Daily Archives: May 16, 2020

The Elvis Rainbow Connection

This photo needs some explanation.  It was taken from the deck off our bedroom.  We have a sprinkler sitting on the upper landing that puts out a 60 ft diameter half-circle spray. You can see it in the top center of the picture.  I have high water bills, but we also have a lush panorama of flowers and plants to look at when we sit on the deck (which is often).

As the sprinkler spray rotates back and forth, it leaves a curtain of tiny water droplets, and every spring and fall in the late afternoon, we get a wonderful rainbow. It’s pretty cool to enjoy happy hour with our own private little rainbow.

You will also note there is an Elvis bust on the deck.  A writer buddy of mine gave it to me.  He was moving to Hawaii and didn’t want the hassle of getting it there. It is very heavy.  The pole behind Elvis supports one of our bird feeders.

The angle and placement of the rainbow change as the afternoon sun moves lower in the sky.  And I can get different camera shots by moving around left, right, and standing up.

Yesterday, all of the conditions resulted in this.

So, here’s a rainbow seeming to originate from Elvis’ head. I labelled the picture “The Elvis Rainbow Connection.”  My son suggested “”Elvis may not have had any Irish ancestry, but you can’t argue with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, especially if it came in gold records. Elvis had…..gold records, enough to fill any pot.”  If you have a good tag for the picture, please put it into Comments.

Have a great weekend.     Phil