Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 10

Elvis getting served Milk

I like this because it showed Elvis drinking milk. Then I noticed that his jacket looked familiar. Before I tell you, do you want to guess where he wore it?


The answer is Elvis‘ first appearance on the Milton Berle Show, April 3,1956.

Elvis and Milton Berle walking on his Ankles

According to ELVIS: From A to Z:

[Elvis] and Berle did a brief comedy sketch, with Berle playing his “twin brother,” Melvin Presley. During the sketch Berle mistakenly referred to Elvis as “Elvin.”

I’ve never read that Elvis made a stink about the lack of sensitivity with the twin brother bit and Berle screwing up his name. Elvis had better manners than that.


Elvis Jailhouse Rock

I’ve seen lots of posters for Jailhouse Rock, but this is new to me. I like it because of the big four actions that we’ve never seen like this before:


There were only two movies before Jailhouse Rock — Love Me Tender and Loving You, so is this claim true?

Love Me Tender rates lower in singing, for sure. Fighting, too, because we’re talking about swinging fists, not getting shot and dying. Love Me Tender also had zero romancing and dancing.

Loving You had some great singing, but not the equal of Jailhouse Rock. Pretty much the same with fighting. Loving You had little romancing and no dancing.

Looks like the ad called it right. We hadn’t seen Elvis in action like this before Jailhouse Rock.


Ruffled Elvis

Isn’t this an interesting shot? You don’t often see Elvis’ hair look like that.


SpectraVision Video discs of Elvis' Movies

These are SpectraVision Video Discs of three Elvis Movies. If you are too young to remember video discs, here’s how far back they are in the evolution of watching movies at home. Before Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS, and BetaMax, there were video discs. But they’re a good Elvis collectible because they’re rare and have big color pictures on them.


Priscilla and Elvis getting ready for a motorbike ride in LA, 1965-66.

The tag on this picture said, “Priscilla and Elvis getting ready for a motorbike ride in LA, 1965-66.” I have read quite a few times that Elvis didn’t like wearing blue jeans because they reminded him of his poor upbringing. However, I keep seeing pictures like this covering a long time period showing him wearing them, so I don’t know.


I didn’t know Elvis ever had a green jumpsuit. I thought I had something unique in my book when Big E wore one.

Big E in Green Jumpsuit


Elvis in Shirt Tied at the waist

This was taken between July 9 to 19 in 1956 when Elvis was on vacation with family and a few close friends in Biloxi and Ocean Springs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. A lot has been written about Elvis as a fashion icon, so I wondered what my friend Zoey Goto, famous fashion reporter, would think about this outfit.

I asked her, and she sent back this:

For me,. the way Elvis styled his shirt – knotting it at the front to expose both his chest and navel would have been very shocking within the context of the time, when gender stereotypes were more rigid.

But I actually feel Elvis was so ahead of the curve, that we still haven’t quite caught up with his style. Menswear is still pretty conservative and wary of appearing too “feminine” by putting men in pink or exposing the male body. Elvis just didn’t care about this rule book. He had such confidence within himself, he managed to wear these risky outfits in the ’50s, and later the body skimming bejeweled jumpsuits, and was still seen as a very macho and desirable man.

This outfit in particular, topped off with the sailor’s hat, would end up looking camp on pretty much every guy apart from Elvis!


Thank you Zoey.

I’ve plugged her book before when she gives me insightful stuff to use in the blog, but also because it is totally different than any other Elvis book. Please check out Elvis Style


Elvis Linda Joe and Dick Grob

This is probably a fan photo. How cool would it have been to get that close to Elvis strolling through a parking lot and snap a photo of him?


Elvis and Cissy Houston

This is Cissy Houston, Whitney Houston’s mom. She was a member of the Sweet Inspirations, but left the group in August 1969.


Aloha from Hawaii Concert

This shot was taken during the filming of Aloha from Hawaii. I love the cameraman out on the end of that crane. This was a big-time production.


Elvis Peeled Back

There was some text on this picture, but I took it off. I like the image of a shiny metallic surface being peeled off to reveal Elvis.


