A reader named Ernie asked me to publish this:


Today is the date that Elvis will have been dead for as many days as he was alive. By my calculations that would have been 15,562 days.



I assume this is accurate, but feel free to check it yourself if you are looking for something to do.


Thank you, Ernie.


5 responses to “EQUILIBRIUM

  1. This was wrong.
    Elvis was alive ON 15562 days but not alive FOR 15562 days.
    If you add the TIME he was alive onto the TIME he died you get 3pm Memphis time on March 24th 2020. (Based upon the time he was born 04:35am to time of death between 09:45am and 11:30am). You can never get it to stretch to March 25th unless you make it up by rounding it up.
    As Elvis lived for 15561 days plus some hours into 15562 days this is why it calculates differently.
    Some people are into “rounding up” to the next whole day, well where do you draw the line? You can round up to the nearest decade and get another differing answer.
    Sad? Yes lol, some would say, but my excuse is that I opened a website called 15562days.com and I wanted to open it publically at the right “moment” so to speak, hence putting a bit of work in to calculate the most accurate time I could. It opened at 9pm UK time – 3pm Memphis time) on March 24th.

    • Hi Alan. Thank you for commenting, but it does seem like much adieu about nothing. The post was to tell ElvisBlog readers about an interesting piece of Elvis trivia. I’m sure they are satisfied that Elvis lived 15562 days even if it technically was for 15561 days plus some hours into day 15562.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

      • Phil, I agree – it wont change a thing lol
        Well, it did influence the exact moment I wanted to declare my site open, so there was a point to it, but other than that its a moment thats now been and gone.
        I’d agree it was ON 15562 days, so it’s still correct in my eyes, just the moment fell on a different day. Sad on many levels, including sad on my own level lol

  2. Thanks Phil for posting this !!! However i named it ELVISLIBRIUM !!

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