The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

Elvis Thanksgiving 2014

For some reason, my blog platform won’t let me upload any photos right now, So I can’t do the Thanksgiving message I wanted to.  But I do have pictures in my blog media library from the other years I did do a Thanksgiving post.  So, like the Ghost of Christmas Past, these old shots will energize from the vapors and appear here tonight.

In 2016 I found three turkeys made up to look like Elvis on the internet.

This one does not have many of the iconic Elvis attributes like the sunglasses of jumpsuit.  But the turkey is playing a guitar and has a badge saying Elvis, so I posted it.


This guy has the sunglasses, a cape, lots of bling, and a sign saying Elvis.


This turkey doesn’t need a sign.  With the hair, sunglasses, jumpsuit arms and legs, and a bunch of rings on his fingers, we know this is supposed to be Turkey Elvis.

Elvis Praying

I did post some serious photos as well. The message under this photo of Elvis praying said:

“I hope Elvis fans everywhere have much to be thankful for.”


I used this picture back in 2012, but it didn’t have the little X in the top right corner.  I wonder where that came from.


Peanut Butter and Turkey Sandwich

I posted this picture the day after Thanksgiving when everybody had lots of leftovers.  This was one suggestion in a online article. I had hoped to find a peanut butter, banana, and turkey sandwich, but this is the closest I could find.


Happy Turkey day


Yes, Happy Turkey Day to everyone. Have a great Thanksgiving.


Phil Arnold

Original Elvis Blogmeister

10 responses to “The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING . to you. The turkerys are so unique of ELVIS.

  2. I sure do Enjoy Your Elvis Blog!!! Happy Thanksgiving My Friend!!

  3. Deborha Guerrero

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family and all

    • Hi Debbie: Thanks for the nice thoughts. I hope Thanksgiving was great for you and your family, too.
      I mailed you two books yesterday. Thanks again, Phil

  4. Hey Phil,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    I read with interest the history of your blog.
    I propose to you the following:
    I need you to email me a good address for you so I can set up your name and address in my Bill Pay Account so I may send you money for Elvis efforts periodically. I have set up many people in this account. This has been the safest way for me to do it so far.
    Billy Martin

  5. Clementine Moriarty

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Phil.

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