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I’ve been to Elvis Week four times, but the last was in 2007. I would like to get back one more time because there have been so many changes and additions to the Graceland complex. But I’m retired and on a fixed income, so some of the Elvis Week options now offered by EPE are beyond my reach. Here is an extreme example.

“Elvis Week Elite” Ticket Package:

This one costs $1500 per person and allows you to feel like a VIP for the whole week. Information on the Elite Package is not found on There are references to it, but when you click on them, it just takes you to the lesser packages.

Hollywood News Daily

I found out about Elite Ticket Package on, and the article says these tickets can only be ordered over the phone. Maybe Graceland has a special contact list of deep-pocketed fans and sends them email invitations urging them to snap up some of these exclusive tickets.

Elvis Presley's Memphis SoundStage

If you buy the Elvis Week Elite Package you will get to see eleven concerts and events over eight days at the Graceland Soundstage at Elvis Presley’s Memphis.

Special Event with Lisa Marie Presley (8/11)
Elvis Presley Fan Club Presidents’ Event (8/12)
Darlene Love in Concert (8/13)
Conversations on Elvis: Co-stars (8/14)
The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Concert (8/14)
Conversations on Elvis: Gospel (8/15)
A Musical Salute to Elvis (8/15)
Conversations on Elvis: ’68 Special (8/16)
’68 Special 50th Anniversary Celebration (8/16)
Conversations on Elvis: Elvis Connections (8/17)
Elvis Live in Concert (8/18)

As a bonus you get reserved, assigned front-of-the house seating to all these events, and you get early access to the Soundstage ten minutes before the general public.


Lisa Marie Presley at table

After the Lisa Marie special event, package ticket holders have admission to an “Exclusive Photo and Autograph Opportunity” with her.

On Monday August 13 you get to attend two events at the Grand Ballroom at the Graceland Guesthouse.

Guesthouse at Graceland Grand Ballroom

Elvis Fan Reunion – 1pm
Elvis Week Dance Party – 9pm

These are general admission events. The Elite Package ticket holders can really have a big day on the 13th, because they also have the Darlene Love concert that night at 7pm. However, they might be a little late getting to the dance party if they stay after the concert to get a selfie with Darlene or to buy an autographed photo of her.


Elvis Presley's Memphis

On Friday, August 17, the package includes admission to the Party at Elvis Presley’s Memphis. There’s going to be live music, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, and cash bars. The Graceland calendar of events does not state the party is in any building, so I guess it’s outside.

There is one additional event for the Elite ticket holders at Grand Ballroom at the Guesthouse. At 5pm on August 16, they get to attend a “Private VIP Reception.” Although no details are given on the website, it sounds like it is tied in with the ’68 Special event at 7pm across the street. But they will not have to walk there. They can take the dedicated shuttle service.

Guesthouse Shuttle Bus

Actually, the Elite Package includes unlimited use of this shuttle service between Guesthouse and Graceland from 8am to 11pm all week. It says nothing about Elvis’ Presley’s Memphis being on the route, but you have to think that it is.


Elvis Presley's Graceland

Of course, the Elvis Week Elite Ticket Package includes a tour of the Graceland mansion, and, as you would expect, it is the top-of-the-line Ultimate VIP Tour. Regular prices on these tickets are $169 per person.

Ultimate VIP Tour of Graceland


Are you starting to get tired just thinking about doing all this stuff?


Here are a few extra perks the Elite Ticket Package offers.

$150 in food vouchers for Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex
Elvis Week Parking Pass good for Graceland parking on August 10-18
Elvis Week Collectibles Pack (with exclusive merchandise valued at $50)
Commemorative Elvis Week Elite laminate (your badge to show you’re a VIP)
Reserved line placement for Candlelight Vigil
Elvis Week Property Pass


I must admit, if I had $3,000, I might consider buying two Elite Package tickets for one final Elvis Week blast. However, there would be lots of other expenses to cover. Air fare to Memphis, food costs above the $150 voucher, and six nights at the Graceland Guesthouse (I would skip the Lisa Marie event on the 11th and the fan club presidents’ event on the 12th and pick-up the schedule on the 13th).

