Some Elvis Birthday Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before

I picked this one because it said something other than “Happy Birthday Elvis.”

They certainly have a big birthday celebration going on right now at Graceland. EPE came up with enough things to do to make it a four day event. Seems like they did a good job.


There’s the same appeal with this message. I like “Happy Happy Birthday Baby,” and that Elvis shot is a strong one.


This is the most unique message I found. I had to do a screen grab from a video on YouTube to get it. Don’t split those pants, Elvis.


Here we go with the traditional greeting. This sure looks like Elvis doing a song in Fun in Acapulco.


I believe this picture comes from one of the Dorsey Bros TV Show


Joe Petruccio keeps creating wonderful Elvis art. I love the way he’s got birthday cake candles in the lenses of Elvis’ famous shades.


I don’t get this one at all. What does Tinkerbell have to do with Elvis’ birthday?


This is clever — putting Happy Birthday vertically. You know, I think I might have used this one ten years ago. Oh, well.


When I first saw this, I thought Elvis was opening a present from Priscilla. But, no. It’s Debra Paget on the set of Love Me Tender. And what was in the box?


OK, a hound dog. Elvis was going to get a lot more after that.


Here one last variation on the greeting. Sandi Fox Norton did a nice job.


We Elvis fans send birthday wishes, as well.



Happy Birthday, Elvis. We miss you.



6 responses to “Some Elvis Birthday Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before

  1. Hi Phil,
    Today is 1-8-19 which is a very special day for Elvis and my granddaughter Abbey since this is both of their birthdays. Abbey is 20 today and has always loved Elvis. My daughter Kim still remembers me taking her to see Elvis in Shreveport back in 1974 at the Hurst Coliseum when she was only 5.
    Regards and Happy New Year!!
    Billy Martin

    • Hi Billy. As usual, your comments are interesting. Keep them coming.


    • Hey Phil,

      Let me add to my post of 1-8-19 by adding that I saw Elvis at the Hurst Coliseum in Shreveport in 1974 and again in 1976. Add 1-1970 Houston;; add 1-Los Vegas 1971 Hilton. The Hilton was a 3-night package including the Elvis show with dinner. All this and 3 night stay for 2 people for $169.00 total. Those were the good old days.
      Billy Martin
      Longview, Tex

      • Unbelievable. $169 For all that. I looked it up, that would be $1,050 in today’s dollars.

        Glad you had that experience.


  2. I’m sure someone has mentioned by now that the photo above from Fun In Acapulco is Elvis singing & dancing to Boss Nova Baby.

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