only priced but over priced.
    I was there a few days ago and snapped a bunch of photos and videos for a book I’m writing on Elvis Week. Thankfully I thought a head and shot hundreds of photos of the Plaza and Crossing both inside and out for the demolition began.
    Carey Rayburn
    Walkin’ ON The Blvd

  6. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Yes, I was there a couple of times and it is sad to see anything demolished but also exciting to see the new. Yes, I’m sure it will be that much more money now. “Long live the memory of “Elvis”!!

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