Guesthouse at Graceland

Of course, lodging for six nights at the Guesthouse is much higher during Elvis Week than at other times. Let’s see what the cheapest room for two people with a king bed would be for six nights from August 13 through August 19:


Guesthouse Room Rate


Wow! Let’s see, there’s $3,000 for the Elite Package Tickets, about $600 for air fare, $2,540 for lodging, about $500 for meals, and probably another $250 for incidentals. That totals $6,900.


If I ever win the lottery, I’ll definitely go for it. Otherwise, I’m gonna stay home.



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17 responses to “How To Be a VIP at Elvis Week 2018

  1. Vegan Vintage Geek

    This was my first ever Elvis Week and I was able to attend very cheaply. I went for the single ticket events, and my events ended up coasting me $380.

    And there were a handful of free events to attend, too. I went to Elvis bingo, the archives event, which this year they chose to talk about some of Gladys’ items for show and tell since Gladys died in August as well.
    I Went to the new opening of Chapel In The Woods and had free cake and sparkling cider.

    Hung out at the Guest House for as long as I wanted and hung out at the area across the street, as long as I wanted as well. And got to ride the shuttle bus to and from the Guest House for free.

    I traveled by Mega Bus, $82 round trip, from the mid-west.
    Stayed off site at the Days Inn, $650 for 10 nights. And took the public bus which is $3.50 for an all day transfer that expires at 2AM.

    And I took lyft back when I needed to get back to my hotel at night. Which was about $13 is with tip combined, cheaper then a taxi ride.

    For food I mainly ate at Glady’s Diner (its cheaper) and twice at Vernon’s Smokehouse.

    • Hi: That’s quite an accomplishment. Attending Elvis Week for 10 days very cheaply.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  2. sorry for him to be dead! I hate this drty commerce WE really respct HIM he was agenerous soul!!!

  3. I was in Memphis last month and stayed at an Air B-n-B condo just off of Beal Street. I highly recommend this and it was less than $339 a night and we had 7 of us. The costs at the Guesthouse pushed me that way. My family loves Memphis and have been the last 4 summers. Elvis is the main reason we go, but also the food and Beal Street. This year I decided to skip the Graceland tour. I have been through his house 10 times and normally look forward to the tour. The ticket price caused be to hesitate and I ended up not touring Graceland. 🙁 I was on the fence, but the ticket price sealed the deal. The prices keep going up. I sent my daughters and their boyfriends through. My daughters (21, 19, 16) all love Elvis and proudly wear their Memphis, Beal Street and Graceland shirts back home. I brought 2 boyfriends along to show them why I love the man and his music. The boyfriends loved Graceland, but didn’t spend much time in the museums or the gift shops. They were curious about the house, wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t paid. I wanted to go through the gift shops and look at the FTD releases. I look forward to shopping at Graceland. Its one of the few times I spend without hesitation. 🙂 This year, because I had not purchased the $69 tour package I was not allowed into what I call the good gift shops. There are two shop available without buying a tour package, but to have access to the FTD releases I was told I needed to buy a Graceland Tour package. I wasnt about to spend $69 just to have the privilege to shop. However, Graceland was packed. Tour bus after tour bus kept arriving, so it appears to still be a strong draw. This 47 year old does not plan to go back next year. Maybe I am getting old. I miss the old feel. I miss the old shops. I miss feeling the spirit of Elvis. This time it mostly felt cold, like a true business and all about money. For the first time ever – I left Graceland feeling stressed, upset and frankly mad.. I wonder how long the people will keep coming and pay top dollar. Only the real fans will do so and people like my daughter’s boyfriends will not. The cost outweighs their curiosity. That being said. If you do go. I hope YOU have a great time.

