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At the end of this month, ElvisBlog will enter its 15th year. That’s a long time, but I’m still posting every weekend.


I hope you’ll be happy to learn that I am committed to keep my blog going for three more years. That should give me enough time to reach 1000 posts. The tally now is 822, counting this one you are reading.

So, that’s my goal. Get to 1,000 posts (without padding the count too much with one-picture posts, like the last one on New Year’s Eve).


Here’s another stat for you. 393 people are now subscribers to ElvisBlog. 2018 was an active year for new people signing up.

My blog platform says 393 people are following ElvisBlog, utilizing the terminology seen on social media sites. I like the sound of that better than subscribers. I tend to think of these 393 folks as the most loyal readers, although I know they aren’t the only ones.

So, these subscribers/followers get a new post delivered to their email inbox every time I post one online.

It comes in like this:

The recipients can either scroll down and read it right there in email, or click to open it up in web view.


I am thinking about a change for ElvisBlog. No details now, but it might be a good idea for anyone who likes the blog, but  isn’t already following it, to go to the Subscriber box at the top right and sign up. Think about it.


I was very happy with the support I received last October when I did the first promotional post on my book BIG E and the SANTA MAN. I asked you to buy enough copies so I could use the profit to pay for my blog platform and URL. You did, and I thank those of you who bought books, either through Amazon or direct with me. There were two people who came through really big. Very special people. Thank you.


However, I must say I was disappointed by the minimal support I got in early December, the last promotion for BIG E and the SANTA MAN. I needed to sell seven more books to hit my Amazon royalty threshold. And it didn’t happen. I’m disappointed.

I even thought about buying the last two copies myself to get over the hump so I could get my royalties.

But, I decided, that’s stupid. I’ll bug the ElvisBlog readers one more time. So, here it is.

You have read all my promotional posts, all of the validation of this book’s quality. I won’t go through all that again. This is a great story, and if you are an Elvis fan, you will enjoy it. You will be reading about a man called Big E, but you’ll be visualizing Elvis in all the heroics and action. He is a perfect protagonist.


OK, here’s the Amazon page for BIG E and the SANTA MAN.

I’d like to point out two things. See the 5 star reviews. There’s more on Amazon UK and Amazon France.

And, finally… the price. Just $7.99. This is such an inexpensive treat.

So, would a few of you fine readers who didn’t get enough Elvis stuff for Christmas please click HERE and order a copy of my book.

Thank you,

Phil Arnold
Original ElvisBlogmeister (2005-2019)

8 responses to “Some ElvisBlog Stuff

  1. Hey Phil, I assume I am a subscriber since I get your blog automatically. If there is something I need to do please let me know.

  2. Hi Phil!
    So sorry to hear You didn’t the amount of books sold, I will buy 2 more books! Looking forward to Your many Wonderful and Insightful info/pics of Elvis in 2019!!! Way to TCB!!!

    • Tracy, you are too much. Thank you, thank you. You were there when I needed direct sales, and now again when I need the Amazon ones. You are special.


  3. Collette Cheyney

    Hi Phil this is Collette talking if you didn’t have this blog any longer I’d really be lost so I just wanted to let you know I just ordered your book Big E and the Santa Man I’m looking forward to getting it thank you

    • Hi Collette: This is so nice of you. I really appreciate it. And you are going to enjoy my book. Let me know after you read it. Thanks again.


  4. Hey Phil,

    Hope your current post here gets the proper response you deserve as one of the very few Elvis bloggers left dedicated to the integrity of your posts concerning our main man Elvis. Your complete honesty with us has been consistent with your blog.

    I will continue to support you, in my own small way, for as long as you continue posting this blog.

    Billy Martin
    Longview, Texas

    • Hi Billy: You are the best. Thanks for everything. Are you on the subscriber list? I could look it up, but I’d have to scroll through all the names to find you. I hope 2019 is a great year for you,


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