My Picks for Best and Worst at the Elvis All-Star Tribute

Elvis All-Star Tribute

I thought three performances shined above the others Sunday night on the tribute to Elvis’ 68 Special.

Keith Urban and Post Malone — “Baby, What You Want Me to Do

Keith Urban and Post Malone

Urban nailed this song with a little help from Post Malone. I had no idea Keith Urban was such a great guitar slinger. Just a wonderful job on one of my favorite Elvis songs.



Jennifer Lopez

Wow, what a performance. Jennifer Lopez had that skin tight body suite, the wind machine blowing her hair, and just the right amount of attitude. I loved the lip curls, and I could have watched a whole lot more of her shaking her booty. Very hot.


Darius Rucker — “One Night”

Darius Rucker

This man started out in rock ‘n roll with Hootie and the Blowfish, now he is a country star, and if he wanted to, he could be a blues master. He did just a perfect amount of howlin’ on “One Night.”


I also like the production they put together for the opening number TROUBLE/Guitar Man. The way they started with the original footage of Elvis, then seamlessly switched to Blake Shelton, and back again several times. Very well done.

Blake Shelton


And I like the Elvis photo montage they showed while Mac Davis sang “Memories.”

I did not like Shawn Mendes’ version of “Hound Dog.”

And I was disappointed with the version of “Love Me” done by Miranda Lambert and the other two ladies introduced as the Pistol Annies.

Pistol Annies

“Love Me” is another of my favorite Elvis songs, and he set a high standard. I’m sorry, but they just didn’t measure up.


Elvis All-Star Tribute Sign

All in all, I enjoyed the concert and look forward to watching it again when it shows up on YouTube.

If you have different favorites, please put them on comments.



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34 responses to “My Picks for Best and Worst at the Elvis All-Star Tribute

  1. The all-star group of music superstars performing include Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, Adam Lambert, and Kelsea Ballerini. Also joining them are the established names of Blake Shelton, John Fogerty, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Josh Groban, John Legend, Darius Rucker, Pistol Annies, Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town, and Mac Davis.

  2. Wasn’t impressed with 68 comeback tribute. Would have liked to have seen more of Elvis. Thought J Lo was awful only woman that can be fully clothed and still look nasty. Elvis was never vulgar looking. None of those performers have near the talent Elvis had. Yolanda and Carrie were good and Josh Groban showed extent of Elvis talent but none of them could compare in talent.lets face it There will never be anyone like Elvis. He was one of a kind and the best, but glad that he is getting long overdo credit for his talent..

    • Hi Janice: Thanks for your comments. There certainly has been a variety of opinions on this TV special. You are correct about how none of these performers can compare with Elvis.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  3. Deborha Guerrero

    I enjoyed the special..they nailed it

  4. Vegan Vintage Geek

    Hi, yes, Dean became an official host during the annual Elvis Week celebration in Memphis in 2015, 2016 & 2017, serving as an ambassador to Graceland and the Elvis Presley estate.

  5. I agree with those that think they should have just showed the special again, its been 50 years, lots of folks today have never seen . As someone who saw E several times, these performers are all good but not in his league, not even close. I guarantee if they were to advertise it, and show the complete original, it would get a huge rating. I also would like to see them show the Aloha in its entirety and really show the world who this man was. I’m 58 and don’t know anybody that saw him perform, nobody out there now can bring it like he could, it’s time to re-educate America on where good music came from.

    • Hi Kyle: Thanks for your comment. If they ever bring either those videos on TV, I sure would watch them, too.

      Phil Arnold

  6. I just did not care for it they should simply bring back the real 68 Come Back Special this in my opinion wasntnElvis the singers didn’t do him justice and they acted as if they were reading it off a screen like kereokie sure was disappointed

  7. Vegan Vintage Geek

    It would’ve been an even better show had they asked some of the Elvis Tribute Artist to be on the show. Such as Dean Z as Elvis and Cody Ray Slaughter, that really make the spirit of Elvis come alive. There is never any ham and cheese acts when these guys hit the stage.