  4. Well, I’m sorry folks, but I think what the ‘powers’ that be ( and that includes the EX Mrs. Presley ) have turned Graceland disgusting. It’s no longer Elvis’ beloved home. I’m sure if he’s looking down he’s not happy with all the ‘commercialism’ and moneymaking enterprise it has become. ( strains of Col. Parker’s ‘carnival’ handy work all over the place ) I’ve been fortunate to have been to his home 3 times in the 1990’s. Seeing the home, the graves, the planes and the grounds were and are some of my most precious memories. I came away each time feeling like I had been an invited guest. I never went there to be ‘entertained’, I went to pay my respects to a ‘member’ of my extended family, which is how Elvis made every one of his fans feel. I’m afraid those days are gone, and I feel sorry for the ‘new generations’ of fans who will never know or feel that level of intimacy with Elvis. Although I could afford the price of any of the tickets, I believe I will stay home….with my ‘Memories’.

  5. Being an avid Elvis fan for more than 50 years, I am disapointed with the prices that are being charged now for fans to enjoy the Elvis experience, I always understood that Elvis thought that his fans were one of the most important things in his life and ensured that it was afordable for the majority of his fans to share in his success, Priscilla relied on the love of his fans to keep Graceland afloat after the death of Elvis. and in profit. and no doubt allowed the Presley family to continue to enjoy a lifestyle that they had been used to. I am sure that the majority of Elvis fans now would agree that visiting Memphis\Graceland is becoming unafordable for all but the wealthy few. Perhaps Elvis Presley Enterprises should look at the Big picture and realise that fans visiting Memphis help support the the local economy and not just Elvis Presley Enterprises. If not for Priscilla Presley s love of Elvis and untiring devotion in keeping his name and memory alive for the past 41 years I doubt that there would be more than 25% of the current fan base, Perhaps if someone from EPE reads this, they could consider the core Elvis fan base more and make the costs more affordable for the majority of the fans, as without
    our support where would EPE be. And for Prescilla, we love you more than you will know….

    Keep up the great work Phillip, Kind Regards Gary..

    • Hi Gary: I thought this post would generate some comments, and it did. Thank you for your thoughts.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  6. Karen Middleton

    I’m staying home to. Way to many people and drama. I would much rather go to Graceland at Christmas. It’s not to busy. It’s so beautiful and Elvis loved Christmas. To me it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I love Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Yelp Christmas would be perfect.

    • Hi Karen. I like your idea about going to Graceland at Christmas. I had never thought about it before.


      • Vegan Vintage Geek

        If you are planning on going to Graceland for Christmas, this year is your chance. I checked and there are plenty of rooms available.

        I tried booking a hotel room for Christmas next year and most of the hotels in Memphis are sold out. There were two available but there was no book now and pay later option like they normally have. I have to book now and pay for the room ASAP and I can not pay for it.

        They must have some heavy duty guest coming to town next year since nearly every hotel is sold out. Yet there is no event info up on the Graceland website for next year.

  7. Hi Phil,
    This is a super, down to earth, look at the options for Elvis week available to the fans. It again reaffirms your dedication to us fans by your fair and balanced look at the prices for the week explained in simple terms that I can understand. I also will not be participating in the super package only because of limited income at 75 years of age.
    Billy F. Martin

    • Hi Billy. Thanks for your comment. There were several cheaper ticket packages on the website. I think most people would be quite happy spending two or three days there and attending just the events that interest them.


  8. My girlfriend and i went there 2 years ago and had a blast. I am a grandmother and have loved Elvis since I was 12. I have boxes of momentos including 2 ticket concert stubs. If i had the money, no amount would be too much to buy any package.

    • Hi Marie: No question that going to Elvis Week can be a blast. You don’t need eight days there where you run yourself ragged going to fifteen events and spend a ton of money.


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