Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen – Part 2

Elvis Drawing on Bald Head

Last weekend’s ElvisBlog post generated the most immediate comments I’ve ever seen (other than the get well wishes after my wife’s surgery).  It seems that posting Elvis pictures I find on Pinterest can be tricky, especially the ones that don’t have any tags explaining what they are.


Playing Football with Glasses on

Like this one.  I assumed it was Elvis playing football, but three different readers informed me it was Johnny Harra.  You may remember he played the role of Elvis at age 42 in the movie “This is Elvis.”  (There were three other actors playing Elvis at different ages.)  I guess this picture is a clip from the movie, but I haven’t seen it in ages and can’t remember.


Elvis and Dog

When I posted this one, I said I hoped it wasn’t Photoshopped, because I liked it so much.  Well, my good friend, blogger Troy Yeary, got out the magnifying glass and did some detective work.  He reported, “Unfortunately, as you suspected, the one with the dog has to be a fake because he is wearing a Jeff Gordon #24 NASCAR collar, and Gordon did not start racing until the early 1990s.”  Good catch, Troy.


Linda Thompson at Elvis' funeral She wore THAT

Two readers commented on this shot of Linda Thompson at Elvis’ funeral.  Frequent commenter Tracey (aka Fluffy Sprout) wrote this:  “On the picture of Linda at Elvis’ funeral, she said this was a favorite dress that Elvis had bought her, and that he loved her wearing it whenever she was with Elvis.”  So, maybe it’s not as inappropriate as I thought.

Priscilla at Elvis' Funeral

Out of curiosity, I searched for photos to see what Priscilla wore at the funeral.  This hazy shot looks like it was taken by a fan, and it supposedly shows Priscilla being led forward by group of men.

Priscilla and Lisa Marie at Elvis' funeral

This photo was tagged, “Priscilla and Lisa Marie at Elvis’ funeral.”  Does that look like Priscilla’s profile?

For what it’s worth, I scrolled through dozens of Elvis funeral photographs, and I couldn’t find one with Ginger Alden in it.


Elvis Making a Face in Blue Hawaii

I mentioned that this picture was tagged as G.I. Blues on Pinterest, and that the Army insignia seemed to verify that.  Two readers knew better, and one pinned down the actual movie scene.

“The one of Elvis  in uniform sticking out his tongue is not from G.I. Blues, it’s from Blue Hawaii. Elvis and Joan went in the water at his old shack on the beach and a little boy came up to them, and Elvis asked him if the cat got his tongue.”


Gladys' Father and Mother

This photo generated the longest ElvisBlog comment ever.  It came from Jeanne Kendall, a true Elvis expert and the force behind Pomadour, a wonderful Facebook page celebrating Elvis and Elvis Tribute Artists.

Hi Phil!  Great blog, as usual!

Yes, that is a photo of Gladys’ parents, Bob and Doll Smith.  I post it on Pompadour every year on their Anniversary along with this info that you might find interesting:

Bob Smith (1873-1931) was the son of White Mansell’s sister, Ann.

Ann Mansell was a striking woman of dignity and stature, a commanding presence until her death at eighty-six. Bob Smith and Doll Mansell, Elvis Presley’s maternal grandparents, were first cousins. This was a genetic intensification, a doubling, of the family lineage. The marrying of first cousins, with its intensities and possibility for dysfunction, was common in insulated communities of the agrarian South.

Like Doll, Bob Smith was very handsome, his Indian blood evidenced in a noble brow, good bone structure, even features and dark, deep-set eyes. His black hair was dark as coal. Doll would be bedridden from tuberculosis throughout the marriage. Like his uncle and father-in-law, White Mansell, Bob Smith labored long and hard as a sharecropper, and occasional moonshiner, to support his invalid wife and eight children. The noose of poverty tightened on the family, and on Elvis’ mother, Gladys Love Smith (1912-1958) who was born on April 25, 1912.

In 1931, when Gladys was 19 her father Bob Smith died. It was completely sudden and unexpected. Everyone had expected the sick ‘Doll’ to die first. As was his request he was buried in an unmarked grave.

So Gladys did not have a strong role model in a mother, and Vernon did not have a strong bond with his father. Both these facts would impact heavily on Elvis Presley’s life.


I hope all is going well with Beverly’s recovery.  Take care,

Jeanne (Pompadour: A Tribute to Tribute Artists)

Thank you, Jeanne (and also to the original writer at


Hands on Elvis' Butt

Three people wrote to tell me this was not Elvis.  The best came from Merjin, a reader from the Netherlands:  “That last one is an ETA. The suit resembles the first (stone) Arabian suit, but is different.  Belt looks like a fantasy Target suit belt.  No Elvis!”


Elvis on Typewriter

Only one person challenged this as a Photoshopped phony.  The specific comment was:  “The one with the cat is a big fake.  I believe the original is of Marlon Brando and his ugly arm (not to be mistaken ever for Elvis’ beautiful one).”  Interesting.  There may be something to that, but I just don’t have time to look for a Marlon Brando original.


If anyone has more information on the photos posted last week, please put them on Comments.  Now, let’s look as some more pics that certainly seem to be the real deal.




14-year-old Priscilla and Elvis met while doing his service in Germany

The tag says this is 14-year-old Priscilla Elvis sitting with Elvis in Germany.  No wonder Elvis was attracted to her.  Very pretty.


