Caption Contest # 29

Elvis and Anita Wood at Fort Hood, Texas 1958

This is a photo I recently discovered on Pinterest. The tag under it said it was snapped at Ft. Hood, Texas in 1958. I love this picture for two reasons. One is that adorable little girl, completely unaware of the stirred passions going on right next to her. But, more important, this the best shot of Elvis and Anita Wood I’ve ever seen.

So good, in fact, that it prompted me to do another Elvis Caption Contest. It’s been many years since the last one.


Elvis and Anita Wood Close-up for Caption Contest

OK, I cropped it to this close-up and added thought clouds. Here is your chance to be creative and come up with what Anita and Elvis are thinking right then. Have fun with it and put some good ideas into Comments. Next week I’ll post the best ones (that I can repeat on ElvisBlog without getting into trouble).



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16 responses to “Caption Contest # 29

  1. that pic with the crown on Elvis’ head I think was his birthday at Graceland.remember there was no jungle room yet and the bar downstairs was renovated later it looked different as to what his fans are used to seeing.

    • H Bob. Good info on the location and time of the crown photo. If anyone ever comes up with news on what it was for, I will update the post.


  2. dear mr arnold dad had me post his review of elvis the searcher & he mentions you so i thought you may want to know he sends his thanks prayers he is feeling a little better

    • Hi Jeffrey: I replied to you by private email earlier. I hope most of the readers know of your father’s stature in Elvis World. I really appreciate the kind words he had for me and ElvisBlog.

      Tell him thanks again.

      Phil Arnold

  3. Paul Maringelli

    The caption for that photo of Elvis and Anita should be….
    Anita thinking “Oh Elvis, Love Me Tender!”
    Elvis thinking “Anita Wood, you give me wood”
    (yes, I know we didn’t use that expression back in the 50s & 60s, but it sure does fit.)

  4. Brucher Isabelle

    Anita Wood:

    Take the helmet from your hair
    Shake it loose, let it fall
    Lay it soft against my skin
    Like the shadow on the wall


    Come and lay down by my side
    Till the early morning light
    All I’m taking is your time
    Help me make it through the night

  5. The first photo is cropped, too. This picture was sold in auction.

  6. Anita : ”I promise Baby, I’ll write you every day.
    Elvis : You better, and I don’t want any of them to be ‘ Dear John ‘ letters either !!!!

  7. Nancy O'Brien Simpson

    Anita Wood—Marry me
    Elvis– If only you were 14

  8. Clementine Moriarty

    Not sure if any of my comments go through to you anymore Phil. Actually I have seen this pic on Pinterest and you are right, it is a great one! Anita’s cloud…’Elvis, won’t you be my ‘Special Hound Dog’… Please Baby’ ?? Elvis’s cloud….’Sure Baby, as long as you will be ‘My Devil in Disguise’!! TCB Clementine

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