Did You Get One of These?


Wouldn’t you rather have one of these?


9 responses to “Did You Get One of These?

  1. https://youtu.be/QdpJObG6eGk

    Love loveeeee your blog! I’m a huge Elvis fan. Thank you for these treasures!

  2. Diana in New York

    Non-negotiable! I did get the federal check, and have the priceless memory of having seen Elvis in concert numerous times—that is worth more than money.

  3. Hi Phil, I’ll take the million$ Elvis any day. Thanks for sharing all of your Elvis info & photos.

    What is your email address …. I can’t seem to add a couple of photos to this field….tho’t you may be interested in seeing 2 rarely seen photos of Elvis at his home in Bel Aire, CA & on the Viva Las Vegas set, take in 1963. Plus a million$ Elvis casino chip.

  4. Sandra J Vanhorn

    Elvis is always my #1 choice…no matter what! (*_*)

  5. Actually I’d rather have the real thing, but I’m more than 42 years too late. Timing is everything.

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