Elvis’ Stage Contortions and Moves

Here’s a post from 2013.  I think you’ll find it fun to see again.


Elvis Squatting on Stage


In the 70s, Elvis was no longer shaking his hips and legs the way he did in the 50s.  But the man once known as Elvis the Pelvis still had an active stage presence and a variety of moves to keep his jumpsuited performances interesting. Many of these on-stage contortions were captured on camera, so let’s take a look at some.


Elvis - Right Knee Down, Elbow on Other

Right Knee Down


Elvis liked to use the down-on-one-knee move throughout his entire career. Remember how he had to stop wearing the pants from the Gold Lamé Suit because he wore the gold off the knees? Above is an example of Elvis with his right knee down and his elbow resting on the other. Below is just the reverse.

Elvis - Left Knee Down Elbow on Other

Left Knee Down, Elbow resting on Right Knee


Next we have two variations of the one-knee-down, other leg extended.

Elvis - One Knee Down, Other Leg Outsretched

Right Knee Down, Left Leg Extended


The next pose probably put less stress on the knee because some of Elvis’ weight was transferred to his heal which he was resting on.

Elvis Sitting on Foot, other Leg Outstretched

Knee Down, Sitting on Right Foot


This shot cuts off most of the extended leg, but you lady readers might appreciate it anyway.

Elvis fron the Backside


This is a strange knee-down shot. It almost looks like Elvis is doing his version of Chuck Berry’s famous duck walk. Do you remember that?

Elvis Doing the Duck Walk ?


Here are a couple of photos probably showing Elvis going down into the knee-on-the-stage position. He had to be in motion, because nobody could hold still in those positions for long.

Elvis Going Down to Knees

Elvis Doing The Squat


Let’s look at some obvious in-motion photos. How about jumping Elvis?

Elvis Jumping On Stage

What’s that yellow thing on his shoulder?


lvis Jumping - White Fringe Flying

 Don’t you like the white fringe on this one?


Elvis would often break into Karate moves on stage.

Elvis Doing Karate Kick


It is well known that Elvis split his pants a time or two, so it’s good the same thing didn’t happen with these Karate kicks.

Elvis - Karate Kick 2


Let’s finish with my favorite Elvis performance pictures – flat on his back on the stage.

Elvis on Back Pittsburgh 12-31-76

 Elvis - More on Back

Elvis on Back - Aug 12, 1972 Vegas Hilton


Here is a unique view of Elvis singing while on his back. You can tell from position of the two female backup singers that the shot was taken from a stage location behind him.

Elvis - Flat on Back 2


For a little variety, here is Elvis performing (?) while lying on his belly.

Elvis Flat on Belly - Getting Kissed


It’s hard to tell if this was a planned move or an accident, but, either way, it looks like Elvis was having fun.

Elvis on his Butt


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  1. Hi Phil, I’m not sure this is the right place, but wanted to let you know that the Graceland store has 4 brand new face mask designs, very pretty for summer. One has pink Cadillacs!

  2. Thanks for this, there’s some great shots! Even in still photos you can see his energy and charisma, like no one else. The one with the fringe looks like he’s descending from heaven. Re the one where his extended leg is cropped off, yes, I certainly appreciate that one, very very very much! ❤️

    • Hi Katgirlblue: Glad you liked the photos. I had to look at the post again to see why that one picture appealed to you so much. Hmmm, naughty girl. Also, that is probably the first time anyone used an emoji on an ElvisBlog comment.


  3. I would have loved to have seen ANY of his shows! I think
    he still had great moves. Thanks for the pics Phil.

  4. Deborha GUERRERO

    Love the pictures thanks

  5. Sandra J Vanhorn

    Love the picture with the fringe!!

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