Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before — Part 6

Young Elvis is Cool jacket

This is a shot of young Elvis that’s new to me. I was tickled with the caption for it on Pinterest describing what Elvis is wearing:

A jacket given to John W. Heath by one of hiHumes High Scteachers who was the son of a man who got the jacket from a girlfriend who got it from Elvis after a concert.

I’ve complained before about incorrect tags on some Elvis photos, but this one is just plain confusing. Here’s another look at the jacket.

a jacket given to John W. Heath by a Humes High School teacher who was the son of a man who got the jacket from a girlfriend who got it from Elvis after a concert.


How about a little quiz? This picture was tagged “Only photo that shows the entire wedding party at the Presley Wedding in Las Vegas, May 1, 1967.” I had fun trying to figure out who everybody is.

Only photo that supposedly shows the entire wedding party at the Presley Wedding in Las Vegas, May 1, 1967

I missed the first guy on the left. He is Harry Levitch, Elvis’ jeweler. Then, Richard Davis. Jerry Schilling, and Joe Esposito’s wife Joan. I needed help on the next two: Jerry Schilling’s girlfriend Sandy Kawelo, and Priscilla’s sister Michelle Beaulieu. Next, Vernon’s wife Dee, Priscilla’s mother Ann, Priscilla, Elvis, and Vernon. I needed help on the two fellows on the bottom left: Priscilla’s brother Donny and her father Paul. Then Joe Esposito and Charlie Hodge.

However, the caption on this picture is wrong. Although the reception had a lot of folks, only four Elvis buddies were in the very limited wedding party at the actual ceremony.

Marty Lacker, Elvis, George Kline at Elvis' Wedding

Marty Lacker and George Kline made the cut, but they are not part of the above group picture, so it shouldn’t be labeled the “entire Elvis wedding party.”

Billy Smith

Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith was also at the exclusive wedding ceremony, and he is missing from the group picture.


Elvis at June 5 1955 Watermelon Party, Hope Arkansas

I’m pretty confident the caption on this one is correct: “June 5 1955 Watermelon Party, Hope Arkansas.” See the watermelons back there?


Priscilla Sticking Out her Tongue

How do you like this shot of Priscilla sticking out her tongue? I cropped it from a photo of her at the top of the stairs leading to her and Elvis’s bedroom at Graceland.

Priscilla at top of stairs leading to Elvis's bedroom at Graceland

To be completely honest, when I first found this picture, I never even noticed the stair railings until I read the caption. Cropping was an improvement


casual Hair Elvis

I really like this picture of young Elvis. Apparently, he was doing the low open-shirt thing way back in his teens. But the casual hair style is so different from what we think of as typically Elvis. Does anybody have any idea when and where this was taken? If you do, please put it into Comments.


Elvis - Interesting Outfit

Here we have a totally different spectrum of style on older Elvis. That’s not just a regular white shirt. It’s got ruffles on the sleeve cuff, elastic bands around the upper arm, and a big fancy collar. How about the blue scarf with the neckerchief slide half – way down. You don’t see scarves in many Elvis photos. The big attraction for me is the humongous belt. This is like a jumpsuit belt worn over regular pants, not a jumpsuit. It even has chains on the side. Nice wardrobe, Elvis.



I may have seen this one before, but it is nice to look at it again. The tag on the photo said “Elvis Presley AND THE GIRL THAT FAINTS.” Elvis was holding her hand with his. How lucky she was. She’s gonna come out of it with Elvis’ face just inches away from hers.


Elvis Presley and Eric Clapton

The caption said, “Backstage with Clapton before his opening night performance in Las Vegas. January 26th 1974.” I can kind of see this as Eric Clapton.

Elvis backstage with Eric Clapton before his opening night performance in Las Vegas. January 26th 1974

Then there’s this profile, and I don’t know. Looks more like another Eric — Eric Burdon (lead singer of The Animals and War).

Eric Burdon

What do you think?


Editor’s note:  Alert reader Paul made a convincing argument about why the person with Elvis is neither Eric Clapton nor Eric Burdon.  Alert reader Sandy said it was Sean Shaver, a photographer.  Here’s a different photo of him with Elvis

Elvis and Sean Shaver

I think Sandy is right.  Sean Shaver has published numerous photo books about Elvis:

1979 – The Life Of Elvis Presley
1981 – Photographing The King
1983 – Portrait Portfolio
1984 – Our Memories Of Elvis
1987 – The Elvis Book, vol II
1987 – The Elvis Book, vol III
1991 – The Elvis Book, vol IV : The Candid Elvis
1992 – Elvis In focus


Elvis with Badge on

There was no information with this one. Elvis almost looks like a real law officer with the badge and the jacket passants (shoulder-straps). How do you like that huge TCB ring?  I wish the photographer had snapped Elvis with his head up and smiling.


Elvis Gtrating on Stage Floor, New Orleans 1956

No wonder Elvis’ early concerts drove the teenage girls bananas. The tag said this photo was taken at a New Orleans concert in 1956. Just for kicks I cropped and blew up the crowd watching Elvis.

Fan Close-up at Elvis Concert ,New Orleans 1956

Not many guys in attendance, and I think I see a couple of dads.  See the two kids on the front left that are leaning?  Scroll back and you will see why.


Elvis and Priscilla Caricature

I have a file with 124 caricatures of Elvis in it, but this is the first time I’ve seen an artist do Priscilla, too.  I think he did a good job. Maybe someday I should do a post of my winners and losers in the Elvis Caricatures file.


