Fans Show Their Love for Elvis with Flowers

Each year, the fans bring a ton of flowers to Elvis’ grave in the Graceland Meditation Garden. This is a photo taken in 2009, but it doesn’t approach the overwhelming amount of flowers and Elvis remembrances of that accumulate by August 16 every year.


Like this. The photo appeared in a 2017 Billboard Magazine on-line article about the fans being upset that EPE was charging $27.85 for doing the Candlelight Vigil up to Elvis’grave.


This photo appeared in a New York Post on-line article about the same topic. Either the Post or Billboard was using an older photo, because the flowers and remembrances are different.


Fans started bringing flowers to Elvis’ grave 42 years ago when he was entombed at the Forest Hills Cemetery.


However, his casket was not put in the ground. It went into a crypt inside the huge granite and marble mausoleum.


This photo of the pallbearers carrying the casket on August 18, 1977, does not show the size of the mausoleum or the blanket of flowers around it. This one does.


Wow, that’s a lot of flowers. I don’t know how the florists in Memphis kept up with the demand for all the bouquets.


Here is the flower-covered coffin before it was carried into the crypt.


This is the crypt where Elvis was first entombed. The flowers you see were not those put there in 1977. They actually were in a 2012 photo when the crypt was put up for auction. I did not follow up to see how much it went for. I just don’t like the whole idea.


There are hundreds of on-line photos of flowers at Elvis’ grave, but very few give the year. Here are some I could find.


According to a posting on eBay, this slide photo was taken in 1978. I wonder. Graceland wasn’t opened up to the public until 1981.








This 2016 photo was taken from a different perspective that shows the grave sites of Gladys, Vernon, Elvis, and his grandmother Minnie Mae.


Here’s a blow-up of the inscription on Elvis’ grave. I thought you might like to read it.



Elvis fans have created some heart-felt remembrances to place in the Meditation Garden. Many of these have flowers.








Floral tributes to Elvis on August 16 take place all over the world.


These flowers were placed at the Elvis monument in Bad Nauheim, Germany in 2017.


This Elvis memorial was created in Melbourne, Australia in 1977, and is still bedecked with flowers to this day.




We miss you, Elvis. Hope you liked all your flowers.



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12 responses to “Fans Show Their Love for Elvis with Flowers

  1. Really enjoying reading this site. I attended Elvis Week August 2019. The vigil brought soo many people from all over the world together. I m not afraid to say when the song If I can dream rang through the speakers I felt very emotional for many reasons. I met alot of people connected to Elvis which was fascinating and visited many places where Elvis grew up. I d like to add I ve never worked so hard to get there and the experience gave back tenfold. Hoping anyone who has it on their bucket list gets the opportunity to go. Regards Kathy

    • Hi Kathy: Thanks for the nice words about ElvisBlog. It’s great that you had such a memorable experience at Elvis Week 2019. I never thought about a trip to Elvis Week being on someone’s bucket list, but you make a good point.

      Phil Arnold

  2. Thank you for this, it’s very touching to see the pictures all at once. It’s very sad to see all the graves together also. The florists in Memphis could not keep up with the demand for flowers, in fact there was not one flower to be had for miles around.

    • Hi Katgirlblue: Thanks for your comment. I’m sure the flowers at Elvis’ funeral came from many miles away.


  3. Hi, Phil: I have some info based on my faithful visits there. Re the Billboard one, based on the amount of flowers it must be 1987, 1997 0r 2007(I was there every single year). Those 2 big trees in front of the pool are gone now. Re the Post one–that can be 2017 as I recognize a photo I had sent with my friend to be placed there in my absence–the b/w one on the right that says “Love” was from me! Re: the 1978 slide–the Garden was open for walkups those years before the house opened. I first walked up in January 1978 and this is how it looked in winter. So, my history there has solved some mysteries, I hope! Thanks for the posting of all these heartfelt tributes.

    • Hi Diana: Thanks for all this good information. When I get a chance, I will edit the article to include you comments on the Billboard and NY Post photos.


  4. Where is the Elvis memorial in Melbourne please?

  5. Thank you for this blog ⚡️☝

    • Hi Vee: It’s difficult to find a new way each year to celebrate Elvis on August 16. I’m glad you liked this one.

      Phil Arnold


    Thank you so very much for your page and all that you have posted. God Bless and keep you…Still Loving Elvis Always…August 15, 2019

    • Hi Charlene: I appreciate your nice words. It makes it worthwhile spending all the time it takes to put these posts together.

      Phil Arnold

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