Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before (and you probably haven’t either)

Elvis on Typewriter

When I come up with an idea for an ElvisBlog post, I often go to Google Images to find some new pictures to supplement what I’ve already got in my files. As I scroll down through all the choices, sometimes I see one that I know I had created by modifying an original photo slightly to get rid of extraneous stuff. (For example, the rest of the couch on either side of Elvis above.)

So, I saw one of mine on Google and clicked on it. But that didn’t’ take me to ElvisBlog. It took me to Pinterest. Somebody had liked the picture and pinned it there. To my utter delight, I discovered there are dozens of categories of Elvis photos to browse through.

Pinterest Elvis Tabs

I found many, many pictures that were worthy of saving to my files, and in no time I had enough for this post. Let’s take a look at some.


Two-toned Wine Glass Leather Two-piece - One of the four similar leather suits Elvis wore during his 1974

How do you like this outfit? The tag under it on Pinterest said, “Two-toned Wine Glass Leather Two-piece – One of four similar leather suits Elvis wore during 1974.” I’ve never seen Elvis in this before. At first glance, this almost looks like George Harrison.


Elvis Making a Face in G.I. Blues

This is tagged as a screen grab from G.I. Blues, and the Army insignia seems to verify that. Next time I watch the movie, I’ll be on the lookout for Elvis making this face.


Elvis and Priscilla

Some of the pics on Pinterest are obviously Photoshopped, and some make you wonder if they are. I’m guessing this is Photoshopped for two reasons. Look at the uncropped stuff beside Priscilla’s arm. But the big red flag is her huge right hand – big enough to palm a basketball.


Elvis and Priscilla 2

This one looks legit.


Elvis with Panties from the Audience

They don’t make panties like this anymore, do they? I wish I had created a category for “Stuff Thrown on Stage as Elvis Performs.” You wouldn’t believe all the different items fans have showered Elvis with.


Elvis in Uncle Sam Hat 1976 Atlanta

The tag said simply “Atlanta, 1976.” So, did somebody toss the hat on stage, or did Elvis bring it out from backstage to wear and celebrate the Bi-centennial?


Elvis March 26, 1976 Memphis,

The tag on this one was very informative. “March 26, 1976, Memphis, Elvis spots a traffic accident, pulls over, gets out of his car, walks to the scene of the accident and offers the stunned participants any help they need.”

I looked for more information on this, and found that Elvis pulled out his police badge to justify his presence on the scene. He sure did love those law-enforcement badges.


The Monkey orchid. Iskele, Famagusta, Cyprus. That Looks Like and Elvis Jumpsuit

This is so cool. Somebody recognized that this orchid looks like an Elvis jumpsuit. For the record, it is a Monkey orchid found in Famagusta, Cyprus.


Elvis Showing off His moves

How about Elvis showing off his moves in those baggy Zoot Suit pants.


Elvis and Sonny West on the beach Blue Hawaii 1961

Have you ever seen Elvis wearing a bathrobe? This shot is identified as Elvis and Sonny West on the beach while Blue Hawaii was being filmed in 1961. I’m guessing the third guy with his back to us is Red West.


Elvis with a Rod Stewart Hairdo

There was no tag on this, so I’ll label it “Elvis with a Rod Stewart hairdo.”



Gladys' Father and Mother

I guess this is legit. Does anybody know what a Grit button is?


Elvis and Dog

This is just adorable. I hope it’s not Photoshopped, but I’m guessing it is.


Linda Thompson at Elvis' funeral She wore THAT

This is a shot of Linda Thompson at Elvis’ funeral. I’m sorry, Linda, but that was not the right wardrobe choice for mourning Elvis.


Playing Football with Glasses on

I’ve collected many photos of Elvis playing football, but this is the first time I’ve seen him doing it while wearing glasses.


Back of Elvis' Head at Concert

Study this photo for a minute. Did you figure out that this is the back of Elvis’ head while he is performing on stage?


Elvis and Carolyn Jones King Creole

You might think this was a publicity photo for King Creole. However, before I cropped off a lot of extraneous stuff off the right side, you could see it was a casual moment backstage.


Hands on Elvis' Butt

We’ll end with this incredible shot. I certainly hope it’s a real photo. Does anybody know?


I thought this was a lot of fun. There are many more photos, so we’ll do it again.



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30 responses to “Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before (and you probably haven’t either)

  1. This is brill keep finding great pics of the king loving it xxxx thank you
    Just one thing the shot with Elvis with Tongue out is Blue Hawaii not JI Blues.

  2. The one of Elvis in uniform sticking out his tongue is not from G.I. Blues, it’s from Blue Hawaii. Elvis and Joan went in the water at his old shake on the beach and a little boy came up to them and Elvis asked him if the cat got his tongue. You guys sure don’t know Elvis’s movies very well and honestly none of these pictures are rare. I’ve seen them before several times

    • Hi Susan: Thank you for your detained explanation of the scene this shot was taken from. I had reported it was tagged on Pinterest as G.I.Joe, and you are the second reader to correct that. I used your explanation of my next ElvisBlog post.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  3. Proof positive that Elvis was the Cat’s Meow.

    • Hi Jean: In the next ElvisBlog post, I show a comment from another reader that this picture is Photoshopped.


  4. that last one is an ETA. The suit resembles the first (stone) arabian suit, but is different.
    Belt looks like a fantasy Target suit belt.
    No Elvis!

