Glycol Oxyoxynoic Phosphate

“Man, I was able to make GOOP, so I’ll bet I can come up with something to stop the stupid virus.”


OK, readers, what movie did this picture come from?

23 responses to “Glycol Oxyoxynoic Phosphate

  1. Claaaambake of course

  2. Clambake

  3. Michael Crowley

    Girl Happy! That racing boat needs to hold tight:)

  4. Hi Phil,
    Well since I don’t think he ever played a scientist, I’m guessing it was about being a race car driver. I think he had to come up with something to fix the race car, so I’m thinking either Spinout or Speedway. I’ll guess Speedway, because I think the other one was mainly about all the women wanting to marry him.

  5. Hi Phil
    Easy come Easy go ??
    Keep rocking against the virus

  6. Clambake

  7. Clambake

  8. Clambake!

  9. Hello Phil: I believe that scene is from the movie Clambake.

    • Correct

    • Karen Middleton

      Clambake. I remember this scene. I certainly hope someone comes up with a cure for this virus. If Elvis was alive he would be doing anything he could to help. We all know this to be true. Such a kind and generous man.

  10. Sharys Wheeler

    Change of Habit?

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