Gladys, Dodger, and Barbara Hearn at Elvis concert, Russwood Park Memphis, TN July 4, 1956

There are many photos out there of Elvis’ July 4, 1956 concert at Russwood Park in Memphis. Al Wertheimer had his camera clicking all night, but I don’t know if this one of his. It’s interesting because of the three women in it. I’m sure you recognize Gladys. Next to her is Elvis’ paternal grandmother Minnie Mae, whom Elvis called Dodger. Do you think she was freaked out when she saw what her grandson did for a living?

And the young lady is Barbara Hearn who was Elvis’ girlfriend at the time.

Barbara Hearn and Elvis' Grandmother Dodger

Here are Barbara and Dodger at Elvis’ home on Audubon Drive prior to the concert.


I believe this was taken on the day he graduated high school....1953. Gladys looked so young & pretty here.

Let’s do one more family picture. I like this one especially because of the sentiment of the person who posted it

“I believe this was taken on the day he graduated high school….1953. Gladys looked so young & pretty here.”



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33 responses to “Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before — Part 6

  1. Could the black & white photo with the open shirt not be from April 1969? His hair was like that then, wearing the tree of life necklace? There are similar photo’s from that time.

  2. That “early” photo is definitely Photo Shopped. His head is too big for his body, and it’s all out of proportion. Not a good job at all.

  3. Vegan Vintage Geek

    Oh, here is a blog post about the win a date with Elvis contest there is even more info and photos about the day. Including another photo of the girl who fainted.

  4. Vegan Vintage Geek

    The girl standing in the photo of the girl who fainted is an Elvis contest winner. There was a contest in a 1956 magazine where one girl would win a date with Elvis. I learned about the contest from the Elvis World book. Here are the links I found on pintrest, here is one about the contest that Parker started and the contest winner

  5. Vegan Vintage Geek

    Oh! and there is also the popular website face in the hole. Where someone adds a photo into the holes missing on the original face photos.

  6. Vegan Vintage Geek

    The black and white photo with Elvis’ mop top hair style looks photo cropped to me. the Head looks a bit to big for the body and the face looks like some one did some shading to make the photo below the neck blend together.

    • Hi: You may be right. It sure is risky posting photos of Elvis I haven’t seen before. It could be that the reason I haven’t is because they were recently created on Photoshop.

      Phil Arnold

  7. I read that the girl that fainted was faking it to get Elvis’ attention but I can’t remember now who it was or where I read it. If I find it I will comment back.

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  9. i love pics because we can remember him as he was I dont llike to buy anything I juust want to remember HIM

  10. The picture of Elvis in the police officer suit I know that story and lots more pictures. Mindi Miller a friend of mine who dated Elvis was at this funeral. She shared her story with us on her Facebook page. You should look her up and add her as a friend. She’s super sweet and never has one bad thing to say about Elvis. She never wrote a book about her and Elvis and their relationship because he asked her not to. She never did. She is now sharing some nice stories. She has a video on YouTube about how she met Elvis. It’s worth watching.

    • Hi Karen: I did check out Mindi Miller on Facebook, and her story about Elvis after the funeral is so interesting. I added a comment asking if I could repeat it on ElvisBlog.


  11. Vanessa Carpenter

    I believe that Elvis in the Police Uniform was at a police officer’s funeral, probably 1976, was posted in a Facebook page, sorry don’t know the rest of the details.

    • Hi Vanessa: I had three responses to this photo. I’ll be using yours in a blog post, probably next weekend.


  12. Hello Phil: Regarding the photo of Elvis on stage at the Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans in 1956, note the two individuals taking his picture from the front of the stage while he is lying down. I have always seen this photo in books, but I have never seen the photo from the front. Maybe one day, the photos that those two people took (from the front) may turn up. Those photos are out there somewhere! As a side note, back in 1988, I got to spend some time in that auditorium and I remember exploring and wondering which dressing room Elvis would have used. The building was heavily damaged during Katrina and I am not sure it ever reopened, but it is still standing.

    • Hi Gerard: I’ve received comments on three of the photos in this article. I’ll be using all of them in a blog post, probably next weekend.


  13. Hi Phil, a bit additional information about the Sean Shaver photo – 26 January 1974, backstage at the Hilton – here is a link I found

  14. Josephine Woodward

    This guy IS photographer Sean Shaver

  15. The photo of Elvis in full police officer relates to the day Elvis attended the funeral of Eugene Kennedy, a Denver police officer.

    Here is a link to a bunch of photos from that day:

    This set of photos includes the same photo you included and others showing the same couch. There are also a couple of Elvis smilint

    • Hi Selma. I spend a lot of time following all the links you send me. I’ll be using two of your comments in a new post, probably next weekend. Keep it up.

      Thanks, Phil

  16. Sandy Van Horn

    The Jan. 26, 1974 is supposedly photographer Sean Shaver with Elvis.

  17. Paul Maringelli

    In addition to being a fan of Elvis, I am also a fan of “British Invasion” music. That photo of “Eric” is NOT Eric Clapton NOR Eric Burdon. In 1974 Eric Clapton was wearing a beard. Eric Burdon is 5’7″ so Elvis at 6′ would have looked much taller than Burdon. Besides the guy in the photo does not look enough like either English performer.

    • Hi Paul. Good catch. I just wish you also identified the other guy. Another reader said it is supposedly photographer Sean Shaver with Elvis. I’ll Google him and see what he looked like back then.


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