    Dean gives so much energy to his performances, when I saw Dean for the first time at the Elvis Lives concert I really thought I was seeing Elvis up there on stage. Link to Dean’s 1968 Elvis:

    And Cody Ray puts his own special spin on his 1950s Elvis performances. Link to Cody Rays 1950s Elvis:

    • Hi. You certainly have a different perspective on this. Maybe someday there will be a special featuring the best Elvis tribute artists. By the way, I notice Dean Z has a large presence at this year’s Elvis Week.


  8. Vegan Vintage Geek

    I really liked the Guitar Man segment too, it was really well done. As well as the Gospel Medley (“How Great Thou Art,” “He Touched Me,” “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – Carrie Underwood & Yolanda Adams).

    Sadly, all the other performances were a totally fail for me. It would’ve been nice if Lisa sang and did a split screen too with her dad, as a special bonus performance. Especially since she very briefly mentioned the new gospel album.

    • Hi: Two comments on one post. I just couldn’t get into the gospel medley like I hoped to. Carrie and Yolanda did too much of the vocal gymnastics. I prefer the straightforward single voice of Elvis. But you are not the only reader to mention liking the gospel medley, so you may have a point.


  9. I agree on what Phil said, J.Lo. did an awesome number , Post Malone, bought back so many memories of Elvis, i danced through the whole show. Love Elvis always.

  10. Hi Phil,
    I agree with you about the show. + The sound was not as clean as it should have been which could have been my cable company’s transmission of the signal.
    Overall I enjoyed it.
    Billy Martin

  11. And yet again the best parts by far were the real Elvis clips. Similar to the problem they had at the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil Viva Elvis show. When he was on the screen all eyes were on him. An acrobat could have fallen 50 feet and broke his neck and no one would have noticed while Elvis was on the big screen.

  12. My opinion was exactly the same as yours! Except that I did NOT think it was well done. Where was Elvis? They could have at least just shown the sit down portion. They didn’t show even one full number start to finish by Elvis. I thought Darius, Keith, and Post Malone were great.

    I thought Ed Sheeran was awful. I know he’s a big deal now, but, I’m not impressed with his voice, and thought he totally destroyed one of Elvis’ most iconic songs. Really, none of the voices there had anything approaching the emotion that Elvis would put into his songs. Just shows you……..

  13. It to me was kinda sad. So great to know after all these years Elvis is still on top. Always will be. He’s a legend, he changed history. I think Elvis would have been very happy to know that he hasn’t been forgotten. I think he thought that. He was so wrong. I wasn’t crazy about all the singers. I love Keith Urban. He’s really good. I watched an interview on talking about his dad playing Elvis when he was a kid. He talked really big about The Trilogy. He’s a true Elvis fan. My favorite was Mac Davis. Glad they had some one on there that actually knew Elvis . When Mac Davis did Memories and they showed the footage of Elvis I just cried. Was glad to see his family there. Not crazy about his ex. Glad to see Lisa and her daughter. Would have been nice if Lisa would have done a song with her dad. I have seen videos of her and him before. Really touching. I’m glad they showed images of Elvis. I wish they would have ended the show with only Elvis singing if I can dream. Only Elvis can put that much emotion into that song. He meant every word. No one will ever out do Elvis. After the show I watched the real Elvis. That’s the way it is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Elvis tribute.

  14. I agree almost exactly, did not like versions of Hound Dog. or Love Me. Loved the story about listening to Elvis sing If I Can Dream the first time ; laying on his back on a cement floor.

  15. #1-JLO with Heartbreak Hotel she had Elvis Spirt.
    #2 Keith Urban with Jailhouse Rock

  16. Keith Urban and Post Malone- check
    Jennifer Lopez – check
    But what about Adam Lambert? He was phenomenal!!! NAILED IT!

    • Hi Nancy. We can agree to disagree on Adam Lambert. But I did ask for comments on other favorites, so thank you.

      Phil Arnold

  17. Clementine Moriarty

    TCB! Phil…….My sentiments exactly!

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