Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 13

This is a nice picture of Carl Perkins and Elvis surrounded by fans wanting autographs. Carl certainly wasn’t blessed with outstanding hair like Elvis.


But Carl Perkins’ hair looked considerably better in 1982 in this photo with Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.  They sure look like they are having fun.


How do you like this strong picture of Elvis? Believe it or not, it came from an online catalog image of a double-sided blanket throw. Very nice artwork.


Young Elvis in a wistful mood.


This is interesting. Somebody found these two photos and put them together on Pinterest. Tommy Dorsey blows the trombone with Frank Sinatra and Elvis decades apart. Very clever.


This photo makes me sigh. It does not look like the best of times for Elvis. I guess it was taken at the racquetball court because he is in a jump suit. Maybe not. Anybody know?


Definitely better times for Elvis in this picture. Wow. Of course, it is from the bordello scene in the ’68 Comeback Special.


That’s Elvis’ right hand behind his head. Look what some joker did with this picture.



The caption on this one said it was taken on July 1, 1966 at the MGM Studios in Culver City, CA. Elvis looks younger than his 31 years. In fact, he struck me as a college student carrying books across campus. That reminded me I had a couple of similar photos of Elvis in other collegiate-looking wardrobes.


This is Elvis on his 22nd birthday.


Here he looks absolutely preppy.


And in a role reversal, Elvis is now the teacher for a group of teenagers


The first thing that attracted me to this photo was Elvis’ big eyes. But just for fun, we could say that fellow in the bottom left was taking a selfie of himself and Elvis.

If selvies had been around during Elvis’ time, he would have been in a ton of them.


I’ve already posted my favorite picture of Scottie Moore and Elvis. This one of James Burton and Elvis is excellent because they are both atypical. James is not playing the guitar, and Elvis is playing the piano. That’s a nice smile on James, while Elvis shows the emotion he is putting into the song.


I couldn’t find out the story behind this. You can see there is an Elvis timeline in the background, so the original must be much bigger for people to be able to see the images, and especially to read the text.


This came from a trading card. It appears to be colorized, so we don’t know whether Elvis really had brown hair when it was snapped. But he does look good.


Well, Movie Life magazine got this one wrong. I would love to read all the bogus stuff they had to say about Elvis and Ann Margret being married.


Let’s end with a bonus picture on the 50th anniversary of the USA landing on the moon.


It’s hard to believe I’ve found enough new pictures to do this 13 times.   I like doing these posts, and it seems like you readers like them, too.


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21 responses to “Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 13

  1. I am one of Elvis’ spearhead buddies. I was also in hell on wheels with him. In Germany he was in CCC and I was in CCA & CCB. He gave me his autograph twice at Wildflecken for my little sis when she was only 17. What a thrill for her. cheerio mel zig zag 03 at Wildflecken training area. I also saw Elvis at Grafenwohr just before dusk while he was returning from the showers with an OD towel draped across his left shoulder (barefooted) no shirt and WHISTLING. I am still alive and kicking. in Evansville, IN USA mel xox

  2. one for the money and two for the show three to get ready and GO CAT GO but stay offa my BLUE SUEDE SHOES…………….yeah, I graduated from HS with a pair of blue suede shoes and a grey flannel suite but I am alive and I ran on the same soil in Germany as Elvis did and I have not forgotten the 12 mile forced march. ask me about it. MEL in Evansville, IN USA

  3. Vanessa Carpenter

    Thanks Phil, really enjoy your blog !!

    • Hi Vanessa. I appreciate your kind words. For your long term enjoyment of ElvisBlog, you might want to click on the Subscribe box on the home page.

      Phil Arnold

  4. Hi Phil,
    That colorized picture is from Love Me Tender; you can see that he’s eating a studio lunch. His hair was still natural then. Here’s more wearing that shirt:
    Thanks for doing these!

  5. I absolutely love this blog. A true MUST FOR ELVIS FANS!

    • Thank you, Kary. That was nice of you to say. You might want to click on the Subscribe button and get ElvisBlog right to your email.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  6. Suzanne Minadeo

    Thank you!

    • Hi Suzanne: You’re welcome. But I’m not really sure what you are thanking for.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  7. Hi Phil ,
    I mean is not Charlie’s hand holding the mike,…. sorry

  8. Sandra Van Horn

    Phil, On the picture of Elvis with the gifts I saw pictures online that say this is Dec. 25, 1975. If you go to: or just Google linda thompson, elvis, lisa marie christmas pictures and you will see quite a few pictures of this time.

    On the picture of James Burton (great picture of him) and Elvis singing do you think this is possibly a combination of two different pictures? Just a thought. I don’t see James looking out into the crowd, smiling, and not paying attention to his guitar playing while Elvis is singing. Kind of odd picture.

    • Hi Sandra. Thanks for identifying the picture. When I get a chance, I’m going to add to the post another photo from the link you provided. It shows Elvis and also Lisa’s head at the bottom right.


  9. Great stuff, Hi Selma !

  10. Hello Phil: The photo of Elvis in the jump suit (jogging suit) was taken in the dining room at Graceland during Christmas. Not sure of the exact year, but definitely early 1970’s. It is Elvis and not Johnny Harra. To the left of Elvis is some sort of puppet show stage (toy) and that appears to be Ernie (or Bert) from Sesame Street hanging on the corner of the play stage. In front of Elvis is a box of “Play Doh”. These were obviously toys for Lisa Marie. Also, a wrapped Christmas present is seen in front of Elvis. There are about 2 or 3 other photos on the internet from this moment and you can clearly see Elvis, Lisa Marie and Linda Thompson. Also, in the bug-eyed photo of Elvis, one can see a young Lamar Fike to Elvis’ left. I look forward to these posts on Elvisblog and I think they are a hit with your readers.

    • Hi Gerard; Thanks for the explanation. You saved me some time looking into the Johnny Harra possibility.


  11. Selma Snoodijk

    Hi Phil

    What a fabulous collection of Elvis photos ….. more for my treasure trove!!

    Not really sure, but I wonder if the photo of “Elvis” in the racquetball court is actually Johnny Harra playing Elvis at the start of “This is Elvis” movie. Johnny wore a black and white sports/tracksuit in those early scenes if I remember correctly.

  12. Hi Phil
    If Elvis is playing the piano, who is holding the mike ? Can’t be Charlie on the side..
    Maybe Elvis is playing with one hand..
    Keep rocking

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