Elvis Speedway Poster

Usually Elvis movie posters are full of exclamatory phrases, but this has just two words, Speedway and Elvis. I don’t think any other movie poster had a larger image of Elvis’ costar than him, but having him dancing on top of the race car is pretty clever.


Elvis TCB Money Clip

Elvis owned and gave away a lot of lightning bolt TCB jewelry. But his custom made money clip here has an interesting variation on the design. I think I like it better. The clip sold for $20,755 at auction.


Elvis - TV room before 1974

This is the downstairs TV Room as it looked before 1974. Here it is after remodeling.

Elvis TV Room after 1974

Three TVs now, gold records are gone, much more modern. I’ve never read anything that said what percentage of his time Elvis spend in the various rooms of Graceland. But I’ll bet he spent a lot of good times down here.



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14 responses to “Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 10

  1. Hi Phil
    Love ur blog
    I’m completing a novel in which Elvis takes the band and stage crew for drinks
    Do you have any stories about him drinking milk?

    • Hi Harv: I do not know any stories about Elvis drinking milk. I can’t post pictures here, but I will send one picture I have to you by email.


  2. Karen Middleton

    Another good post Phil. Elvis had a generous heart. Even if he didn’t approve of the show he probably just brushed it off. The picture of Elvis with the messed up hair. I have that picture on my phone. Seen it many times. He just looks so sexy to me. The blue jeans and the motor cycle ride. I’m thinking it’s from a movie set and he just decided to take a break and do a little riding around. I like the pool room the way it was. Elvis did hang out there according to stories that I have heard from Billy Jo Smith and Billy Stanley. Love the picture with the milk. The picture of Elvis walking in the parking lot I think I have seen it before. Speaking of A Generous Heart. Have you seen the documentary? A must see on YouTube if you haven’t seen it. Elvis in Mississippi on the coast with the tied up shirt was just Elvis. I have seen two other pictures of Elvis with his shirt tied up. I think one in front of his house on Audubon drive and not sure about the other one. If I come across them again I’ll send them to you. Might have them on my phone. Thanks again for another great post.

    • Hi Karen. Sorry, I thought I had answered your comment a week ago. Thanks for the tip on the YouTube video. I started it, but it is so long. I need to finish watching it.


  3. Hello Phil: I enjoy these posts regarding the photos that you haven’t seen before. I also have not seen the one of Elvis wearing blue jeans while getting ready to ride his motorcycle. I agree with you about the blue jean thing. I have seen him in blue jeans before, but not often. It’s kind of like when people say “Elvis didn’t drink or smoke”. Well, we know he didn’t drink. But he did smoke. We’ve all seen the photos of him with those little cigars in his mouth. Regarding that particular photo, that looks like a young Ricky Stanley behind Priscilla. One last comment on the TV room photo. Personally, I like the way the TV room looked prior to the remodel. It looks cool with the gold records hanging on the walls. There are other photos of this room from the 1950’s showing the records on the wall. He most assuredly ran out of space down there real quick with all of his awards.

    • Hi Gerard: I love your comments because they always make some cogent points. You are probably right about Ricky Stanley.


  4. Hi again Phil

    Here is a link to a newspaper article about Elvis buying all those caddies.

    • Hi Selma: Thank you for the link. James V. Roy did a fabulous job with Scotty Moore’s website.

      How typically Elvis – wearing a jumpsuit to an automobile dealership.


  5. Hi Phil, as usually, I enjoyed my “PHIL FIX” for this week!! I’m not sure if you are looking for any additional information but the lady pouring Elvis’ milk is Vera Tschechowa’s mother [Vera being one of Elvis’ “girlfriends” [some say publicity companion] in Germany. And the photo of Elvis & friends marching in line in the parking lot – at Madison Cadillac 341 Union Ave Memphis where Elvis purchased and gave away 14 caddies.

    • Hi Selma: I am always happy to receive more information on something covered in ElvisBlog. Keep them coming.


  6. These pictures are great, Phil. Thanks for doing this!
    I’ve often wondered why no one commented on Berle’s insensitivity around the twin sketch. And I really admire Priscilla for being brave enough to ride a motorcycle with Elvis driving. Maybe she had her own.

  7. Hi Phil as always great pictures just wondering is that a misprint on the Graveland tv room or Graceland tv room just a thought have a great day

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