Celebrating National Hot Dog Day with Elvis

The TV news I watch in the morning likes to point out some of these unusual “National Days.” If I can find a few pictures connecting Elvis with them, I like to put them on ElvisBlog.


This is actually a picture disc. “Hot Dog” was one of the songs in the movie Loving You. It was the song Elvis was singing when his female manager engineered a riot. I don’t know why “Hot Dog” deserved a picture disc. It was a fairly weak tune in the movie compared to the title song and rockers like “Teddy Bear”, “Mean Woman Blues”, and “Got A Lot of Living To Do.”

In the song, Elvis is not talking about food. Hot dog is a happy exclamation about how his baby is coming home to him. Hot dog is mentioned 12 times in the lyrics.


I have this book, but soon it will be available the next time I offer some more stuff from my Fuzzy room for sale.

Actually, that is not a hot dog on the cover. It is a Brat, but that’s close enough.



Have a great National Hot Dog Day.

8 responses to “Celebrating National Hot Dog Day with Elvis

  1. Please let me know when you’re going to sell .please

  2. Hi Phil
    To celebrate “Hot dog day” a spécial tribute to Corky Jones aka Buck Owens and his 56’s hit “Hot dog”…..
    Keep rocking

  3. Sandy Van Horn

    I have the “Are You Hungry Tonight?” cookbook too! Great picture of Elvis! But…of course! (*_*)

  4. Michael Hoeschele

    Hello, I love the blog but the last several have no pics visible. I see where they belong but nothing. Did something change?

    • Hi Michael. ElvisBlog is no fun without the pictures, but nothing changed on my blog platform. This is the first instance of this I have heard of. Is anybody else not getting the pictures?


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