Three Most Excellent Elvis Collectibles

ELVIS 15th ANNIVERSARY – 6 Hour Radio Tribute

Back in 1992, the Creative Radio Network produced a six-hour radio program to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Elvis’ passing. It was heard on 480 radio stations around the world.

A promo package was sent to all the station program directors. One page is reproduced below. The print is small, but the description of the program contents is:

“Six hours full of the greatest hits and memories. The music will excite your listeners all over again; the rare recordings along with intimate personal portraits will surprise them… and the memorable moments will bring a tear to the eye, as we pay tribute to the most exciting and magical entertainer ever.”

The promo material set to the radio stations also had this to say about the tribute:

“It’s filled with the greatest of Elvis’ music, along with intimate reflections by close friends. Hosted by Lance LaGault and co-hosted by Joe Esposito, it’s a documentary covering the phenomenon that is Elvis Presley.”

Here’s a list of the folks who provided those intimate reflections.


This very rare six-CD set comes with the original radio station cue-sheets for each hour. It is a lot of Elvis enjoyment at a bargain price.

Just $15.


The Elvis Hour

Note:  This item has been sold.


The Elvis Hour is also from Creative Radio Network and follows a similar format to that on the 15th Anniversary CDs, except it is 50 CDs, not 6. The promotional material says:

“Each show is one hour filled with great hits, memories and personal portraits as conveyed by his friends and fellow performers. The Elvis Hour was broadcast to more than 600 stations world-wide.”

This CD set is a truly rare Elvis collectible. If you would like to check out what is on each CD click on  Here is what it lists for hour #1.

There are two promo clips you can listen to for each hour to help you decide if you would interested in owning.


Hours 1-25 $25
Hours 26-50 $25

All 50 Elvis Radio Hours $45


Elvis Stamp USPS Commemorative Edition

Note:  This item has been sold.


This measures 12-1/2” x 12-1/2” and looks very much like an Elvis album cover.

And when you open it up, it looks even more like an Elvis album with a die-cut circle to show the album inside. But it’s not. It is actually one of the most impressive marketing efforts by the US Postal Service. They obviously wanted to do something special for the introduction of the Elvis stamp back in 1992.

This is the commemorative booklet that came inside the cover. It is slick, very sharp, professionally done.

Inside, it contained color photos, a well-written tribute to Elvis, and a timeline of important events in his life.



On the right of this picture are four special envelopes the USPS also offered, each with a color picture of Elvis, the stamp, and the gates of Graceland to postmark it from Memphis, TN.

The picture above also shows two copies of the ballot used to select which Elvis stamp the public wanted to have issued. Also, there is a single stamp and a block of four.

The Postal Service offered these Commemorative Editions on a limited basis. They obviously knew how much Elvis fans loved to buy collectibles, so they had other goodies you could buy.

This entire package, everything pictured here, is available for $25. This is a rare Elvis collectible that you will love to own.


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Thank you so much for your support.


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