Soundstage A — The New Epicenter of Elvis Week

Elvis Presley's Memphis Under Construction with Graceland Plaza in Front

I posted this aerial shot last week to show how much bigger Elvis Presley’s Memphis is compared to Graceland Plaza. Then I got curious about what the different buildings are. So I went to and found this:

Map of Elvis Presley's Memphis

Wow, there’s numbers in blue squares, more numbers in black circles, letters in black diamonds, and other symbols. And to figure out what is what, this code was provided:

Map of Elvis Presley's Memphis - Copy

Okay, let’s see. There are 15 attractions and exhibits and four places to eat. Then there was a separate list of six stores. I went back and forth to figure out what was what, but finally had to create this:

Finished Map of Elvis Presley's Memphis


Maybe in a later post we’ll look at the exhibits in detail. For now, just note the new auto museum on the top left, the huge Elvis the Entertainer Career Museum that’s got all the stuff they moved from across the street, and finally Soundstage A with the circle around it.

SoundStage A


This theater is huge. It seats 1,700 people; nearly quadruple the 464 at the Graceland Guest House Theater. The website says this about Soundstage A:

The Soundstage will be an extraordinary venue for live music performances, movie screenings and premieres, video productions… It will also be usable for private events, corporate meetings, conferences and trade show exhibitions.

During the Grand Opening, Soundstage A played host to a variety of live music acts that showcased the history of music in Memphis and the best of Memphis music today.


Side View of Soundstage A

This is Soundstage A from the side. It’s a big building, 20,000 square feet. You go through the gate and up to the ticket office. Turn right there and you are headed toward the theater entrance.

Walk to Ticket Office at Elvis Presley's Memphis


I think it is fair to say that Soundstage A will be the epicenter of Elvis Week festivities this year. It will host fifteen different events over a nine-day period. Here’s the list:

Elvis Week 2017 Fifteen Events at Soundstage A

EPE did a fine job scheduling two big parties on the first day, Friday the 11th. This should encourage some folks to come early.

So, there are five concerts: a gospel music show, three Ultimate Elvis contests, A Band of Legends Remembers Elvis, and The Ultimate Return.  I love that title, and it works because the concert features ten past Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist winners. That should be quite a show.

Those four different 10 AM Conversations all sound good.

Elvis 101 could be a sure thing for me. It’s got some guests I’d like to hear. The Salute to Sam Phillips is half talk and half music.


Hopefully these brief comments have made you want to know more. For full details on all of these events at Soundstage A, please click here.

There, you can also read about the events at the Guest House Theater and ballroom, The Fedex Forum, and the Elvis Week Entertainment Tent. The tent will be at Graceland somewhere, but right now they can’t tell you. That problem surely will be solved by Elvis Week.

Soundstage A and Exhibits


Yes, there are other strong Elvis Week events not at Soundstage A. But it is going to be one busy place. Fifteen events in nine days. Sounds like the epicenter of Elvis Week to me.



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13 responses to “Soundstage A — The New Epicenter of Elvis Week

  1. Vegan Vintage Geek

    Thank you for explaining in simple terms what the builds at Elvis Presley’s Memphis has in each building. Now I can understand what is in which building.

    I tried looking at the map Graceland provided and I just gave up after two glances.

    • Hi: I saw how unhelpful that map was, and it inspired me to do that blog. Thank you for subscribing to ElvisBlog.

      Phil Arnold

  2. The seating is terrible. I’ve been twice but won’t be back until something changes. At least allow the customers to choose their seats. An end of the row seat is somewhat tolerable.

    • Hi Larry: I have received similar reports from other folks. I don’t know if we can expect it to be improved because they need removable seats to accommodate open floor events as well as concerts.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  3. Victoria Brennan

    I’m very disappointed with the $45M complex. I went to the 2017 Ulimate ETA Finals. The seats were banquet type chairs, zip tied together. We were located in the middle – back I could only see the lights at the top of the stage, not the performers. They also have to big screen projectors, but since people at my angle were taller than me. Again, I could only hear the finalist. There is only one bathroom which has 11 stalls for the women. There was a security guard letting people in the bathroom. She seriously would bend down from the door to see if there were empty stall and would then let people in.

    • Hi Victoria: This is interesting to learn. They should have a theater for entertainment acts, and they should have a different place with a level floor for catered events, dances, etc. It doesn’t sound like Studio A works for both. How was the rest of Elvis Presley’s Memphis?

      Phil Arnold, Original Elvisblogmeister

  4. What kind of seating is in Soundstage A? I heard it was folding chairs. Will they be elevated?

    • Hi Malinda:

      I don’t know the specifics on seating at Soundstage A, but on Friday, August 8, it hosts an Elvis Week dance party. That sure sounds like some kind or removable seating is involved. You might call the Graceland ticket office and ask them.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

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  6. cant wait for Elvis week and all the shows at soundstage A. we have seats on row G, my 3 girls 10, 11, and 16 are going to love it, so what if they have to miss a few days of school, ELVIS WEEK will be an experience they will never forget.

    • Hi Crissy: It sounds you and your daughters will have a grand time. I wish I were going,too.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  7. Clementine Moriarty

    Not really sure if I will make it to the new Elvis Epicenter, but hope springs eternal. TCB Phil Arnold TYVM for the post.

  8. I would love to be there would give my life to be there for that but I’m afraid I could never afford it but I believe there is always hope and a bucket list … right?

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