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First Christmas at Graceland 1957

This photo was taken in December 1957, Elvis’ first Christmas at Graceland.  It appears that his first outside decorations included a life-size model of Santa’s sleigh containing lots of presents, including two guitars.  Behind that was a huge Santa Claus, which appears to be about 12 feet tall.

The woman and child are not identified, but it is said that Gladys can be seen to the left of the sleigh heading toward the Graceland  front door.


Here, Santa and the sleigh are incorporated into the Christmas scene and message that endures at Graceland to this day.


The tag on this photo says that this is Elvis in front of Graceland in March 1957 while renovations were going on.  He and his parents moved in on May 16.


I’m not promoting a Photoshop make-over here, but how nice would it have been if somebody had snapped Vernon, Elvis, and Gladys in front of Graceland with Santa and his sleigh ?



A Merry Christmas to all,


Phil Arnold,

Original ElvisBlogmeister


Many thanks to reader Karen Middleton for sending me the first photo above.




8 responses to “Christmas Greetings from ElvisBlog

  1. thank you friends !!!greetings
    from Argentina!!!

    • Thank you, Mariel. It’s nice to know that ElvisBlog is read by folks in Argentina.

      Phil Arnold, Original Elvis Blogmeister

  2. Vegan Vintage Geek

    Merry Christmas Phil.

    The third photo looks way to modern to be from 1957. The colors is the photo are to rich old photos from that time the colors would have a lot more of a yellow or pink hue to it.

    • Hi: The photo of the full Christmas outdoor display did not say when it was taken, so it could be much later than 1957.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  3. Hello Phil: Merry Christmas. You think that the woman in front of the sleigh could possibly be one of Elvis’ Aunts? Just a possibility? Since Gladys is nearby in the photo, could have been family around that day. Just a guess on my part.

  4. Clementine Moriarty

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year, Phil. TCB

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