    • Hi Merijn: I use your comment in the next ElvisBlog post. Other people agree with you.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  5. The picture playing football is an impersonator. His name was: Johnny Harra, who played the rol of ELVIS on the movie “This is ELVIS”

    • Hi Delores: Other people agree with you. Check out the next ElvisBlog post.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  6. About Elvis playing football, sorry not Elvis, it’s Johnny Harra…

  7. I went to an estate sale for Sid Wayne he passed away a few years earlier. From what I understand his family decided to just get rid of everything. So I bought all these reel-to-reels and all these movie reel-to-reels and some cassettes all different sizes. I’ve never been able to find equipment to play them on they’re vintage. For those of you who don’t know who said Wayne is Sid Wayne wrote or co wrote over50 songs for Elvis Presley. I have not been able to find any equipment that was in decent shape for a halfway decent price that I can play these movies and songs on and find out what’s on them. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Until that time I’m just going to have to be what I was born to be a “Steamroller Baby”.

    • Hi Charles: I hope posting your comment will help you find an answer to your dilemma. Good luck.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  8. Unfortunately, as you suspected, the one with the dog has to be a fake because he is wearing a Jeff Gordon #24 NASCAR collar, and Gordon did not start racing until the early 1990s.

  9. Clementine Moriarty

    Always thoroughly enjoy your posts………especially the pics of Elvis. I had posted many pics of Elvis on Pinterest, but find more to post on FB! TCB! Clementine

  10. Hello Phil: I think the man catching the football is Johnny Harra who portrayed Elvis in the documentary movie “This Is Elvis”. Mr. Harra resembled an older and heavier Elvis.

  11. I’m really Enjoying these Elvis pictures that You have posted!!! The picture of Linda at Elvis’ funeral, She said that this was a Favorite dress that Elvis had bought her and that he Loved her wearing whenever she was with Elvis. The last photo of a fan hugging Elvis is actually a ETA, at least that’s what I was told! Keep up the Fantastic job Philip!!!!!

  12. Dear Phil,
    You just get better and better with your Elvis Blog. You make it so interesting for us real Elvis fans. You are a true friend to Elvis’s memory along with excellent documentation of events and photos.
    Billy Martin

  13. Diana from Long Island, New York

    First things first, I hope your wife is healing and doing a little better every day!
    Second, my heart sank at these really bad pics. Photoshop is the bane of my existence. Yuchh. I detest them. Much rather read your ideas than see these pics which DISTORT history and confuse new fans.
    A few comments: The one with the cat is a big fake. I believe the original is of Marlon Brando and his ugly arm ( not to be mistaken ever for Elvis’s beautiful one). Elvis in Army suit is from “Blue Hawaii’ so don’t waste your time searching “GI Blues”. The Elvis and Priscilla one is ridiculous and phony. The baggy pants one is adulterated. The giant dog was NOT in “King Creole”. The football one is fake-not Elvis’s body. The crowd one is fake. The lady is grabbing a person who is NOT Elvis (that is not his body, never). Phil, I know you will read this and you don’t have to post it of course. But I am really, for the first time, disappointed in the Elvis blog. Adulterated photos are a curse of the internet. Please don’t let the Elvis blog become part of the problem. Best regards, Diana

    • Hi Diana: Of course I will post your comments. I actually reprint your comment about the picture of Elvis with the cat in the next ElvisBlog post. Several people agreed with you on the one with a girl grabbing Elvis’ butt. If anyone else also feels that the crowd shot showing the back of Elvis’ head is a fake, please put that into a comment.

      Keep the comments coming.

  14. Thank you for these cool pictures! I read in Linda Thompson’s memoir that she specifically chose that lavender dress because she thought Elvis would like it!

  15. Hi Phil! Great blog, as usual!

    Yes, that is a photo of Gladys’ parents, Bob and Doll Smith. I post it on Pompadour every year on their Anniversary along with this info that you might find interesting:

    Bob Smith (1873-1931) was the son of White Mansell’s sister, Ann.

    Ann Mansell was a striking woman of dignity and stature, a commanding presence until her death at eighty-six. Bob Smith and Doll Mansell, Elvis Presley’s maternal grandparents, were first cousins. This was a genetic intensification, a doubling, of the family lineage. The marrying of first cousins, with its intensities and possibility for dysfunction, was common in insulated communities of the agrarian South. Like Doll, Bob Smith was very handsome, his Indian blood evidenced in a noble brow, good bone structure, even features and dark, deep-set eyes. His black hair was dark as coal. Doll would be bedridden from tuberculosis throughout the marriage. Like his uncle and father-in-law, White Mansell, Bob Smith labored long and hard as a sharecropper, and occasional moonshiner, to support his invalid wife and eight children. The noose of poverty tightened on the family, and on Elvis’ mother, Gladys Love Smith (1912-1958) who was born on April 25, 1912.

    In 1931, when Gladys was 19 her father Bob Smith died. It was completely sudden and unexpected. Everyone had expected the sick ‘Doll’ to die first. As was his request he was buried in an unmarked grave.

    So Gladys did not have a strong role model in a mother, and Vernon did not have a strong bond with his father. Both these facts would impact heavily on Elvis Presley’s life.

    I hope all is going well with Beverly’s recovery.

    Take care,
    Jeanne (Pompadour: A Tribute to Tribute Artists)

    • Hi Jeanne: Thanks for all the additional information. I am using it in the next ElvisBlog post.

      Thanks for asking about my wife. She is healing slowly but it is much better than a month ago.


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