Celebrating National Selfie Day with Elvis

National Selfie Day

Elvis did not live during the age of smart phones with cameras, but it’s fun to think of the selfies he might have taken if he’d had that opportunity back then. In a slightly late homage to National Selfie Day on June 21, here are some ideas I’ve come up with.


Elvis Selfie 1


Elvis Selfie 2


Elvis Selfie 3


Elvis Selfie 7


Elvis Selfie 5


Elvis selfie 4


Elvis Selfie 8


Elvis Selfie 9


Elvis Selfie 10


Elvis Selfie 12


Elvis Selfie 11


Elvis Selfie 13


Don’t you wish you could have taken a selfie with Elvis?



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3 responses to “Celebrating National Selfie Day with Elvis

  1. Clementine Moriarty

    I do believe Elvis would let his fans do a ‘selfie & Elvis’ but not sure he would be doing the selfies of himself. He did have an innate ‘shyness’ in his personality! Great Post! TCB

  2. I think Elvis would have loved this age of technology once he got
    cause it does take some time to get used to but he would have fun
    And yes I’d have given my life to have a selfie with him

    • Liebe Collette,

      was machst du mit dem Elvis-Selfie, wenn du es nicht mehr geniessen kannst. Hast ja dein Leben dafür gegeben.

      Ael the baer

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