Elvis with His Arms Up

There was no tag on this, and I have no idea what’s going on.  Somebody help us out here.


scene where Presley sings Viva Las Vegas is performed in one single unedited shot—the only known example of such a technique in Presley's movie career.

I picked this image partly because of the detailed caption:  “The scene where Elvis Presley sings Viva Las Vegas is performed in one single unedited shot—the only known example of such a technique in Presley’s movie career.”  I wonder who keeps track of this kind of stuff.



Elvis in Confident Pose

We’ll see two shots back-to-back that show Elvis’ body posture in different situations.  Above he looks super-cool and confident.


Elvis and Cop

Here he looks a little gawky.   I guess the policeman was part of security leading to/from a venue.  Anybody know?


Handsome Elvis in Fringe Jumpsuit

Now that’s a handsome man.


Elvis Making a Face

Oh, well, not every candid shot can be flattering.


Elvis and Ann Margtret in Viva Las Vegas

Hey, that’s not Priscilla.  It’s Ann Margret. There was an interesting tag, but I did some detective work myself.  The tag said, “Viva Las Vegas. A week later, Ann Margret married Roger Smith. The following week Elvis married Priscilla in Las Vegas at the MGM Hotel.”

Actually, Elvis and Priscilla married first on May 1, 1967.  Ann Margret and Roger Smith married a week later on May 8, 1967.  But Viva Las Vegas was filmed in 1963 and released the following year.  There sure is a lot of mis-information about Elvis on the internet.


Jane Elliot and Elvis Goofing Around Backstage Change of Habit

Here’s a movie-related picture with a tag I can completely believe:  “Jane Elliot and Elvis Goofing Around Backstage During the Filming of Change of Habit.


Elvis and Plywood Artwork August 1973

We’ll close with one last shot of Elvis looking really handsome.

Handsome Elvis August 1973

Now look at him with the plywood artwork cropped out and his face resized 20% bigger.

Someday I’ll be cruising through Elvis photos on Google Images or Pinterest, and I’ll find this one.  I’ll enjoy seeing that it came from ElvisBlog.



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17 responses to “Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen – Part 2

  1. The funny face one of Elvis at the piano. There is a guy sitting next to him in the original picture. I have it but it has writing on it that I did. Now I am trying to find it again but all that I find have been cropped and looses it meaning to his silly face. Do you know who was sitting next to him in the uncropped picture?

  2. I know a little information about the picture that you said was not tagged. Can’t explain exactly what Elvis is doing in this picture but I do know it is in a book I have “ELVIS PRESLEY 1956” – photographs by Marvin Israel, published in 1998. In 1956, Mr. Israel was the art director for Seventeen magazine when he traveled to Dayton, OH, along with a Seventeen magazine writer, to photograph Elvis at his two concerts at the University of Dayton Fieldhouse on May 27th. All the pictures in the book are black and white and this particular picture is shown a little closer up and across two pages. There are pictures of him wearing the short sleeve shiny shirt underneath a dark plaid long-sleeve shirt while relaxing before and/or between shows. It looks like he may have been wearing the striped long-sleeve shirt underneath a light colored tweed/checked sports jacket while performing either the afternoon or evening concert there. For the other concert that day he wore a darker sports jacket. I happen to have been one of the very happy, screaming girls in attendance at the 2:00 p.m. show, Section E, Row 11, Seat 5. Yes I still have my ticket stub! Wonderful memories!

    • Hi Sandy: Thanks for the information to go with the picture of Elvis with his arms up and his jacket above his head.

      Lucky you to be one of those very happy, screaming girls in attendance at that Elvis concert.

      Phil Arnold

  3. Clementine Moriarty

    Phil, for some reason, you are not receiving my comments at all. I don’t understand why? Clementine Moriarty

  4. Diana from Long Island, New York

    Regarding the latest pics, the one after Linda shows Ann-Margret and her husband Roger Smith. And to see the original one of Marlon Brando, googol “marlon brando with cat” and there is the original image, ugly arm and all! Hope this is helpful. Fake photos are all over the internet and I detest them. They thwart true history and trick people! I am also against colorization. Real Elvis all the time! is my motto.
    P.S. Hope your wife is feeling a bit better each day.

    • Hi Diana: Thank you for the kind thoughts about my wife. She is recouping nicely.

      I followed your link to the Marlon Brando picture and will show it in the next ElvisBlog post.

      Phil Arnold

  5. The picture with the cop is from Oakland California – June 3, 1956. He is being scorted by Oakland police at Oakland Auditórium.

    • Hi Delores: You are a good source for information on unlabeled Elvis photos. What’s your secret? I will put info about Oakland police in the next ElvisBlog post.


  6. Hi Phil,
    Just want you to know what a great service you are doing for us, the real, Elvis fans by exposing these fake photos of Elvis. It seems to get more interesting each time you make a post with validation along with honest comments.
    Billy Martin

  7. Hi Phil! Just wanted you to know that Part 1 got a lot of buzz on Pompadour after I posted it … and thanks for the shout out in Part 2!

    Here’s the photo of Marlon Brando that I think you’re looking for:

    • Hi Jeanne: Once again, you’ve come up with something for me to use on ElvisBlog. I’ll show the Marlon Brando photo on my next post. Thanks,


  8. The photo with the number 256, below on the left, is cropped. The original is Elvis talking to Jim Brown on the set of “Roustabout”

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